Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finally, Israeli Government will crack down on the Chevra Kadisha Mafia

Several governmental agencies in Israel have agreed to work together towards monitoring the operations of nonprofits, citing chevra kadishas in particular.

 In an unprecedented move, Bituach Leumi, the Ministry of Religious Services, Ministry of Justice, and the Interior Ministry’s Corporations Authority are working together to monitor the operations of chevra kadishas.

The Ministry of Religious Services is being informed to pass the information along to the various chevra kadishas, that beginning with their annual filing for 2013; they will have to follow a uniform format set forth by the Corporations Authority.

 Any chevra kadisha failing to file in line with the new guidelines will not have its license permitting burials renewed. In addition, Bituach Leumi will not reimburse them for the cost of burial since they will no longer be licensed. The interagency cooperation appears to be part of the Ministry of Religious Services effort to regulate and maintain an industry standard.

Ministry of Religious Services Director-General Elchanan Glatt feels that “proper management is essential for all systems under the ministry’s jurisdiction and this applies to religious councils and chevra kadishas alike. We feel the cooperation between the various agencies is essential towards stepping up monitoring efforts of the nonprofits and this step represents a breakthrough in regulatory efforts.”

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