Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"techeilis" blue color has been found, scientists say

Wool being dyed with dye taken from a Murex snail by the Ptil Tekhelet Foundation. Sunlight causes the dye to consistently turn sky blue; without sunlight, the dye varies in color from almost purple to a light blue.

Israeli scientists have confirmed that a textile fragment with tziztes that is almost 2,000-years-old contains the blue color called tekhelet in the Bible.

This is only the second piece of such fabric ever found in Israel. The first piece, containing dark blue dye, was found at Masada during excavations there. But it may not be local in origin and for that and other reasons has had little impact on the debate about the actual color or source of the dye.

But the fragment studied and reported on now is of local origin, is close to 2,000 years old and apparently contains the real Biblical blue, a blue that is sky blue – not the dark blue found at Masada or the purple some rabbis have postulated. The fragment was reportedly found in the 1950s in a cave at Wadi Murba’at, a site where Jewish fighters hid during the Bar Kokhba revolt in the second century CE.

Dr. Na'ama Sukenik, a curator at the Israel Antiquities Authority, announced the find Monday at a conference held in Jerusalem to mark the 100th anniversary of the publication of Rabbi Yitzchak Halevi Herzog’s doctorate on tekhelet. Herzog, who later became the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Israel, postulated that the dye used to make tekhelet comes from the Murex snail.
But Herzog had difficulty producing one uniform color from Murex snail dye and eventually came to believe the Murex might not be the source of tekhelet dye.
After his death scientists discovered that sunlight causes the Murex dye to consistently turn sky blue; without sunlight, the dye varies in color from almost purple to a light blue. That would mean that if the Murex is the source of tekhelet dye, tekhelet must be sky blue in color.
Because of that, the Ptil Tekhelt Foundation in Israel began producing sky blue tekhelet made from Murex dye almost two decades ago.

In 1887 Rabbi Gershon Henoch Leiner, the Radziner Rebbe, postulated that the Sepia Officinalis (common cuttlefish) was the source of the Biblical dye, and Leiner, his hasidim, and some Breslov hasidim began wearing dark blue colored tekhelet made from it. Although it was later shown that almost any organic material, including ox blood, could have been used as the base of that dye, and that its blue color came from chemical and organic additives, not from the cuttlefish itself, Radziner hasidim and some Breslov hasidim continue to wear tekhelet made from it.
Which of these two tekhelet colors and sources is correct? Or is another yet to be discovered color and source the correct Biblical tekhelet dye and color?

Sukenik, who studied the Wadi Murba’at fabric fragment for her doctorate, recently had that fabric fragment chemically analyzed and found the dye does not come from cuttlefish – it comes from the Murex Trunchular, the snail Herzog argued 100 years ago that the tekhelet dye came from. That, combined with its presence on ancient tzitzit (ritual fringes), the location of the find and the high probability the fabric fragment comes from the army of Bar Kokhba – who briefly reigned as a kind of king over parts of Judea and who had the backing of the great Mishnaic rabbinic sage Rabbi Akiva and thousands of his students, many of whom joined Bar Kokhba’s army – makes Sukenik’s fragment the almost certain Biblical tekhelet, Murex-derived and sky blue.

Vishnitzer Rebbe bans photographers from taking photos at weddings

The insane are now running the asylum .....

The Vishnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak, Israel, Rabbi Yisroel Hager, issued a ruling prohibiting photographers and taking photos at weddings.

Some Vishnitz followers plan not to invite the rabbi to their wedding so they will be able to take pictures of the special event.

“At the rabbi’s weddings there are always several photographers snapping thousands of photos, so why shouldn’t we be allowed to have wedding photos?” A follower of the Vishnitz grand rabbi said.

Yeshiva Student Murders 17 year old Bnei Brak boy

A Haredi yeshiva student was arrested and will be charged with murder after burning to death another teen, according to police reports in Israel.

Tel Aviv Region Police said that they arrested an 18-year-old Bnei Brak yeshiva student on Tuesday, after he was accused of burning to death a 17-year-old boy.

The suspect will be brought before the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court for a bail hearing, and prosecutors will demand his remand.

As we reported earlier, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish boy was found burned to death in a possible murder or suicide, according to police reports in Israel.

Tel Aviv Region Police said that a 17-year-old Bnei Brak resident, living at an apartment on Even Gvirol Street, who has been listed as missing since Saturday, was found burned in the Kiryat Herzog neighborhood.

