Wednesday, December 18, 2013

20 year old Black guy arrested in Babylon "Knockout" attacks

A Long Island black man has been arrested in alleged knockout game attacks.
Daryl Mitchell will be arraigned Wednesday for allegedly attacking at least six victims over a period of months. The district attorney's office says all incidents happened in the Town of Babylon.
The first incident occurred at the Amityville Train Station back in April. Mitchell, 20, was arrested following the most recent attack about two weeks ago.
One of the victims, 69-year-old James Graves, says he was punched in the eye twice out of nowhere. Graves says he was grabbing a tape measure from the trunk of his car on his own driveway in Amityville when the incident happened.
Prosecutors say they uncovered the other victims as they began to investigate the attack. One man reportedly even needed stitches in the eyelid.
Police say all of the victims were male, and most of the attacks happened during the day. At least two of the victims are over the age of 65.
Some Long Island lawmakers have pushed for stiffer penalties for anyone who commits a crime related to the knockout game.
Police say they are not ruling out that there are more victims of Mitchell’s out there.

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