Sunday, April 13, 2014

No Point in visiting Graves in Europe, says Israel Kloisenberger Rebbe

Finally, a Chassidic Leader, saying the right thing and something that makes sense!

 For years I couldn't understand why Erliche Yiddin, left their families in Israel and the USA to celebrate the Yurzeit of Rebbes long gone, on soil that is wet with the blood of murdered  Jews!

Why hand millions and millions of dollars to anti-Semites?

Recently there was a trip to Poland on the Yurzeit of the Rebbi of Lizensk. Thousands of naïve clueless Jews from around the globe ran to Poland to hand over money to the cursed Poles! Was this an Aliyah of the Neshama of the great Tzaddik of Lizensk? I doubt it!
I think that the Rebbe of Lizensk would have told you, to buy your wife an Ipad instead!
This mass hysteria of visiting Kevarim in Europe was an agenda pushed by the Tourist industry!
I never gave a penny when they came to collect money to fix up the Jewish cemeteries in Europe. How about collecting money to those who are still alive?
Guys, you have nothing to do with your money?
Do you know that there are hundreds frum boys sitting home or in public schools because the tuitions are sky high?
Instead of supporting the European murderers, donate to the families that cannot afford tuition and sit home!

Here is the Story reported about the Klausinberger Rebbe!

While countless Jews worldwide flock to the far reaches of Europe and Israel to daven at the graves of tzadikim, a well known Chasidic rabbi has questioned the validity of the custom, suggesting that it is inappropriate.

In a recent address to representatives of Arachim on Holocaust related matters in his home, the Sanz-Klausenburger Rebbe from Israel , Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Halberstam, said that his father Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, the first Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe did not believe in the custom, as reported on Israeli news site B’Chadrei Chareidim.

“I believe that for our bochurim and avreichim, what connects us to the Holocaust and the generations that preceded it is to learn the seforim and the words of these giants in Torah and to continue in their ways. 

My father would say that if a talmid learns the words of Rabbi Shimon, then Rabbi Shimon would be right next to him.  He himself never traveled often to Meiron, going once every few years.  When we learned in yeshiva, it never even occurred to us to go to Lag B’Omer on Meiron and there was a regular schedule of learning in the yeshiva just like any other day.”

The Sanzer Rebbe noted that trips to the graves of even renowned rabbonim like the Baal Shem Tov and the Magid of Mezritch were very rare in the Chasidic community.

“My father would say that the tzadikim were elevated to Eretz Yisroel after their deaths and that really, they are no longer buried there. 

Certainly today when there are no Jews left in these places their graves are empty,” said the Sanzer Rebbe
The Rebbe noted that for those who are less observant, trips to Europe can serve a useful purpose.
“For those that we hope to bring closer to yiddishkeit, it is beneficial to take them to Europe in the hopes that we can awaken certain feelings within them.  Let them learn about our glorious past and the holy congregations by taking them to these places so that they can realize that without a past there is no future, hopefully bringing them closer to the foundations of Judaism.”

The Sanzer Rebbe was also asked if it is appropriate to bring children to visit concentration camps.
“It would have to be someone who is capable of understanding, even to a small degree, what happened there so that we could learn from it about the history of the Jewish people.  But in truth, it is really impossible for any human being to comprehend the atrocities that took place during that time. 

There are so many who have questions but in truth, it was a terrible period of hester panim.  Yet when you see the wonderful rebirth of yiddishkeit and the Torah world today, that is also something unusual and we learn from it that there is someone engineering everything that happens in the world.”

Like many other Holocaust survivors, the Sanzer Rebbe’s father, R’ Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, never returned to his birthplace after the war.

“Once he was nearby and he had an opportunity to visit those cities and he refused to go,” recalled the Sanzer Rebbe.  “There was a time that they brought Polish cleaning girls to America and my mother wanted to bring one into the house. My father said he could not be in the house with anyone from Poland and there are those for whom it is very difficult to return to those places.”

The Rebbe was also asked if his father ever suggested a reason for the Holocaust, such as assimilation or not giving proper respect to synagogues.

“If only those who did those things were killed then perhaps that might be a reason,” said the Rebbe.
“But it is impossible to say that when so many righteous people, G-d fearing people and talmidim chochomim were killed.  The tragedy of the Holocaust is too enormous to comprehend or to try to explain.  It was something that defied the laws of nature and it is important to realize that we can’t understand everything that happens in the world.”
There were some bright spots even during the darkest times, observed the Sanzer Rebbe.
“There were so many cases of hashgacha pratis, so many who were miraculously saved.  The Belzer Rebbe said that anyone who was saved from the concentration camps was accompanied by two malachim. Even so, we are not able to comprehend why this one was saved and this one was not.”


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