Friday, December 20, 2013

Satmar thrilled that EL AL will remove the "Tefilas Haderech" from sound system during flight

Well, Satmar flies with Lufthansa, the German airline that represents a country that murdered 6 million Jews. Satmar will fly Turkish Airlines (Jew lovers?) and Delta that refuses to allow Jews to fly on their airline when they fly to Saudi Arabia. Lufthansa and the other airlines would never even think of playing the "Tefilas haderech" prayer on their sound system, but it seems that the Zionist airline El AL was  playing the prayer until they were asked to stop it. 

Satmar must now be happy that EL AL will now be like the rest of the "goyishe" airlines that they travel with.


Israeli airline El Al recently received complaints from passengers for playing Tefilat Haderech – a Jewish prayer recited before taking a journey – on the sound system during flights instead of regular background music. reports ( that the prayer was played both as the passengers entered the plane and at the start of take-off.
A company employee stated, “About two years ago they hung a sign with Tefilat Haderech at the entrance to the plane. Passengers ignored it because one hardly notices it. But now we have been receiving complaints both from the air crews and from passengers. The company has quite a few non-Jewish workers, and it’s definitely unpleasant.”
The prayer was initiated by the company’s rabbi, Yohanan Hayout. El Al management summoned the rabbi and the worker who added the prayer to the sound system and both were reprimanded.
El Al made the following statement:  “Tefilat Haderech is not part of the regular broadcasts on the company’s flights, andit will be removed by the weekend.”I

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Anonymous said...

Of course you just made up the "Satmar thrilled" bit.

Funny how you have no criticism about the "Israeli" airline banning Tefilas Haderech.

Personally I am amazed that El Al still allows passengers to put on Tefillin on their flights