Although he went missing on Saturday night, his parents filed a complaint about his disappearance on Sunday.

Police officers with the assistance of volunteers of Ichud Hatzalah Bnei Brak, launched a search this morning for the boy. A command center was established near the Ayalon Mall in Bnei Brak. Dan Region Police, dozens of paramedics, Ichud Hatzalah, ambulances and motorcycles participated in the search.

Police found the burned body at 11:40 a.m., behind the Hanok school.

Police said that the boy was probably burned to death at another location and dumped behind the school.

Residents in the area said that they smelled a fire on Saturday night, but when police responded nothing was found.

Tel Aviv Police said that the body was transported to a forensic lab for an autopsy in order to determine the cause of death.

by YJN

Finally, Israeli Government will crack down on the Chevra Kadisha Mafia

Several governmental agencies in Israel have agreed to work together towards monitoring the operations of nonprofits, citing chevra kadishas in particular.

 In an unprecedented move, Bituach Leumi, the Ministry of Religious Services, Ministry of Justice, and the Interior Ministry’s Corporations Authority are working together to monitor the operations of chevra kadishas.

The Ministry of Religious Services is being informed to pass the information along to the various chevra kadishas, that beginning with their annual filing for 2013; they will have to follow a uniform format set forth by the Corporations Authority.

 Any chevra kadisha failing to file in line with the new guidelines will not have its license permitting burials renewed. In addition, Bituach Leumi will not reimburse them for the cost of burial since they will no longer be licensed. The interagency cooperation appears to be part of the Ministry of Religious Services effort to regulate and maintain an industry standard.

Ministry of Religious Services Director-General Elchanan Glatt feels that “proper management is essential for all systems under the ministry’s jurisdiction and this applies to religious councils and chevra kadishas alike. We feel the cooperation between the various agencies is essential towards stepping up monitoring efforts of the nonprofits and this step represents a breakthrough in regulatory efforts.”

Grand Rabbis of Israel decide NOT to make a Chillul Hashem and cancel protest against the IDF

Who ever came up with this protest idea, obviously did not think it through!
Gerer Rebbi (left) Belzer Rebbi (right)
What did they hope to gain from this "massive" protest? 
The secular media wouldn't understand and wouldn't even care why Frum boys don't want to be drafted! 
They don't understand why Frum boys want the Chilonim to send their children to the army to protect them, and then  shower them with stones.

Also, there were many technical issues that they couldn't resolve, for example:

(1) The Ahronie faction of Satmar already had their protest last Wednesday in Manhattan, so they wouldn't show for a protest that was initiated by Ger and Belz.

(2) The Zalonie faction of Satmar had issues, because they wouldn't want to be under the same roof as the Belzer Rebbe, whom they called "YeMach Shemo" when the Belzer Rebbi came to the USA many years ago. They actually threatened his life and Belz had to hire security by the Friday Night Tish!

(3) The Litvisher Rosh yeshivas hadn't answered whether they would show or not. They really didn't want to join, because by in large the litvisher world doesn't work, and expect everyone else to support them. 
The Supporters of the Yeshiva quietly threatened to cut off support if they acquiesced.

(4) Aguda had said that they did not endorse the protest, because they knew that they would lose financial support from their benefactors who all support Israel (as it should be)!

So the Israeli askanim that came up with this brilliant idea, saw the whole ball of thread unraveling in front of their eyes!

The truth is that practically all Baalei Batim believe that any protest agains Israel is a huge Chillul Hashem, and there isn't a place hot enough in hell for those who organize these protests!

The Yeshiva students love these protests because protests are their only outlet, since the Yeshivas won't let them exercise and spend  time outside to get some fresh air.
Also, they by in large don't want to work or join the army, they would rather the Chiloim work their proverbial tails off and have them pay taxes, so that these taxes go to Yeshivas!

The Chilonim finally woke up from their slumber and saw that they were sending their children to die in the army to protect the Yeshivah boys, and saw their hard earned money go to Yeshivas.
At the same time the Yeshivas were ungrateful and never uttered the words "thank You" to the supporting Chilonim or the State, instead they bombarded them with stones and insults!
It is only now that funds were cut, that they are shrieking "fowl."

