Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Reb Chaim Kanievsky prohibits anyone who has a smartphone to serve as a witness for a wedding or divorce, but if you molested or raped a child it is ok!

The Talmud says writes in many places that Rabbis should not proclaim prohibitions on the community, if the community will not be able to abide by those decrees.
But that didn't stop Reb Chaim from prohibiting anyone that possesses a smartphone or who has access to the internet from serving as a witness at a wedding or at a divorce. According to the above psak, if they did sign, the wedding or the get is null and void! The wedding has to be redone; the divorce has to be redone, and if the divorce wasn't redone and the lady remarries and has children, all her children are mamzeirim (bastards)!

But, if that same witness is a rapist or a serial child molester, the wedding or the divorce remain valid!
Not reported is the question, if the Mosdos can still take money from these "contaminated" people!
Or will the Mosdos now have to rely on the funds of the parasites who suck the money out of the working idiots !

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