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Arrests near in Stark Murder, 3 suspects in Custody UPDATED !

New York city police have taken into custody several suspects for questioning related to the murder of Mencahm Stark, according to a law enforcement source.
Stark, a wealthy businessman, was kidnapped after he left his Rutledge Street office in Williamsburg on Jan. 2, surveillance video showed. Two men forced Stark into a minivan.
A police source with knowledge of the investigation, said, that it seems the intend was a simply robbery, not as originally speculation a contractor who stark owned money might be involved.
No arrest, or charges have been made, and no official information from the NYPD has been released.


Cops arrested a Crown Heights man on murder charges Wednesday night in the January death of Brooklyn slumlord Menachem Stark, police said.
Kendel Felix, 26, told investigators that he and an unidentified accomplice had only wanted to scare the businessman when they accidently killed him during a Jan. 2 abduction outside his Williamsburg office.
“He owes me money!” the accomplice said moments before the kidnapping, according to ­Felix’s alleged confession.
Felix was charged with second-degree murder Wednesday night and was being held at the 77th Precinct station house on Utica Avenue.evening and was expected to be charged with murder.
Two other men were also taken into custody Wednesday but
They made no statements to police and asked for lawyers, who could not be reached for comment.
Police were still searching for his alleged accomplice  and two others.
Using a borrowed Dodge Caravan, Felix and his cohort drove up to Stark on Rutledge Street amid a snowstorm and forced him inside kicking and screaming, sources said.
Felix said he drove off while the accomplice sat on Stark’s chest trying to get him under control.
But Stark stopped breathing, and the hapless kidnappers panicked when they realized he was dead, Felix allegedly said.
They picked up the accomplice’s brother and another man for help, according to the sources — but the fourth man jumped out as soon as he realized there was a body inside.
Then the accomplice— who Felix said had planted a cellphone with a tracking device on Stark’s Lexus SUV, and even changed the battery once — left, leaving Felix and the other man to deal with the body. They drove to a gas station in Great Neck, LI, where one or both men filled a large soda bottle with gasoline and poured it on Stark’s body before setting it ablaze in a Dumpster there.
Cops later recovered the minivan, which had traces of Stark’s blood inside.
Detectives seized computers and cellphones from the suspect, and took a pair of work boots from an apartment in a bid to match them to distinctive shoes seen on surveillance video.
Cops believe the kidnapping was an attempt to get money from Stark, who allegedly stiffed one of the men on a bill for some construction work.
Sources had said the debt was around $20,000, but that could not be confirmed on Wednesday.
Two other men were brought in by cops Wednesday along with Felix, but one was let go and the other was charged in an unrelated matter.
Cops went to Stark’s Rutledge Street home on Wednesday to tell his wife, Bashie, about the suspects. The family refused to speak with reporters.
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said cops hope to have the case wrapped up quickly.
Rabbi David Niederman, who heads the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg, said the community was relieved.
“We are extremely happy and hope that those who committed this crime will be charged and formally arrested,” he said.

Rabbi Wein's solution to remedy Chareidie & Chilonie discords!

In an an interview that appeared today in The Times of Israel, author and prominent historian lecturer, Rabbi Berel Wein offers his thoughts on how to break down the barriers between Israel’s secular and Chareidi communities.
Noting that Israel’s population has expanded one thousand-fold since 1900, Rabbi Wein observed that the 66 year old state is still in its early stages of development and that today’s hot button issues are to be expected as Israeli society continues to absorb an incredibly diverse population from so many varied backgrounds.
Rabbi Wein places a large share of the blame for today’s polarization on the shoulders of the Chareidi community’s adamant refusal to accept the state of Israel.
Rabbi Wein observed that while the Sephardi factions of the Orthodox community have accepted the state’s core curriculum in its own schools, the Ashkenazic community has not, given that at its inception, Israel was created as a socialist, anti-religious country, creating a sense of paranoia in the Chareidi community that still exists today. Further exacerbating the situation is the under-representation of Ashkenazic Chareidi community in the Knesset, leading to a lack of understanding of that groups’ needs as well as a lack of acceptance in Israeli society.
Rabbi Wein offers a three pronged solution that he hopes can bring about a greater sense of harmony.
Firstly, the educational system in all schools, both Chareidi and secular, needs to be revamped.  In addition to improving the curriculum at Chareidi schools, secular students must be taught Jewish history, tradition and faith, which would provide a greater understanding of their ultra-Orthodox peers. 
Secondly, noting that the rigors of Talmud study have many benefits, providing students with language, analytical, psychological and spiritual skills, Rabbi Wein suggests providing yeshiva students with academic degrees that would be accepted by universities, giving them the ability to pursue a higher education in non-Talmudic fields should they choose to do so.
According to Rabbi Wein, once more Chareidim join the workforce and begin functioning in mainstream society, many of the schisms that exists today will disappear as people appreciate their similarities more than their differences.
Finally, taking on the thorny issue of the Israeli draft, Rabbi Wein suggested switching over to a volunteer army, saying that in most of the world, military service is not obligatory.
Countering the notion that it is impossible to maintain standards of religious observance in the army, Rabbi Wein pointed to various military personnel throughout Jewish history, including the Maccabees and King David, who served the nation without compromising on their religious beliefs.
Yet Rabbi Wein also acceded that despite the surprising success of the Nahal Hareidi, Chareidim should be exempted from the army as it is impossible for the IDF to accommodate their religious needs.
Rabbi Berel Wein is the founder and director of the Destiny Foundation. For over 20 years, he has been identified with the popularization of Jewish history through lectures, more than 1000 audiotapes, books, seminars, educational tours and, most recently documentary films.

