Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Message to the Israelis: Draft them all!

Look at this disturbing photo and tell me that the guy holding the rope shouldn't be drafted!

This picture was taken outside IDF prison 6 on Monday! What message is this idiot giving to the world?

That hanging is preferable to the Army?

I dont think Moshe Rabbeinu looked at it this way? He drafted all males with few exceptions; 
learning in yeshivah wasn't one of them!

So I can hear you now  parrot your Rabbis and blabber that the soldiers by Moshe Rabbeinu were big Tzaddikim.... 
to that I respond with two answers:

1) If you believe that, then you are an apikoras, a heretic! Because  your  belief is that the  Torah is telling an historic tale and is totally irrelevant in our times!
But G-d fearing people who believe that Hashem gave the Torah to  teach lessons for all generations, believe that this lesson of being drafted in the army applies today as well.. 
but if you pick and choose which story is a tale and which one is a lesson for generations, then why do you believe in anything the Torah tells us? Who chooses to what is relevant and what is not?

2) The soldier in Moshe's army neeeded the Parsha of Yefas Toar, this was a very clear indication that they weren't such big tzaddikim, they were humans unlike the characters in the Artscroll biographies!

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