So, the Belzer Rebbi announced that he was not coming to the USA. The Gerer Rebbi said that if the Belzer doesn't come, he ain't coming ... so from there it went downhill.....

Sunday, December 29, 2013

New York Times investigation of Benghazi Attack concludes that the "video" brought on attack!

Are there still  any sane people buying this lying rag?

I never buy this Obama mouth-piece, but today the headline caught my eye, so I took out my hard earned five dollars and bought today's edition .

I couldn't believe what I read ...... line after line of total misleading hogwash!

The Times had David Kirkpatrick write up an insane article of their "investigation" of what "really" happened in  Benghazi.

After a year of "investigating" they concluded that Al Qaeda wasn't behind the deadly 2012 attack on The US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya!
(The military-style assault on the Us compound and the nearby CIA outpost that killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens  and three other Americans.)

Their conclusion?
Sit down before you barf on your morning breakfast....
The U-tube video that mocked Islam ???????

Yup! That crazy report first put out by the White House that the White House itself already retracted!

So which group actually did it according to this dummy ?
Taking his gullible audience as a bunch of idiots ,
 he writes that al-Shariah is " not known to have affiliations with terrorist groups!

Well, guess what? Mr. Kirkpatrick, al- Shariah is part of al Qaeda .... According to the House Intelligence Committee !

As I write these lines, I'm listening to the  national news and I am comforted that BOTH parties are slamming this absurd report!

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said that the New York Times was simply wrong "that al Qaeda was not ionvolved in this."
" It tells me that they (Kirkpatrick) didn't talk to the people on the ground who wrere doing the fighting, the shooting and the intelligence gathering."

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif) a member of the committee, agreed saying "I agree with Mike .... that the intelligence indicates that al Qaeda was involved."

Schiff added that the report was heavily reliant ... on people who were interviewed who had a reason to provide the story that they did."

So why did The Times print this report?

My conclusion!
Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and it was on her watch that these Americans were murdered; she is running for President.

This report was put in print so that she can refer back to The New York Times, to support her claim that this was not a planned attack, that it was a "spontaneous" riot,which of course everyone and especially Hillary know is a lie!

Hillary actually screamed "what difference does it make?" when she was questioned as to what happened!

If this was a planned attack, why was she caught off guard? Wouldn't that make her incompetent?

In fact the security failures at the US compound and the administration's response to the attack have become a potential political liability to Hillary Clinton.

So The New York Times, the liberal lap dog, had to publish this report   to perpetuate the big absurd lie that the attack was not planned but a spontaneous reaction to the video!

Nobody, even The New York Times readers are swallowing this horse manure.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Media ignores "Ahronie" Satmar protest against the State of Israel!

What if you made a party and nobody showed!

Well R'Aaron Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rav, threw a big protest in Manhattan hoping to garnish media attention, but no newspaper reported it, not even Der Yid, a satmar yiddish newspaper!
Because Der Yid backs his brother, R' Zalman Leib, whom he hates with a passion!

Reb Aaron, is married to a Sabra; her father, the late Vizhnitzer Rebbe had absolutely no problem taking money from the Zionist government. 

In fact, Reb Yoilish z"l, the first Satmarer Rebbi, R' Aron's uncle, despised the fact that his nephew would marry a Zionist supporter. R' Aron's wife talks the Satmar hated language "Ivret" with her sisters, the Skeverer Rebbitzen, and the Belzer Rebbitzen!

To prove that he is holier than the Pope, he massed this big protest, but nobody showed, except for his Chassidim.
The only Newspaper that I saw that reported this Chillul Hashem was "Der Blaat" an Ahronie backed newspaper!
Look closley at the photos, and you will not see anyone except for the protesting chassidim, the streets were empty of human traffic!
Notice the empty street

Here they are handing out Satmar "porn" to the 2 people crossing the street

R' Chaim Kanievsky's "Psak" on IPhone Users, causing shock to Gedolim around the world!

There are conflicting reports in reference to Rav Kanievsky's psak concerning IPhone users who serve as witnesses at weddings and divorces.

R' Kanievsky ruled, according to his own grandchild, that all Weddings and divorces that had witnesses that had IPhones or internet in their homes, are invalid. 
The repercussions can be devastating because if a lady gets divorced who had anyone serve as a witness that owned a smartphone or had internet, and that lady re-marries and has children, all children from that union are mamzirim.