Monsey Child Abduction Attempt

There was a brazen attempted abduction of a child in Monsey this afternoon as he was disembarking from his school bus by an individual who then followed the child to his door and only left when the child yelled at him and slammed the door!

The suspect is described as a white male, 30 -40 years old with a goatee. 
He was driving a red, 4- door car. 
Police ask Monsey residents to be vigilant and to give your children a refresher talk about child safety.

If anyone has any more info, please call the 
Ramapo Police

Monday, April 28, 2014

Satmar Chassid turned Muslim gets 2 years Jail for threatening to blow up Chabad

Not far fetched, both, Satmar and Islam, believe that the State of Israel should not exist, and they both hate Zionists, so its not surprising that one of them would convert to being a Muslim!
It's also not surprising to hear that he wanted to blow up 770, since that is the propaganda he heard in Satmar.

A former Satmar Hasidic man who turned into a Muslim radical, was arrested, charged and convicted of making terroristic threats for threatening to blow up the Chabad Lubavitch headquarters in the Crown Height section of Brooklyn, New York, according to court proceedings in Virginia.
Now, the New Jersey man, who used a website to incite violence against those whose ideals are offensive to his religion, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.
Yousef al-Khattab, 45, said before sentencing that he regretted his posts. He also called himself a clown and said that he did not intend to incite violence.
“Now I look back and I feel very bad,” al-Khattab said.
In a post, al-Khattab directed followers to attack the headquarters of the Chabad Jewish organization. Al-Khattab posted a picture with a link to a map, and pointed out that the main temple was always busy in the hours of prayer services.
Yousef al-Khattab grew up as a Satmar Hasid before converting to Islam. 

A Message to our Boys???

Yitzchok Frankfurter, editor of Ami, wrote an editorial in this week's issue, addressing Yeshivah Boys returning to the State of Israel. 

The editorial had the following headline:
"A Message to Our Boys"

Mr. Frankfurter, this message is not for our "Boys,"  

Frankfurter writes:
"As you know, Torah is under unprecedented attack in the Holy Land"

Excuse me.....
What attack on Torah is there in the "Holy Land?"

There are more Yeshivah boys learning Torah in the "Holy Land" since מתן תורה!

And didn't the IDF just issue 30,000 exemptions?

"Unprecedented ?"
This is what happens when you have stupid ignorant people 
running magazines!

Tell us Mr. Hamburger, did you learn in Cheder what Syrian-Greeks did to Torah during the first בית המקדש period?

 How about the gezieros against Torah by the  Romans during the Second בית המקדש?

Were you absent when your Rebbe explained why we celebrate חנוכה? 
Did you miss class when your Rebbi taught that the Jewish King ינאי המלך murdered all תנאים save one, his brother-in-law, שמעון בן שטח?
What are you blabbering about ?
"unprecedented attack on Torah?"

Then the clown writes:
"Moreover, in Hilchos Tesuvah, chapter  10, Halacha 6 , he (the רמב״ם) explains that this exclusive dedication to G-D is also the key to Ahavas Hashem:

"It is well known and clear matter that the love of G-D will not become attached within a person 's heart until he becomes obsessed with it at all times, leaving all things in the world except for this . This is implied by the command " Love G-d, your L-rd, with all your heart and with all your soul"

Frankfurter translates the word שישגה that the Rambam uses,  as "obsessed"
Turns out that the Raavid and the Migdal Oz struggled with this word and didn't understand what the Rambam was talking about.
 But The Hamburger is smarter then them and he  knows that  שישגה means obsessed!

