Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zionist Government exempt 28,000 Hareidi Students from Army and allow them to join the work force!

The "cursed medina" have issued 28,000 exemptions to Yeshiva students and are allowing them to join the work force!
Can't wait to  hear from the "gedolim" who will scream that these  "work permits"are evil, and this  "gezirah"is even worse than the "gezirah" to join the Army! 
Because now they can't claim that the Zionists want to make them into Chilonim!
Let's see how many from the 28,000 will actually get off their proverbial butts and get a job?

Some 28,000 haredi men are to begin receiving full exemptions from military service immediately after Passover, under the terms of the ultra-Orthodox conscription law the Knesset approved last month.
The government hopes many of these men will leave their full-time Torah studies in yeshiva and enter the workforce, and is therefore preparing programs to help them find jobs.

The exemptions are to be provided gradually throughout the coming 12 months.

The conscription law gives any full-time haredi yeshiva student of military age who is 22-years-old and over a full exemption from military service, and there are 28,000 men in this category.
The Defense Ministry is to determine the number of given every month in coordination with the Economy Ministry, so as not to overwhelm the job market.
The men eligible for the exemption are required to report to the IDF, where they are to be given the option of choosing to perform military service, civilian service or to take advantage of their full exemption.
Until now, it has not been legally possible for ultra-Orthodox men to work without first performing military or civilian service, but the government hopes that many of the men receiving a military service exemption will decide to enter the job market.
The state has already set up two large employment and career guidance centers in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem, respectively, and others are planned to be opened in Ashdod, Modi’in Illit, Petah Tikva and Beersheba.
The centers are designed for haredi men, where careers guidance professionals create a file for individuals seeking work, and review their personal background and any relevant educational or vocational qualifications.
Applicants would be given aptitude tests designed to provide a clearer picture for the career councilors of what kind of employment would be appropriate for the man in question.
The centers are to provide courses for haredi job-seekers on orientation to the workforce, writing a resumé, searching for employment, interview techniques and employment rights.
All applicants are entitled to NIS 9,000 grants from the Economy Ministry, to help pay for any job training program he may wish to attend, while some courses are to be fully subsidized by the state.
There will likely be an emphasis on vocational courses and careers not requiring high levels of secular education, as well as on entry level positions with on-the-job training.
Despite these efforts, observers of the ultra-Orthodox community have said that they expect only a small proportion of those receiving the military-service exemption to leave their yeshivot in favor of the workforce, especially in the short term.
Dr. Haim Zicherman, of the Israel Democracy Institute’s Religion and State Project, pointed to the Civilian Service program, which is an alternative to military service that since 2008 has been available to haredi men on a voluntary basis as a way of fulfilling their national service obligations before being legally able to work.
Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Zicherman noted that in the past six years, any haredi man wishing to leave yeshiva has been able to participate in the relatively undemanding one-year civilian service program and then work. He therefore argued that the mass exemptions would be unlikely to lead to haredi men leaving the study halls en masse, since in practice, anyone wishing up till now to join the workforce has been able to do so.
Zicherman expressed skepticism that such large numbers of haredi men could gain employment in light of their low levels of non-religious education and of professional qualifications.
He underlined a report published this week that demonstrated a high level of prejudice among employers against employing people from the haredi community.
Such prejudices were based on myths and misconceptions of supposed requirements that haredi employees might need in the work place, he said.
In addition, the deputy director of the Hiddush lobbying group, Shahar Ilan, expressed concern that the atmosphere of hostility toward the government could prevent people from leaving the study halls.
The haredi leadership has depicted the government’s conscription law as an attempt to destroy haredi values. The concern is that the antipathy to the law and the government will make students hesitant to leave the yeshiva, at least at in the coming months, lest they be considered traitors to the community.
Ilan acknowledged that in the long term, increasing numbers of the haredi men who will receive military service exemptions this year will being looking for work, but only on the condition that recent cuts to the welfare budget, which have targeted some of the key benefits enjoyed by the haredi population, remain in place.
The haredi political parties will almost certainly condition their entries into any coalition, whether in the current government or after national elections, on the repeal of some of the cuts to the benefits the haredi sector enjoyed over the past 10 years.