According to this Psak, there are now hundreds if not thousands of mamzeirim in Yeshivos! 

The gedolim are going crazy and are now saying that any Psak that was given orally by Rav Kanievsky is questionable and cannot be taken seriously, because it could be that he wasn't given all the facts or maybe he was mis-understood!
Please note that Rav Knievsky's seforim were all orally transmitted!

Question!!!! Why doesn't someone just ask him to clarify?????

Probable Answers
(1) Someone did ask him and he reaffirmed his Psak and he did clarify and he stands by by his psak!
The Gedolim are afraid to say that this psak is lunacy and so they are pushing the debate  whether the whole story actually happened, to confuse the gullible masses.
Also, they are terrified that this will cause the few Baalei Batim that still revere Talmeidei Chachumim to totally ridicule and lose faith in them, so thay are scrambling around like a bunch of poisoned rats to find a solution!

(2) His own grandchild who is very familiar with his grandfather, was there and he confirms  that his grandfather did pasken as reported!

Now the only choice for the Gedolim is to dis-credit his grandchild!
Good Luck!

Rabbi Mordechai Tendler Loses in Court again!

This Tendler doesn't give up.....keeps losing again and again, but keeps telling his gullible sheep that he is winning!

Oh! He actually did win one case, Marmelstein vs Tendler. 
Ms Marmelstein sued Tendler on the bases that her relationship with her Rabbi was a "fiduciary" relationship, meaning she had a relationship that involved trust and that Tendler violated that trust by screwing her. 
Tendler responded, that the relationship between a Rabbi and a congregant is not "fiduciary" and therefore any Rabbi can screw his congregant
He won!
But it is some "win," now every time a congregant sues her Rabbi for violating her, the Rabbi can refer the Judge to the famous winning precedent Marmelstein vs Tendler!

Back to our story:
Tendler was suing KNH, Kehillat New Hemstead, the shul that he was "Rabbi". He wanted the shul that threw him out because he was fooling around with its congregants, to honor his Lifetime contract. Crazy? No?

A lower court ruled that Tendler was not entitled to summary judgement on his claim of damages, and that on the contrary, the shul had legitimate questions whether he inappropriately accessed shul funds.
The lower court ruled that Tendler was certainly not entitled to lifetime wages but only 2 months wages. The court held that Tendler  was only entitled to recover lost wages between the date of his termination and the date permission was obtained from Bais Din, which was 2 months later. 

The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York agreed with the lower court!

But knowing this "Chutzpeniak" he won't give up, because he can't, he keeps telling his 8 supporters and wife, (some of whom still worship him) that he won!
He also sued this blogger, and actually lost!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Moslems murder 37 Christians in Baghdad, Merry Christmas!

Moslems in Iraq targeted Christians in two separate bomb attacks in Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 37 people, officials said.

In one attack, a car bomb went off near a church during Christmas Mass in the capital's southern Dora neighborhood, killing at least 26 people and wounding 38, a police officer said.
A little bit earlier, a bomb ripped through an outdoor market in the nearby Christian section of Athorien, killing 11 people and wounding 21, the officer added.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks, but Iraq's dwindling Christian community, which is estimated to number about 400,000 to 600,000 people, has often been targeted by al-Qaida and other insurgents who see the Christians as unbelievers.
Along with Christians, other targets include civilians in restaurants, cafes or crowded public areas, as well as Shiites and also members of the Iraqi security forces, who are targeted in an attempt to undermine confidence in the Shiite-led government and stir up Iraq's already simmering sectarian tensions.
A medical official confirmed the casualty figures. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to talk to the media.
Wednesday's bombings came amid a massive military operation in Iraq's western desert as authorities try to hunt down insurgents who have stepped up attacks across Iraq in the past months, sending violence to levels not seen since 2008.
The Christmas Day attacks brought the total number of people killed so far this month in Iraq to 441. According to U.N. estimates, more than 8,000 people have been killed since the start of the year.

Reb Chaim Kanievsky prohibits anyone who has a smartphone to serve as a witness for a wedding or divorce, but if you molested or raped a child it is ok!