The word  שישגה that the Rambam uses is not in the Loshan Ha'kodesh lexicon, hence the Raavid's issue with this statement of the Rambam. 
The Raavid is guessing that it comes from the word שגיון לדוד, meaning an instrument or song ..
So now we really don't have a clue what the Rambam is talking about!

He continues to quote from the Rambam:
"leaving all things in the world except for this"?
Who ever did that, except for the great Tana R' Shimon and his son Eliezer? And when that happened a Bas Kol said that this will not work.

Frankfurter forgot the words of the holy Tana, Shemaya, who said in a Mishna, 800 years before the Rambam was born:
אהב את המלאכה ושנא את הרבנות

Be that as it may, the Rambam himself did not abide by his own writing, since after his brother died, the Rambam had no other choice but to learn medicine and went to work as a doctor for the local Sultan! 
In addition, the Rambam writes in his preface to his Mishna Torah that it is a good thing, the fact, that we all do not think alike, otherwise we would all wind up doing the same thing, and the world would not be able to operate. 

This is not " A Message to ALL our boys" 
Some may actually have to go to work the Rambam and his entire family actually did,,,,

So, a question to The Hamburger. 
Why don't you give up your lying Magazine, and dedicate yourself to G-d? .... 
Give up lunch, you look pretty well fed to me.
The truth is, that he does not believe a word that he writes, and, therefore, doesn't practice what he preaches.

Menachem Begin once said in reference to  Arafat, when Arafat talked peace ,,,,, "
 I will pay attention to what he actually does then to what he says"
 This idea applies to The Frankfurter, watch what he  does, instead of reading what he writes.

The חכם פין די מה נשתנה continues with his message:

" And in Hilchos Shemitah V'yoveil the Rambam again emphasizes the importance of setting aside the ways of the world and dedicating oneself exclusively to G-D and his Torah:
( Yitzy doesn't mention the gemmara, that says, that this notion of dedicating oneself to G-D and his Torah exclusively is not practical, because otherwise the world would collapse, see Tractate שבת, read the story of R' Shimon Ben Yochai with his son Eliezer!)

" why did the tribe of Levi not merit an inheritance in the Land of Israel and a share in the spoils of war together with his brothers? Because he was set aside to worship G-D, to teach His ways and righteous judgements to the public ...... Therefore, they were set apart from the ways of the world. They did not inherit the land...... Rather, they are the army of the L-rd ... "

"The tribe of Levi is not alone. Every single person who lives the world, whose spirit has gratefully welled up and who has determined in his or her mind to be separated and stand before G-D to serve Him, to worship Him and to know Him; who has walked in the straight path G-d has intended for him or her and has shed from his or her neck the yoke of the many accounting a that humans make, this person has become holy like the Holy of Holies, and G-d will be his or her portion and inheritance forever and ever. such a person will have sufficient in this world, as did the priests and Levites, as David, may he rest in peace said ' The L-rd is my portion of inheritance and my cup; You sustain my destiny' "

The above is verbatim what the clown said the Rambam wrote.
But a quick peek inside the Rambam, tells another story; you will notice that the Rambam didn't actually write what I highlighted, "in his or her", "him or her"  in the entire piece, 
this was added by The lying Frankfurter to appease his lady audience.

The  above Rambam actually bolsters my point of view. 
Hashem chose a specific tribe, isolated them to, yes, learn, teach and worship G-d the entire day, but as The Frankfurter will admit, this tribe did not get a part in Eretz Yisroel.

The "Boys" that Frankfurter is talking about, love to go to protests, throw stones and burn garbage cans. 
They also enjoy the 4" brim Barcelonas, fancy glasses and pleated pants ...and they enjoy renting cars  בין הזמנים, and yes, they may also learn.

Are these the " Boys"  that the Rambam is describing? 
Are these the "Boys" that are "obsessed" with Torah? 
Are these the "Boys" that are "dedicating themselves exclusively to G-D?
The answer is a resounding No!
These "Boys" unlike שבט לוי require all luxuries when they get married...

We are not talking about the exceptional boys who make their learning תורה אומנותו !
Who are satisfied with less, and would marry a poor girl .... Those boys are a minority of a minority. Ask the Shadchanim!

At the end of this vile piece he quotes out of context, from the Rambam's Moreh Nevuchim:
"If a person's thought is free from distraction in apprehending G-d ... in the right way and if there is joy in what one apprehends, then that individual can never be afflicted with evil of any kind. 
For then he is with G-d, and G-d is with him."

The Rambam wrote his Sefer Moreh Nevuchim to a dear student of his, and Hamburger took the above statement out of context. 

