Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frum lady runs off with Muslim construction guy, leaves husband and children

A Haredi family was shocked after a married mother of many children ran off with a Muslim construction worker.

The Beitar Illit Haredi family disintegrated when their mother suddenly disappeared without warning.

“As a yeshiva student, even in my darkest dreams I never imagined this happening,” the woman’s husband said.

It all began when the couple decided to remodel their home. The couple made some ​​inquiries, sought out prices and recommendation from their friends, and they finally chose an Israeli Arab construction worker to remodel their home.

While the construction worker worked on remodeling the home, the yeshiva student continued to go to yeshiva during the day while leaving the worker alone with his wife.

After a week, the worker finished the construction job.

Three weeks after the completion of the renovation, the husband saw an incoming text message on his wife’s cellphone. It read: "When are you coming?" The husband was shocked to see that the sender of the message was the Arab construction worker.

The man confronted his wife. That is when she told him that she decided to leave with the work.

"It was like the sky fell on me," the husband said. "She left home for a month and a half, leaving all the kids with me, and went with the worker somewhere outside Israel. Suddenly, after a month and a half, she returned home. She told me: ‘I came back because of the children,’” the husband said.

“We now live together just for the sake of the children,” the man added.

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you have to write where your sources are from. if some these are made up its cool, just let the reader know.

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