Monday, December 9, 2013

Is R' Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger protecting the serial rapist Moshe Turner?

Convicted rapist Moshe Turner

What is going on????
This blogger has received reliable information that the respected Rav and Baal Darshan, R’ Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger wants Moshe Turner to walk!

Rav Schlesinger is a Talmid Chochom and has a tremendous following in the Monsey community. If this Rav is fighting to keep an admitted convicted sexual rapist out of jail, then why are we surprised when we learn that our youth is turning away from our holy institutions and sacred religion?

If Moshe Turner would have damaged or defaced Sifrei Torah in Rav Schlesinger's shul, I have no doubt that Rav Schlesinger would have instructed his blind sheep  to immediately hand him over to the Police, 
but since Turner only raped countless innocent living “sifrei torah”, Rav Schlesinger is advocating actively that this menuvel and rodef Turner, walk the streets of Monsey to continue his animalistic instincts to rape and abuse more victims.

Why does Rav Schlesinger have compassion for Turner but no compassion for his victims? The Talmud states “whoever pities the cruel, will eventually be cruel to those who need pity”.

Rav Schlesinger's shiurim are full of mussar, why doesn't he ever speak about people who dress like humans but act like animals?

Dare we keep quiet? Are we going to continue attending Rav Schlesinger's shiurim when he does not care about our children?

Dear readers, anyone reading this article who continues to go on with his or her life, and doesn't pick up a phone to call 
Rav Schlesinger (845) 425-0063
 expressing outrage over this atrocity, is guilty of rape and abuse just like Turner!

Are we waiting for more children to hang themselves? Are we waiting until this ‑ G-D forbid ‑ hits home?

Call Rabbi Schlesinger and ask him, if he is really advocating that Turner walk the streets? Does he want his grandchildren near Turner?"

Don’t be soft on him, be firm and don’t let him beat around the bush. . . tell him “we had enough”. 
If he tells you that he has Turner under control, remind him of what he always preaches “Ain Aptropos L’aroyos”, which loosely translated means “when it comes to sexual matters no one is to be trusted. 

Rav Schlesinger has all kinds of Takonos in his shul . . . 
one cannot make a hot kiddush in his shul
it is not OK to feed your friends potato kugel in his shul when you make a simcha . . . etc., etc. 
but it's perfectly OK to have rapists walking the hallways of his shul on Dolson and on the streets of Monsey unfettered!


Anonymous said...

he is not a godol at all only a good speaker, ho is a lo life

Anonymous said...

A gadol does not protect pedophiles. If someone protects rapists we must wonder why????

Anonymous said...

It's about time the community realizes his cruelty. His need to control surpasses all rationality.

Real FRUM JEW said...

You People Who Speak From Behind A Screen Are Speaking Lashon Hara And Will Burn For It He Is A Big Gadol And Definitely Has His Reasons And If You Feel He Is Wrong Ask Him Don't Hide On The Internet No one Respects That.