It is an extremely dangerous statement, standing on its own, because it doesn't explain why great צדיקים  that  were "free of distraction in apprehending G-D," were thrown into the ovens. 
It is also obvious that Hamburger never visited a cancer ward that have great righteous people who are "afflicted with evil"

I think that Yitzy Frankfurter is a big עם הארץ, and he shouldn't be quoting Rambams, in context or out of context, since he has no clue to what he is talking about.... 
He is causing a massive Chillul Hashem and by mis-quoting the Rambam, he is planting heresy in the impressionable young minds that read his rubbish!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

As predicted, Gedolim now against the IDF Exemptions, because they are afraid students will leave Yeshiva to work

We predicted this last month. We told you that the Roshei Yeshiva will panic, because of the 30,000 Army Exemptions the  Zionist government issued. 

We told you you guys that this was not an Army issue but an issue of students leaving the yeshivos to join the work force, to honor the vows given under the Chupah to their wives, to support them with their Roshei Yeshiva standing by in witness.

The Roshei Yeshivos  are afraid that if the students go to work, they will lose control and will have to stand by their perspective shtenders up front all by themselves!

We warned you that they are a bunch of fakes, phonies, and frauds.
The fact that the hated Zionist government pulled a fast one on them, caught them by total surprise!

The Zohar HaKodosh said that the sin of the Meraglim was brought about because they were afraid, if Klall Yisroel were to go into Eretez Yisroel, they would lose their prestigious positions, because Klall Yisroel would now need new leaders that would have to deal with no free Manna from heaven. And they would now have to work for a living!
This is history repeating itself, with these Roshei Yeshiva fearing that they will lose their students, hence their positions!
So they fabricated a lie, that the Zionists want to destroy their frumkeit by drafting them to the army......
but now they are running around like poisoned mice, trying to explain away their previous fibs about the draft  to feed new bulls___ to their naive sheep!

And this is the reason, they prohibit the blogs, because the bloggers are exposing these so called "leaders" as frauds!

I want to give you an illustration of this.
Before Pesach, I attended a wedding. After the Chupah, I left to get my car, waiting outside the hall was a prominent Roshe Yeshivah with his wife waiting for his driver. 
I overheard their conversation while waiting for my wife to get into my car, they had no idea anyone was listening because of the noise of the pouring rain.
Wife: "I told you not to come! They gave you nothing.nothing. nothing"
Roshe Yeshivah: "It's Ok, was just my talmud for 3 years"
Wife: "This is a smack in your face, inviting you to the chupa and giving you nothing" "I was totally humiliated"
Roshe Yeshiva: "I'm sure the girls family had many Rabbonim that they had to give a kibud"
Wife: "I am not allowing you to go to any Chausaneh unless I am guaranteed that you get a kibud, you have no backbone, all you keep hammering them about is the Asifah, Asifah, Asifa, You dont even believe in this. How about teaching them some Derech Eretz? Having us shlep an hour in a half in this weather to get nothing"
Roshe Yeshivah: "I agree with you, I was sure I would get Kesuba leining, or L'cho Ha'Pachos be an Eid" do you think I liked this, I was dying inside every second"
Wife: You saw who they gave the First 2 Berachos? Oich mir a Rosh Yeshiva.... doesn't he have Baalei Teshuvois?
Roshe Yeshiva: He He 
Wife: And you heard the old guy who got Bracha Achrita? He couldn't pronounce one word.... is this "me'akiv? are they still even be'chlall married?
Rosh Yeshiva: they're married, they're married!

Why am I telling you this story, because even his wife knew that the Asifa business, was a bunch of baloney and she knew that her husband didn't agree with that either!
I want to reiterate that this was a very very known Rosh Yeshivah!

Read the following from YNET!

Ads posted in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem are urging yeshiva students not to report to IDF recruitment centers to receive an exemption from military service.

The new IDF draft law promoted by the Yesh Atid party states that 22-year-old yeshiva students will receive an overall exemption from military service. According to estimates, this exemption will apply to nearly 30,000 yeshiva students.

The procedure, which is slated to begin soon, will allow thousands of yeshiva students to join the labor market. 

So far, they have refrained from doing so.

 Rabbis, are concerned that thousands of yeshiva students will abandon their studies and join the labor market, want to prevent the young men from reporting to the recruitment centers in order to receive the exemption. 

Ads distributed in the capital's haredi neighborhoods during thePassover holiday described the decision to grant an overall exemption as an attempt to "destroy the haredi public and change its image."

According to the writers, who are believed to be affiliated with radical haredi factions, yeshiva students arriving at the recruitment centers to receive the exemption will be forced to listen for hours to former haredim who will try to convince them to join some type of military service and integrate into the labor market.