The Talmud says writes in many places that Rabbis should not proclaim prohibitions on the community, if the community will not be able to abide by those decrees.
But that didn't stop Reb Chaim from prohibiting anyone that possesses a smartphone or who has access to the internet from serving as a witness at a wedding or at a divorce. According to the above psak, if they did sign, the wedding or the get is null and void! The wedding has to be redone; the divorce has to be redone, and if the divorce wasn't redone and the lady remarries and has children, all her children are mamzeirim (bastards)!

But, if that same witness is a rapist or a serial child molester, the wedding or the divorce remain valid!
Not reported is the question, if the Mosdos can still take money from these "contaminated" people!
Or will the Mosdos now have to rely on the funds of the parasites who suck the money out of the working idiots !

Sketch of Black Savage that is suspected of "knockout" attack on Frum lady with a child!

Police have released a sketch for a possible suspect involved in a ‘knockout’ assault in Midwood.
The incident took place Dec. 21, Shabbos afternoon where a a young Orthodox Jewish woman and her child were walking along Elm Avenue and east 12th street, when she was punched from behind after her attacker passed her.
The attacker is described as a clean shaven black skin male with a roundish face, medium build, 5’7– 5’9 in height, approximately 30-35 years old, 170-185 lbs, wearing a black wool ski cap, short braids coming out of the back of the cap, a dark green nylon jacket and dark baggy jeans. He was carrying a back pack.
Anyone with information is urged to call NYPD Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS. All calls are confidential.
Brooklyn Councilman–elect Chaim Deutsch advises the community to remain vigilant and strongly encourages the community to consider the following suggestions:
-Always be aware of your surroundings -Walk in well lit and populated areas
-Be cautious of a suspicious person or group.
-Never allow yourself to become distracted by your cell phone, head phones etc.
-Always know your location in case you need to call for help.
Any suspicious person(s) or activity should be reported to 911 immediately.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Frum Monsey Born Rabbi, on the reality show "Church Rescue"

Rabbi Eliyahu Fink

This "Media Hungry" Frum Rabbi, born and bred in Monsey is now a Rabbi in an orthodox shul on the Beach in Venice California.... This frum Rabbi is constantly on Facebook espousing his leftist liberal views and decided to grab more attention by taking money to fix up his tiny shul from Christan consultants. He begged the producers of the  reality show "Church Rescue"  to accept him on the show.

Here read his convoluted poor excuse: 

On Monday, December 23, the final episodes of a series called Church Rescuewill air on NatGeoTV. One of the episodes is called “Shalom Improvement.” It tells the story of three Christian consultants who lend a hand to my shul, the Pacific Jewish Center | The Shul on the Beach on the Venice Beach boardwalk, and help me become a better rabbi. The three men call themselves the Church Hoppers and they’ve never been to a synagogue before they met me. What’s an Orthodox Jewish rabbi doing on a show called Church Rescue with a bunch of Christian Church Hoppers? Good question.
Two strong motivating factors guided the decision to appear on Church Rescue. The first echoes the words of the Sages of the Mishnah 2000 years ago: “Who is wise? One who learns from all people.”
The Church Hoppers are experts in running ministries and churches. Sure, we call our house of worship a shul not a church, but the idea is the same. It is a communal gathering of individuals united by common beliefs to pray and grow spiritually together. The wisdom and experience the Church Hoppers brought to our shul was extremely valuable. A fresh set of eyes, unbiased by the usual synagogue expectations can always be helpful. When those eyes are attached to an expert in building a vibrant house of worship, the benefits are even greater.
Throughout the filming experience, I was impressed by my new friends. I dubbed them the Shteible Hoppers and feel fortunate to have made three friends for life. I thank Doc, Rev Kev, and Gladamere for their advice, friendship, and their help. Learning from experts about one’s craft is always a good ideas. Each of my new friends taught me something about myself and about running a shul. They also gave us a little boost with some of their creativity and ingenuity. They made something amazing happen for us at the close of the week they spent with us. You’ll have to watch the show to see what I am talking about. It was incredible. That is one reason the Church Hoppers were invited to our shul.
I think the second reason is even more important. Too often, Orthodox Judaism is portrayed negatively in the media. My friend, Allison Josephs works very hard to show another side of Orthodox Judaism at Jew in the City. Her mission is to show the world an Orthodox Judaism that is engaged with the world and making a positive difference in society. It’s a valiant effort and one that is sorely needed.
Church Rescue presented an opportunity for me to help this effort and show a side of Orthodox Judaism that is rarely seen by the outside world.
At Pacific Jewish Center | The Shul on the Beach, we practice and preach a passionate and compassionate version of Orthodox Judaism. We are inclusive. We are cool. We are fun. I want people to know and see how we serve God on Venice Beach.
My personal and professional mission is to provide positive religious experiences to the maximum number of people possible. Showing the world what we do and how we do it on NatGeoTV was an obvious way to present our message to more people. We want everyone to know about our brand of our religion. The Pacific Jewish Center experience is broad enough for just about anyone to find inspiration. It’s the new wave of Orthodox Judaism.
Church Rescue gave us the opportunity to put Orthodox Judaism in the living rooms of people we would otherwise have no way of reaching. We want people to see religion in a positive light. We would love it if other synagogues followed our lead, all the way from the edge, maybe even the fringe, of civilization in Venice Beach and broaden the spectrum of who participates in their services and communities.
Judaism has always tried to live up to lofty ideals and be a “light unto the nations.” Pacific Jewish Center is a bright lighthouse on the west coast. We are a strong beacon of light in the night. We cast our light as far as the darkness will take us.Church Rescue takes our light further than we could have done on our own. But now, the rest is up to us.
Watch (or DVR) Church Rescue on NatGeoTV, Monday December 23, 2 PM or 5 PM (check your TV provider’s listings).

