Tuesday, December 20, 2022

In an upside-down world the Family of woman injured in Charedi protest defend culprits: ‘They didn’t mean harm’

 Relatives of Mirel Dzalovsky, who remains unconscious and, on a ventilator, say those using incident to advance their agenda are ‘fanning the flames of hate’

The above statement is sick and demented and comes from a Christian perspective to "turn the other cheek." 

These animals did indeed mean to cause "harm," wasn't that the whole point of them pushing the flaming garbage bin down the street?

The lady is in a coma, unconscious and on a ventilator and they, her very own relatives, her own blood, are ready to sacrifice her "for the cause." 

They say that “Those fanning the flames of hate shouldn’t think that they are supporting us,”


Who is "fanning the flames of hate?" Who is "flaming the flames of hate" every single night? 

This entire week there were riots in Bet Shemesh Bet... the entire week!

We "shouldn't think that they are supporting us?" 


Your relative in a coma is yours alone?

Hey, let me ask a question.

If a "settler" teenager shoved a flaming garbage bin and put a mother of 11 in a coma, would you still support the teenager? 

Would you still insist he "didn't mean any harm?"

Some are saying about the ones who shoved the flaming garbage bin were only kids...

Where do you think they learned this from? From grown adults who do this every night in Yerushalayim and in Beit Shemesh!

They are rioting because Yehoshua Dadon, 34-year-old father is in jail because he burned down a Kosher Cell Phone Shop in Yerushalayim and a family of 12 barely escaped with their lives. That's not "fanning the flames of hate?"

Again, the family of the poor lady in a coma are willing to forgive and forget .. all for the cause! How sick and perverted!

The family of a woman who was hit and seriously injured by a blazing dumpster sent rolling down a street by Haredi extremists during demonstrations in Jerusalem last week has defended those responsible, saying they meant to block a road and “did not mean to kill anyone.”

While Mirel Dzalovsky, a 40-year-old mother of 10, remains unconscious and on a ventilator at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, her relatives said the rioters “did something awful” but stressed that they were not looking for someone to blame.

“They were not trying to harm anyone. They were trying to block a street as part of a protest,” the family told Channel 12.

They said it felt like the public was “celebrating our horrific situation” and trying to use the incident as a case against “the people of Mea Shearim,” the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in the capital where a demonstration erupted on Thursday in response to the arrest of a man suspected of torching a cellphone store several months ago.

“Those fanning the flames of hate shouldn’t think that they are supporting us,” the family said.

“We’re in a very difficult place right now but we are all one people,” read a statement issued by the family.

The family clarified that “nobody thinks that what they did was right. They did something very bad. But at the end of the day, they only meant to move a dumpster and block a road, not kill anyone.

“They didn’t stop to think for a moment what their actions could lead to. And it shouldn’t have been done, but we’re in terrible pain seeing this lead to a discourse of hate,” the statement read.

The family added that it bore “no hard feelings toward anyone.”

“We are certain that [the culprits] are having a hard time sleeping because of this difficult incident,” the family said. “Please help us spread love and don’t harass us with words of hatred and separatism.”

Hundreds of the protesters caused havoc for hours on Thursday night, blocking roads, torching a traffic light and trashcans, and throwing stones at police.

Police arrested at least two people for disturbing the peace and setting fires. On Sunday, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court extended the suspects’ detention by an additional three days.

The protests were widely condemned by politicians on both ends of the political spectrum, as well as by some residents of Mea Shearim, who said the culprits did not represent the neighborhood as a whole.


Prof Ryesky said...

I hasten to note that leading rabbis in Iran are speaking in support of the government these days.

Two possibilities to consider (not mutually exclusive):

1. The family has been pressured to utter the words by certain powers-that-be (official rabbinical or otherwise); and/or

2. The family has been subjected so long to the tyranny of the lawless powers for so long that they now identify with their oppressors (as in "Stockholm Syndrome").

Joe Magdeburger said...

The family is probably afraid of the gangsters.Kind of like an Iranian Jew saying that Jews in Iran love the regime

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the family was not happy with the glasses store customer service.

DrMike said...

This family knows that the gangsters know where they live and if they speak out, none of "the Gedolim" will send security teams to protect them.

Anonymous said...

The family obviously meant people like DIN.
DIN didn’t have the patience to read or the intelligence to understand the very inspirational statement made by the family.

Anonymous said...

In “Fanning the flames of Hate”, the family referred to people like DIN.
The person behind DIN blog didn’t have the patience to read or doesn’t have the intelligence to understand, the beautiful and inspirational statement from the Dzalovsky family.

Brisker Payois said...

Before you comment read about the family. The Dzalovsky family are from the leaders of the protests against the light rail and are big Peleg supporters. They are the ones "fanning the flames" this has nothing to do with DIN, DIN just reported the story.
You don't need any "patience" to read the story, the story is a disgusting display of arrogance from relatives who have a mother of 11 in a coma!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was one of her kids that pushed this dumpster? Just thinking out aloud