Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chareidim throw stones like The Arab Intifada, and Wound 3 police,

רשע למה תכה רעיך 

Dozens of Charidim, acting like Arabs, who had nothing to do בין הזמנים, protested the arrest of  a draft dodger on Eshkol Blvd. in Yerushalayim on מוצאי שבת. The protesters were notified of the "Chillul Hashem" venue via the prohibited app "WhatsApp"

The רשעים later attempted to block the entrance to the capital near the Bridge of Strings.
Their goal was to block traffic so the good people helping their wives shop for פסח would have to sit in traffic for hours. 

Similar  protests were reported in Ashdod and at the Geha interchange on Route 4 near Bnei Brak.
In the protest at the Geha interchange , the רשעים threw stones at police injuring 3 
Not one Gadol was moiche on this mass חילול השם! 

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