Friday, December 27, 2013

Media ignores "Ahronie" Satmar protest against the State of Israel!

What if you made a party and nobody showed!

Well R'Aaron Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rav, threw a big protest in Manhattan hoping to garnish media attention, but no newspaper reported it, not even Der Yid, a satmar yiddish newspaper!
Because Der Yid backs his brother, R' Zalman Leib, whom he hates with a passion!

Reb Aaron, is married to a Sabra; her father, the late Vizhnitzer Rebbe had absolutely no problem taking money from the Zionist government. 

In fact, Reb Yoilish z"l, the first Satmarer Rebbi, R' Aron's uncle, despised the fact that his nephew would marry a Zionist supporter. R' Aron's wife talks the Satmar hated language "Ivret" with her sisters, the Skeverer Rebbitzen, and the Belzer Rebbitzen!

To prove that he is holier than the Pope, he massed this big protest, but nobody showed, except for his Chassidim.
The only Newspaper that I saw that reported this Chillul Hashem was "Der Blaat" an Ahronie backed newspaper!
Look closley at the photos, and you will not see anyone except for the protesting chassidim, the streets were empty of human traffic!
Notice the empty street

Here they are handing out Satmar "porn" to the 2 people crossing the street

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Anonymous said...

WHERE ARE THE TZITZIS ON THOSE SACKS? Who paskened that they exempt?