"Their goal is clear – to destroy the kollelim (institutes for full-time, advanced study of the Talmud and rabbinic literature) and close the yeshivot (Jewish educational institutions) and to remove the separating wall," the notice stated.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Nathan Kofshitz vandalizes Nitra Shul in Beit Shemesh, because students were using computers to type Shiurim!

Several Chassidishe savages  who were angry that teens were using computers inside the Nitra Bais Medrish, went berserk and decided to destroy it, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

The vandalism occurred in the Israeli city of Beit Shemesh on Wednesday. 

It was not a  shul hosting a womens minyan, nor was it a  a shul of "amalekites" - aka dati leumi, nor a shul of some egalitarian group..  
They destroyed a haredi shul, hassidic shul specifically, in the haredi neighborhood of Nahala uMenucha (a.k.a. the kiryah haharedit).

According to eyewitnesses at the scene, Rabbi Nathan Kofshitz was behind the vandalism of the Nitra synagogue.

The suspects behind the destruction of the synagogue claimed that the teens were using the synagogue to surf the Internet on their iPhones.

On Wednesday, the suspects entered the synagogue and they saw a number of teens using a computer. The boys were using the computer to type lectures of the rabbi.

However, the suspects screamed: “You defile the neighborhood. Because of you everyone is dying of diseases.” The boys at the scene said that the men became violent and acted like the devil possessed them.

The boys ran away. When they returned, they found a shocking scene. The entire synagogue was trashed. The Nitra rabbi, Amram Grauz, cried when he saw that his synagogue was destroyed by Hasidic Jews.

Police arrived at the scene and launched an investigation, but so far, no arrests have been made.

Satmar Rebbe, R'Aaron Teitelbaum compares Israeli Legislators to Nazis!

Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar, on Pesach, after making "Yachatz"  compared the behavior of Israeli legislators who passed a conscription law to draft yeshiva bochurim to the behavior of Nazis during World War II.
“Just as we were saved from the Holocaust and the Nazis, so will we be saved from army service,” he ranted and raved.
On the Leil HaSeder, when he began the paragraph of Vehi Sheamdah, he told those at his Seder a big fat lie:
“When my father was in a labor camp during the Holocaust, there was a Nazi guard who liked to get high and get drunk. Using a single bottle of wine, they could bribe him, and when he imbibed, the Jews had some respite. And not only when drinking wine…but even when they spoke to him about wine, he began to feel elated and they had relief.
(the Jews got wine in the camps?, never heard that one before)

“This is perhaps why,” continued the Rebbe referring to the events of recent times, “we raise our glasses while saying Vehi Sheamdah, to express that just as this cup stood by our forefathers to save them from trouble during the Holocaust, today as well, when the wicked in Israel want to subject Jews in our Holy Land to army enlistment, Hashem will save us from them.

(instead of having the blood thirsty Arabs who are waiting to kill him, on his mind at Vehi Sheamdah, this shmendrik had the Zionists in mind. In the entire Jewish History never did a Jew think of another Jew with such hate at the beautiful prayer of Vehi  Sheamda)

He didn't mention the Zionists at Shulchan Aruch, because he was busy devouring the greasy chicken.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The origin of ‘Hatikva’ and why it’s still relevant

Naphtali Herz Imber wrote the poem “Hatikvah” (The Hope) whose words continue to inspire Jews in Israel and around the world to this day.

Sung at Bergen-Belsen by liberated survivors in 1945, on the ships leaving Europe on their way to Israel carrying thousands going home, while the nation of Israel became a reality in 1948, and to this very day by Jewish children in schools around the world. How important is “Hatikvah”? The answer is extremely. However, why? The formation of all Jewish history in the past two millennia has amalgamated into a single simplified historical concept of “The Hope.” From the creation of Hovevei Zion in the 1880s to the desperation of Jews in the post- World War II era, to the fighting to keep Israel a free homeland, not just for Jews but all who accept it as a home, “Hatikvah” in its few words and simple melody characterizes one of the absolutes that have preserved Jewish existence: hope.

The man behind the words, although he did not live a remarkable life, managed to portray in a few lines ideas that had remained unsaid by Jews for centuries, until the foundation of Zionism in the 1890s.

Naphtali Herz Imber, born in a small corner of the Austro-Hungarian empire, was a mediocre Talmudic scholar. He spent his time visiting several communities across Eastern Europe, and even went as far as Constantinople.

Along his travels he met Jews of all forms and classes, which undoubtedly influenced greatly his profuse writings, mostly poetry, about the places he had visited.

Amid his travels in 1877 he jotted down a few lines that characterized his sentiment, and most likely the sentiments of many of the Jews he had met on his way.