Anonymous said...

Your Sinah is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

"...who will scream that these "work permits"are evil, and this "gezirah"is even worse than the "gezirah" to join the Army!..
Let's daan them L'kaf zchus and say they're doing all this B'shogeg.

Moshiach's coming on Monday. Tuesday, they're trooping down Rechov Yaffo with their grubbe Chatas'lech on the way to Har Habayis to korbanize them. Lines stretch from from the Machane Yehudeh market all the way to the Damascus Gate. Lines formed at first Alos zman.Zrizin makdimin.
Carnival atmosphere on Strauss St. as savvy business people set up stands full of chirping birds for for the schnorr, nitzrochim niche market who aren't B'yicholes a zaftig cow.

Chataslech done, some are seen dragging a stubborn Chamor Bechor to Poideh Stations.

the DERBY -en route-

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 8:47
It seemes that you dont understand this blog. What I am trying to do is take back Yiddishkeit from the extremists. Unfortunately the "Gedolim" are surrounded by Askanim that have self interests, and the gedolim are afraid to say what's really on their mind....
We the "ha'moin am" are sick and tired of this and we are fighting back...
I daven in a shul that is very Yeshivash, I hear what they are saying privately... they are disgusted with the "Gedoilim" ...
I dont have any "sinah" against any Jew...its the Yeshiveshe world that now hates everyone that doesnt wear a hat with a 3" brim and fancy glasses!

Anonymous said...

to "sinah' Anonymous,

You choose to ignore the Sinah that comes form the chareidi side. You've shlepped along even some Dati right wing Zionists who suddenly lost their culliones.
Siah begets sinah.
Our gedolim don't call Jews Haman and Amalek, don't make machlokes. Don't curse, spit and beat people up. Feel for IDF and appreciate what they do every moment.

In our neck of the woods, your side has unfortunately become known as the kosher-chazzer-fissel.
Spewing hate on the heads of Jews while using the Torah to slander and lie.

Dovor-Achar- Feesling is on the way out.
Sane Judaism is on the way in.

Make yourself a little country, ban everything except TRAINS ( which can come in handy), swim in your own chumras, paint yourselves a little flag with pics of your gedolim, don't work at all, and call it TorahLand.

Toras Moshe is the new rage!!!!.
False , bal-geyvehtige, shuckling -robot dementia is out.

L'Chaim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, the TRAIN... Figure it out.
Hint: Budapest.

the DERBY -en route-

Anonymous said...

Tante Jenny & his kapelyeh

Derby, your line about the Chamor is irrelevant to the dicussion. It's a mitzah and I don't get your point.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tante,
I'm confused. Are you a man or a woman?
It's a spoof, Tante.
Somewhere recently I read something about some people in EY wanted to be mekayim the Chamor Bechor mitzvah asap.
Didn't finish the entire article but was turned off and went shopping instead. I was heartened that every problem has been solved and now its time to deal with this mitzvah. I guess you didn't know to what I was referring.

the DERBY en-route

Anonymous said...

Tante Jenny, here.


Sorry for the confusion. I'm a man, and Tante Jenny is my stage name.. If Mary Anne Evans can call herself George Eliot, I'm Tante Jenny.

Your point is well taken, however. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

You point is taken. I do think that you are incorrect about the hating of everyone w/o a hat. My father is a very modern guy. Kippa sruga etc. There is a very yeshivish out of town yeshiva where we daven in the Summers. They invite him in, no problem. Give him a tallis, shtender, and the rosh yeshiva always goes to him to say gut shabbos and the bachurim even invite him in for kiddush. I agree with the point that many many askonim are working to get certain gedolim to say things not lshem shamayinm. My problem is that this blog often seem that instead of bashing the askonim you bash the gedolim.

Anonymous said...

How can a gadol not control his asken?Why do askanim exist anyway and what is an asken? The onus is not on us to investigate wether a gadol speaks or an asken speaks.The whole thing stinks.

Anonymous said...

According to you the heirarchy consists of a godol surrounded by vagrants who give us the word. What kind of yissishkeit is this? and you're comfortable with that?