Rabbi Eliyahu Fink, J.D., is the rabbi at the  Pacific Jewish Center | The Shul on the Beach in Venice, CA. Connect with Rabbi Fink throughFacebook and Twitter: @efink. He blogs atfinkorswim.com.

Zionist Police arrest Satmar guy after he runs over 18 year old Yeshiva student, and then flees the scene of the accident! "Chaptzem!

as reported by YJN
A senior employee of the ODA organization, which is located in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, was detained and questioned by police after being involved in a hit and run incident in Jerusalem, Israel, according to a report in
Behadrei Haredim.

Moses Kestenbaum was detained after hitting a yeshiva student on Malkhei Yisrael Street in Jerusalem, and fleeing from the scene.

The incident occurred on Sunday night. The 18-year-old victim suffered injuries.

Paramedics of Ichud Hatzalah and Magen David Adom, who arrived at the scene, provided primary medical care to the victim, and he was transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital.

The driver, who fled from the scene, was later caught in the Kiryat Belz neighborhood by a traffic police officer.

The driver was returned to the scene of the incident, where he was questioned.

Jerusalem Police said that the driver is a Haredi tourist from New York. A sourcefamiliar with the incident identified the suspect as Moses Kestenbaum of the ODA.

Hospital officials said that the victim is in stable condition

NY Police disgusted with Satmar Protest in Manhattan Tomorrow!

Reb Aaron Teitelbaum hates only one person more than his own brother, that's the Zionist! 
So in his crazed fanatical hate against his fellow Jews in Israel, he planned a mass protest against his brothers and sisters in Manhattan on one of the worst traffic days; the hell with the police.

One of the greatest complaints against the State of Israel that the Romanian Satmars have, is that they violate the precept of  "hisga’arus be’umos " which basically means that there is a prohibition for Jews not to antagonize the nations. Satmar violates this prohibition all the time especially in Monroe , and now with this useless protest. Last week, his brother Reb Zalman, the "Chuchum fin the ma' nishtana'" at least had the sense to protest indoors.

High-ranking NYPD officials have discreetly voiced their disgust at the Satmar of Kiryas Yoel (Aroni) faction, ahead of their planned protest, against the IDF Draft of Yeshiva students, scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) in Manhattan.
YWN spoke separately with three top NYPD brass, each of whom was unaware that we had spoken with the others. All three stated that they were furious at Satmar’s decision to hold a protest in Manhattan, a day before X-Mas. “This is the busiest two weeks in NYC, and the last thing we needed was a few thousand Satmars in the streets”, one stated.
Another official told YWN “don’t think for a second that next time permits need to be pulled by Satmar, we won’t remember this”.
YWN asked them if they had voiced their opposition to the Satmar leadership. “Oh they know”, one of the three told YWN. “They know what this week is. Where is their sensitivity? That’s all they care about is that the NYPD should be sensitive to their needs, which we respect. But how about being sensitive to our needs as well. This is a two way street.”

Monday, December 23, 2013

Neshama Carlbach, the "Gospel Singer" joins the dying Reform Movement!

