Friday, December 27, 2013

R' Chaim Kanievsky's "Psak" on IPhone Users, causing shock to Gedolim around the world!

There are conflicting reports in reference to Rav Kanievsky's psak concerning IPhone users who serve as witnesses at weddings and divorces.

R' Kanievsky ruled, according to his own grandchild, that all Weddings and divorces that had witnesses that had IPhones or internet in their homes, are invalid. 
The repercussions can be devastating because if a lady gets divorced who had anyone serve as a witness that owned a smartphone or had internet, and that lady re-marries and has children, all children from that union are mamzirim.

According to this Psak, there are now hundreds if not thousands of mamzeirim in Yeshivos! 

The gedolim are going crazy and are now saying that any Psak that was given orally by Rav Kanievsky is questionable and cannot be taken seriously, because it could be that he wasn't given all the facts or maybe he was mis-understood!
Please note that Rav Knievsky's seforim were all orally transmitted!

Question!!!! Why doesn't someone just ask him to clarify?????

Probable Answers
(1) Someone did ask him and he reaffirmed his Psak and he did clarify and he stands by by his psak!
The Gedolim are afraid to say that this psak is lunacy and so they are pushing the debate  whether the whole story actually happened, to confuse the gullible masses.
Also, they are terrified that this will cause the few Baalei Batim that still revere Talmeidei Chachumim to totally ridicule and lose faith in them, so thay are scrambling around like a bunch of poisoned rats to find a solution!

(2) His own grandchild who is very familiar with his grandfather, was there and he confirms  that his grandfather did pasken as reported!

Now the only choice for the Gedolim is to dis-credit his grandchild!
Good Luck!

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