Thursday, April 24, 2014

Satmar Rebbe, R'Aaron Teitelbaum compares Israeli Legislators to Nazis!

Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar, on Pesach, after making "Yachatz"  compared the behavior of Israeli legislators who passed a conscription law to draft yeshiva bochurim to the behavior of Nazis during World War II.
“Just as we were saved from the Holocaust and the Nazis, so will we be saved from army service,” he ranted and raved.
On the Leil HaSeder, when he began the paragraph of Vehi Sheamdah, he told those at his Seder a big fat lie:
“When my father was in a labor camp during the Holocaust, there was a Nazi guard who liked to get high and get drunk. Using a single bottle of wine, they could bribe him, and when he imbibed, the Jews had some respite. And not only when drinking wine…but even when they spoke to him about wine, he began to feel elated and they had relief.
(the Jews got wine in the camps?, never heard that one before)

“This is perhaps why,” continued the Rebbe referring to the events of recent times, “we raise our glasses while saying Vehi Sheamdah, to express that just as this cup stood by our forefathers to save them from trouble during the Holocaust, today as well, when the wicked in Israel want to subject Jews in our Holy Land to army enlistment, Hashem will save us from them.

(instead of having the blood thirsty Arabs who are waiting to kill him, on his mind at Vehi Sheamdah, this shmendrik had the Zionists in mind. In the entire Jewish History never did a Jew think of another Jew with such hate at the beautiful prayer of Vehi  Sheamda)

He didn't mention the Zionists at Shulchan Aruch, because he was busy devouring the greasy chicken.


dass torah said...

Funny I'm not a satmar and said also by ve hisheamda that its also going on tommy lapid etc... by the rosha we spoke about falled shmaya r. ....

Anonymous said...

To daas torah..
You and the k"ak moron admor both.
This is is only after one cup.

Imagine the dovor- acharishe hefkeirus the two of you (hiccup) will be lipflapping (hiccup) after 4 malagas ( hiccup, hiccup)
And the LLs... Lakewood Lekkers, like him. Reb Zalmen, Reb Zalmen.

But what's true is true. I have this in common with him and the other Satimire bro.
We both like trains.You should see my "K " line running around the little tracks, whistling and tooting.

the Derby, en route

Anonymous said...

Hey daas torah,
Please learn to write English.
I don't understand what you wrote but picked up words like-- funny,satmar,said also, we spoke, falled.

Whatever !!

I'll be dahn you lekaf zechut and just say that you drank a malaga/concord reviis-chumra and were still hung over when you posted.
Probably you thought that bein arur Haman l'boruch Mordechai was meant for seder night instead.

the Derby, en route