Shlomo Carlbach Z"L, is turning in his grave, his daughter who loves singing with Black Gospel Singers has declared publicly that she is joining Reform Judaism. According to the recent Pew report, the Reform Movement has an 80% assimilation rate. 
If not for her last name, she would be a "nobody!"

I have a theory, she was loosing her audience, only a bunch of Shvartzeh Gospel people were listening, and the frum wouldn't listen because of "kol b'isha ervah" so she figured that if she would come out of the closet (she was never religious) and associate officially with the anti-Torah movement, they would invite her to their dying membership, so they would listen to her music....
It is all about the "rent." 

This is what she will encounter when she joins that dying movement:
1) a near-total, abysmal ignorance of written & oral Torah & an unwillingness to commit to the serious text study needed to remedy that ignorance; 

2) an insensitivity to not only the letter but also the spirit of such basic Jewish tenets as Shabbat & Kashrut; 

3) outright hostility to the State of Israel & indifference to her plight as a bastion of decency surrounded by hostile neighbors. So if you can stomach all that, Neshama (or find a temple where these things are not prevalent), good luck to you & may your personal journey lead to happiness & fulfillment for you & your family!

First she sang in Gospel Choirs ...

Then she took the Hativka's words that welcome all Jews and changed it to welcome and include Arabs!

This is her convoluted sick announcement! 

I grew up Jewish. Simply Jewish.
My late father, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, raised us in an observant Orthodox household. Our lives were filled with beautiful ritual and we celebrated the wonder of a familial spiritual connection.
That said, we also danced along the fine line of progressive Judaism. My father’s Torah was an expression of the beauty of Judaism. He taught the world to love and cherish Shabbat – even on a Tuesday – and to love Jewish rituals in an open hearted, expansively spiritual way that often set him apart and alienated him from many established religious groups.
My father’s true goal was to raise Jewish life above the rote performance of ritual acts. He wanted the light and redemptive message of the Torah to make all of humanity deeper – more empathetic, loving and capable of kindness. He often said that effecting global healing was the reason we were in the world to begin with.
Though it sometimes got him in trouble with the Orthodox establishment, my father was an active member and lover of all interfaith experiences. He attended many different houses of worship, sang with people of all colors, faiths and backgrounds, and attended conferences where he spoke about finding true unity for all of God’s children.
Significantly, he encouraged women to learn and read Torah. At his synagogue he created the space for women to physically dance with the the Torah and stand all the way up, next to the ark on holidays.
For this passion and commitment, my father’s life was complicated. Within the Orthodox world he was a visionary who stood alone and was too often lonely.
As the daughter of this great man, I bear witness to the intolerance, cruelty and ostracism he suffered for daring to step outside the “daled amot” (personal space) of observant Jewish life. As his child, I suffered alongside him when he tried to give me a platform to sing, the outcry from my Orthodox brothers and sisters invariably drowning out my voice and suffocating my love for Jewish tradition.
Strengthened by my father’s love and vision, I persisted. It was not easy being taunted and called names, hearing angry voices and seeing the enraged faces of those who believed – genuinely believed – that what I called prayer was an affront to God. Looking back, I believe that the ugliness I saw was not motivated by a desire to hurt me personally but by a deep misunderstanding of the message of our Torah and what it means to be a Jew in the modern world.

Looking back, I feel sadness and sorrow for this narrow vision, this narrow place, an Egypt of the mind – mitzrayim. I know, as my father knew, that the redemption of the world will come from the opposite impulse: expansive love and inclusivity. Isn’t that what klal Yisrael (the whole of the Jewish community) is about?

I have just experienced klal Yisrael in an amazing way, having returned from a most remarkable event – the biennial convention of the Union for Reform Judaism, the URJ. 5,000 people strong, it is one of the most spirited and important events in the Jewish world, and the largest spirituality-oriented gathering of Jews in North America.

Before I arrived at the convention center in San Diego, I felt honored and excited at the opportunity to be able to offer my music and heart to those with whom I don’t often have the chance to connect – my Reform brothers and sisters. The Conservative Jewish world has been a warm and loving home away from home for me (and I had the dazzling experience of joining “The Conversation of the Century” by headlining at the centennial of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism this past October in Baltimore). Many of the Conservative Jews I know share practices and beliefs close to the open-minded Orthodoxy I experienced as a child. But Reform synagogues have always been “the shuls I didn’t attend.”