The poem, however, which he named “Hatikvah,” remained unknown for years. In the meantime Imber managed to find work as a secretary for a Christian Zionist, which prompted him to move to Eretz Yisrael in 1882, of course fueled by his intense desire to work for the cause which he had dedicated his life to.

By 1886, through his connections to the Hovevei Zion movement, his poem was used in conjunction with a Romanian melody by a Jewish Romanian worker in Eretz Yisrael and was made the official running song of the movement. By 1897, the song became the official anthem of the Zionist organization.

Imber spent the remainder of his life in England working for the Zionist cause, and occasionally translating poetry into Hebrew. In fact, his most reputable translations are those of Omar Khayyam’s poetry – the 11th century Persian poet – which he continued to work on until his death in the United States in 1909.

Although Imber’s life was not particularly outstanding, he had created such an extraordinary simplification of the need to (re-)create a homeland for the Jewish people that all of the Herzlian doctrines could be summed up with just a few lines. Yet, how is all of this still relevant today? The truth is that “The Hope” was by no means more relevant in 1897 or 1948 than it is today. Although Eretz Israel has been founded, and was turned from unmanageable, desolate land into a fruitful, arable one by the labors of past generations, their hope should be no different from that of any other Jew both inside and outside the nation today. As Israel continues to be the sole real democratic and multicultural polity in the Middle East, the hope of building Eretz Yisrael is as important now as it was in 1897.

You might be wondering: What is this hope? Simple. The self-evident and most basic right awarded to all – to create a life and home. One of self-determination that had been the requisite of all nations in this world – except for Israel, which in the past century has had an extremely difficult time doing so. Precisely why it is most pertinent today. The building of a home never really ends, especially that of one as large and complex as Israel. “Hatikvah” will always cause emotional responses and even pride, but should first serve as reminder of how for someone like Imber with a mere hope – an idea, a dream – can materialize so totally as to form a nation. Not so different from how today the populace’s hope is for peace and stability, which perhaps will one day manifest itself.

The author is a history student at the University of British Columbia and a writer. He has dedicated much of his time researching the Jewish Community of Jassy, as well as that of Romania. He is currently working on his book The Jassy Pogrom.

Frum IDF Soldier attacked in Bnei Brak, Attackers shout "R' Chaim Kanievsky ordered us to attack"

A frum Israeli  soldier, Baruch Indig said that he was attacked by a group of frum Jews while waiting for a bus at a Bnei Brak bus stop.

The soldier who lives in Bnei Brak, was attacked on Tuesday.

“I wanted to share with you something from my heart. A few minutes ago, I was in uniform standing at a bus station on Rabbi Akiva Street in Bnei Brak, waiting for a bus to take me home. Several ultra-Orthodox Jews approached me and gave me a poster that read ‘stinking bug get out of town.’ 

Then, they began shouting that I should leave the city because I am a disgrace to Judaism,”

The soldier said that he felt humiliated. 

“The group said that they were ordered to attack soldiers by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky,” Indig added.

Indig also said that he is ashamed of having been raised in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish city of Bnei Brak. 

Rabbi David Zvi Carlstein warned that those who humiliate Frum soldiers, have no portion in the world to come.

AMI Magazine Defends Lev Tahor, the Cult that Abuses Women and Children

Yitzy Frankfurter, the editor of the Anti-Zionist magazine, Ami, never ceases to amaze me with his stupidity.

In his filthy March 26 edition, the clown interviewed, Wolfgang Schwanitz, a communist and former head of  Stasi, the Secret Police of former East Germany. 
Wolfgang  co-authered the book, "Nazis, Islamists and the Making of the Modern Middle East." with Barry Rubin.

Frankfurter starts his lunacy with this statement:

"The provocative title of a review in Tablet Magazine, 
"Did Zionism Cause the Holocaust? 
A New Biography Says Yes", 
was enough to Pique (Yitzy learned a new word) my curiosity about the newly released book."

This שונאי ישראל, Frankfurter, was "piqued" because he got excited that a communist, the head of a  murderous police force, agreed with Frankfurter's sick premise that "Zionism caused the Holocaust."

How demented can a human being get?

It gets worse, he then quotes David Mikics, the reviewer of the book..

"If you follow Rubin and Schwanitz's logic, Zionism is responsible for the Holocaust. No Zionist colonization of Palestine would mean no Arab anti-Semitism, which means no al-Husaini, which means no Final Solution."

A few weeks ago, he "interviewed" his Rebbe, the present Rosh Yeshivah of Brisk, R' Dovid Soloveitchik, another  Sonei Yisroel, who once said that the second biggest threat to Yiddishkeit after Zionism, is Chabad! 
You can't make this craziness up. 