That world was far away from mine – or so I thought.
Boarding the plane for the West Coast, I did not know what to expect; I certainly had no inkling of the personal transformation that awaited me. So, it is with an overflowing heart and soul that I must report, as I did on the stage on Saturday night, that my soul made an aliyah (coming up) at the URJ’s biennial.
Simply put, I had no idea how extraordinary Reform Judaism was. The tikkun olam mandate is so strongly bound up with the movement, and in the most joyous of ways. I was overwhelmed by the music, by the davening (prayer) and yes, my Orthodox friends, by the ever-present light of Torah. To give you an idea of the stellar caliber of Reform Judaism, here is a link to a keynote address given by Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the URJ president.
In his passionate talk, Rabbi Jacobs spoke about the commitment to a path of progressive change, to inclusivity, social justice, nurturing the next generation, egalitarian values and spiritual relationship to all that the Torah stands for. Standing among 4,999 other delegates, I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I found myself moved to tears, inspired and grateful. And when Rabbi David Ellenson, the outgoing head of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion spoke on Shabbat morning, his warmth and scholarship opened my eyes as well as my heart.
Having felt like a refugee from Orthodoxy for the past couple of decades, I feel like I found a new family with values I can get behind. And so, at my show on Saturday night, I told the audience I was making aliyah to the Reform movement. I know that statement made a great sound byte, but I meant every word. To be clear, when one makes aliyah, they take all parts of themselves with them. I have not abandoned anything that is intrinsic to me; I’ve simply expanded myself and been elevated. I’ve been blessed.
In San Diego, I touched something brand new and yet deeply familiar. It reminded me of my father’s teachings. It gave me a feeling of homecoming.
And perhaps that is the best that we can aspire to: a homecoming. Let us return again and again to the land of our souls. Let us transcend our differences and discover that we are one people, regardless of our label, movement or denomination. Let us make aliyah every day to who we are, to what we are, to where we are born and reborn again.!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Obama pardons drug dealers and thieves but won't pardon Pollard!

US President Barack Obama granted clemency to 21 criminals over the weekend, as part of the pardons and commutations traditionally approved ahead of the Christmas holiday. Obama pardoned 13 criminals and commuted the sentences of eight.
Most of the convicts on the list were drug dealers and thieves, some of whom would have received lesser sentences if convicted of the same crimes today.
Despite a recent request from his close ally and former cabinet member Bill Richardson, Obama did not include Israel agent Jonathan Pollard on his holiday clemency list. Pollard is in his 29th year of a life sentence.
Richardson called on the president to commute the convicted spy’s life sentence in a letter on Tuesday.
The president tried unsuccessfully to appoint Richardson as his commerce secretary after he dropped out of the 2008 presidential race and endorsed Obama rather than his rival candidate, Hillary Clinton. Richardson was energy secretary in Bill Clinton’s cabinet, so his endorsement of Obama gave him a big boost that helped him get elected.
Richardson also served as ambassador to the United Nations and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times. He maintains a close relationship with Obama.
“I am aware commutations are being considered at this time,” Richardson wrote, referring to presidential clemency directives traditionally issued before Christmas. “Please add Jonathan Pollard to the list of those to be released.”
In the letter, Richardson noted that nearly all those with first-hand knowledge of Pollard’s case now support allowing him to leave prison.
He recalled discussions on Pollard in Bill Clinton’s cabinet 15 years ago.
“In my view, there is no longer a need for a discussion today,” Richardson wrote.
“Virtually everyone who was in a high position of government – and dealt with the ramifications of what Pollard did at the time – now support his release.”
Richardson pointed out that many of these major decision makers have issued public calls for Pollard’s release, including former secretary of state George Shultz, former national security adviser Robert McFarlane, and William Webster, the head of the FBI at the time of Pollard’s arrest and the only man in history to head both the FBI and the CIA.
In his letter, Richardson blamed then-secretary of defense Caspar Weinberger for Pollard receiving a life sentence despite a plea bargain in which the government committed to not seek a life sentence.
Pollard has already spent 28 years of the life sentence in a federal prison for passing classified information to an ally.
No one else in the history of the United States has ever received a life sentence for this offense, whose median time served is two to four years.

Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post