How does a Roshei Yeshivah, a leader of thousands of Yeshiva guys, totally put down and disparage a movement that was Mekareiv hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Jews throughout the world?
Is the R' Dovid an "Erlicher Yid?" I doubt it. An "Erlicher Yid" doesn't talk Loshon Harah on a Manhig Yisroel. Brisker "Peios" doesn't make someone Erlich!  This is where the clown Frankfurter got his radical fanatical hatred of Israel. From an old man who hated Chassidim except for Satmar, because he shared a common despise and hatred for the State of Israel!

Chabad the second biggest threat to Yiddishkeit? 
What a bunch of lunatics!

So, now, in his Pesach edition, he defends a cult that beats the hell out of it's toddlers and abuses their lady cultist members!
The pervert Helbrans (left) with the clown, Frankfurter
His Headline?
"A Visit to Lev Tahor, The Real, Inside Story"
Notice he writes "real"

His Byline?
"The unjust persecution of a group of pious Jews, and the unsettling silence of the Jewish community"

This Frankfurter, a scion of apes, (I'm beginning to think that maybe Darwin had a point) interviews the meshiginer Helbrans!
Frankfurter loads all the pages with smiling Lev Tahor boys!

I am not going to quote or comment on the lies and exaggerations in the article, suffice it to say that it is a work of fiction.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kloisenberger Rebbe of New York, Causes massive Chullul Hashem, calls Fireman "Nazi"

 Thank G-D we live in a Medina of Chesed, where local Fireman  provide safe designated areas for Chametz burning. 
Posted on all corners were signs stating  the time and areas where chometz burning would be permitted.
This Erev Yom Tov, Erliche Jews got up early to burn the chomets in those areas. 
But the Klausenberger Rebbe of New York, chronically late, came after the Firemen were already extinguishing the fire, and called the Fireman, "Nazis"! 
Here is a great example of his leadership!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

No Point in visiting Graves in Europe, says Israel Kloisenberger Rebbe

Finally, a Chassidic Leader, saying the right thing and something that makes sense!

 For years I couldn't understand why Erliche Yiddin, left their families in Israel and the USA to celebrate the Yurzeit of Rebbes long gone, on soil that is wet with the blood of murdered  Jews!

Why hand millions and millions of dollars to anti-Semites?

Recently there was a trip to Poland on the Yurzeit of the Rebbi of Lizensk. Thousands of naïve clueless Jews from around the globe ran to Poland to hand over money to the cursed Poles! Was this an Aliyah of the Neshama of the great Tzaddik of Lizensk? I doubt it!
I think that the Rebbe of Lizensk would have told you, to buy your wife an Ipad instead!
This mass hysteria of visiting Kevarim in Europe was an agenda pushed by the Tourist industry!
I never gave a penny when they came to collect money to fix up the Jewish cemeteries in Europe. How about collecting money to those who are still alive?
Guys, you have nothing to do with your money?
Do you know that there are hundreds frum boys sitting home or in public schools because the tuitions are sky high?
Instead of supporting the European murderers, donate to the families that cannot afford tuition and sit home!

Here is the Story reported about the Klausinberger Rebbe!

While countless Jews worldwide flock to the far reaches of Europe and Israel to daven at the graves of tzadikim, a well known Chasidic rabbi has questioned the validity of the custom, suggesting that it is inappropriate.

In a recent address to representatives of Arachim on Holocaust related matters in his home, the Sanz-Klausenburger Rebbe from Israel , Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Halberstam, said that his father Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, the first Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe did not believe in the custom, as reported on Israeli news site B’Chadrei Chareidim.

“I believe that for our bochurim and avreichim, what connects us to the Holocaust and the generations that preceded it is to learn the seforim and the words of these giants in Torah and to continue in their ways. 

My father would say that if a talmid learns the words of Rabbi Shimon, then Rabbi Shimon would be right next to him.  He himself never traveled often to Meiron, going once every few years.  When we learned in yeshiva, it never even occurred to us to go to Lag B’Omer on Meiron and there was a regular schedule of learning in the yeshiva just like any other day.”

The Sanzer Rebbe noted that trips to the graves of even renowned rabbonim like the Baal Shem Tov and the Magid of Mezritch were very rare in the Chasidic community.

“My father would say that the tzadikim were elevated to Eretz Yisroel after their deaths and that really, they are no longer buried there. 

Certainly today when there are no Jews left in these places their graves are empty,” said the Sanzer Rebbe
The Rebbe noted that for those who are less observant, trips to Europe can serve a useful purpose.
“For those that we hope to bring closer to yiddishkeit, it is beneficial to take them to Europe in the hopes that we can awaken certain feelings within them.  Let them learn about our glorious past and the holy congregations by taking them to these places so that they can realize that without a past there is no future, hopefully bringing them closer to the foundations of Judaism.”

The Sanzer Rebbe was also asked if it is appropriate to bring children to visit concentration camps.
“It would have to be someone who is capable of understanding, even to a small degree, what happened there so that we could learn from it about the history of the Jewish people.  But in truth, it is really impossible for any human being to comprehend the atrocities that took place during that time. 

There are so many who have questions but in truth, it was a terrible period of hester panim.  Yet when you see the wonderful rebirth of yiddishkeit and the Torah world today, that is also something unusual and we learn from it that there is someone engineering everything that happens in the world.”

Like many other Holocaust survivors, the Sanzer Rebbe’s father, R’ Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, never returned to his birthplace after the war.

“Once he was nearby and he had an opportunity to visit those cities and he refused to go,” recalled the Sanzer Rebbe.  “There was a time that they brought Polish cleaning girls to America and my mother wanted to bring one into the house. My father said he could not be in the house with anyone from Poland and there are those for whom it is very difficult to return to those places.”

The Rebbe was also asked if his father ever suggested a reason for the Holocaust, such as assimilation or not giving proper respect to synagogues.

“If only those who did those things were killed then perhaps that might be a reason,” said the Rebbe.
“But it is impossible to say that when so many righteous people, G-d fearing people and talmidim chochomim were killed.  The tragedy of the Holocaust is too enormous to comprehend or to try to explain.  It was something that defied the laws of nature and it is important to realize that we can’t understand everything that happens in the world.”
There were some bright spots even during the darkest times, observed the Sanzer Rebbe.
“There were so many cases of hashgacha pratis, so many who were miraculously saved.  The Belzer Rebbe said that anyone who was saved from the concentration camps was accompanied by two malachim. Even so, we are not able to comprehend why this one was saved and this one was not.”

No Chometz for Your Dog!

Earlier this week, as she prepared for Passover, Shannon Gessner suddenly remembered her dog, Marcy.
“This is our first Passover together,” says the 32-year-old account manager who lives on the Upper West Side with her 3-year-old mini-schnauzer. An observant “modern Orthodox” Jewish woman, Gessner has had the stray rescue since July and didn’t know what to do about her pup’s food for the upcoming holy festival, which starts Monday and lasts eight days.
“I e-mailed my rabbi about how to prepare for Passover when you have a dog,” says Gessner.
When it comes to the annual celebration, some observant pet owners don’t only avoid eating grains and leavened breads, known as chametz, themselves; they also have Fido and Fluffy abide by the dietary restrictions to keep their homes holy.
For the past 20 years, Star-K, a kosher certification agency, has been publishing an annual list of Passover-friendly pet foods. The brands on the list aren’t necessarily kosher, but they are Passover-friendly in that they are free of wheat and rice.
This year’s list was posted in early March, since many pet owners make the food transitions slowly so their pets have time to get used to the new foods.
“It’s not soon enough,” jokes Rabbi Zvi Goldberg with Star-K. “We get calls about Passover even in January.”
Rebecca Singer Walker, the 30-year-old director of the Israeliness Community at the 92Y, doesn’t look to the Star-K list for her 8-year-old Yorkie, Miles. She just feeds him what she eats.
“I’m going to be cooking beef or chicken or fish,” says Walker, a Riverdale resident.
For some, tweaking their pets’ diet is too much hassle, and they go for other options.
“Depending on how strict you are, some people might board their pet for a week,” says Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen, the director of the Center for Jewish Living at the Jewish Community Center on the Upper West Side.
Others ceremoniously “sell” their pet’s food to a nonobservant friend for Passover. That way, Cohen explains, “the food doesn’t belong to you, it just lives in your house.”
That’s what Rikki Davidson, 29, plans to do. Davidson, who lives on the Upper West side with her husband, her son and her 7-year-old Maltese, Zoe, doesn’t want to be wasteful, so she plans to sell Zoe’s favorite treat, Nutri Dent, to a nonobserver and keep it in their house. After the holiday, she’ll buy it back. The dog’s regular kibble isn’t an issue.
“Zoe happens to be on a grain-free dog food,” Davidson explains.
Things aren’t so convenient for Gessner and Marcy.
“I was hoping I would get away with feeding her dog food, but [my rabbi] wants to err on the side of caution, so we’re going to be cooking for her,” says Gessner.
She plans to feed Marcy “human food,” which will include organic kosher meat and apples, instead of her typical diet of Orijen kibble. The pup will also have to forego her favorite treats, Wagatha’s biscuits and chewy bully sticks.
“It’s going to be hard, though, because she loves to chew,” says Gessner. “But I’m handmaking her breakfast and dinner, so she’ll survive.”