Friday, April 25, 2014

As predicted, Gedolim now against the IDF Exemptions, because they are afraid students will leave Yeshiva to work

We predicted this last month. We told you that the Roshei Yeshiva will panic, because of the 30,000 Army Exemptions the  Zionist government issued. 

We told you you guys that this was not an Army issue but an issue of students leaving the yeshivos to join the work force, to honor the vows given under the Chupah to their wives, to support them with their Roshei Yeshiva standing by in witness.

The Roshei Yeshivos  are afraid that if the students go to work, they will lose control and will have to stand by their perspective shtenders up front all by themselves!

We warned you that they are a bunch of fakes, phonies, and frauds.
The fact that the hated Zionist government pulled a fast one on them, caught them by total surprise!

The Zohar HaKodosh said that the sin of the Meraglim was brought about because they were afraid, if Klall Yisroel were to go into Eretez Yisroel, they would lose their prestigious positions, because Klall Yisroel would now need new leaders that would have to deal with no free Manna from heaven. And they would now have to work for a living!
This is history repeating itself, with these Roshei Yeshiva fearing that they will lose their students, hence their positions!
So they fabricated a lie, that the Zionists want to destroy their frumkeit by drafting them to the army......
but now they are running around like poisoned mice, trying to explain away their previous fibs about the draft  to feed new bulls___ to their naive sheep!

And this is the reason, they prohibit the blogs, because the bloggers are exposing these so called "leaders" as frauds!

I want to give you an illustration of this.
Before Pesach, I attended a wedding. After the Chupah, I left to get my car, waiting outside the hall was a prominent Roshe Yeshivah with his wife waiting for his driver. 
I overheard their conversation while waiting for my wife to get into my car, they had no idea anyone was listening because of the noise of the pouring rain.
Wife: "I told you not to come! They gave you nothing.nothing. nothing"
Roshe Yeshivah: "It's Ok, was just my talmud for 3 years"
Wife: "This is a smack in your face, inviting you to the chupa and giving you nothing" "I was totally humiliated"
Roshe Yeshiva: "I'm sure the girls family had many Rabbonim that they had to give a kibud"
Wife: "I am not allowing you to go to any Chausaneh unless I am guaranteed that you get a kibud, you have no backbone, all you keep hammering them about is the Asifah, Asifah, Asifa, You dont even believe in this. How about teaching them some Derech Eretz? Having us shlep an hour in a half in this weather to get nothing"
Roshe Yeshivah: "I agree with you, I was sure I would get Kesuba leining, or L'cho Ha'Pachos be an Eid" do you think I liked this, I was dying inside every second"
Wife: You saw who they gave the First 2 Berachos? Oich mir a Rosh Yeshiva.... doesn't he have Baalei Teshuvois?
Roshe Yeshiva: He He 
Wife: And you heard the old guy who got Bracha Achrita? He couldn't pronounce one word.... is this "me'akiv? are they still even be'chlall married?
Rosh Yeshiva: they're married, they're married!

Why am I telling you this story, because even his wife knew that the Asifa business, was a bunch of baloney and she knew that her husband didn't agree with that either!
I want to reiterate that this was a very very known Rosh Yeshivah!

Read the following from YNET!

Ads posted in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem are urging yeshiva students not to report to IDF recruitment centers to receive an exemption from military service.

The new IDF draft law promoted by the Yesh Atid party states that 22-year-old yeshiva students will receive an overall exemption from military service. According to estimates, this exemption will apply to nearly 30,000 yeshiva students.

The procedure, which is slated to begin soon, will allow thousands of yeshiva students to join the labor market. 

So far, they have refrained from doing so.

 Rabbis, are concerned that thousands of yeshiva students will abandon their studies and join the labor market, want to prevent the young men from reporting to the recruitment centers in order to receive the exemption. 

Ads distributed in the capital's haredi neighborhoods during thePassover holiday described the decision to grant an overall exemption as an attempt to "destroy the haredi public and change its image."

According to the writers, who are believed to be affiliated with radical haredi factions, yeshiva students arriving at the recruitment centers to receive the exemption will be forced to listen for hours to former haredim who will try to convince them to join some type of military service and integrate into the labor market.

"Their goal is clear – to destroy the kollelim (institutes for full-time, advanced study of the Talmud and rabbinic literature) and close the yeshivot (Jewish educational institutions) and to remove the separating wall," the notice stated.


Anonymous said...

Now I understand why the kesubah is read in Aramaic and not in Loshon Hakodesh. Stupid me. Aramaic is a language that even malachim don't understand.
So through the grapevine , I hear that the kesubah says that the chosson is supposed to support his new metziyeh , the kallah. But if everybody understood that , then Lakewood, Mir and Brisk would be out of business.
This way, this tongue-twisting proclamation is read aloud in a foreign tongue, on a mike yet,dished out as a kibbud yet, to confound the masses.
This way , the akeres habayis can go to work in a possible non-tzniyustig environment, have the kids reared by a Polish lady while husband sits and learns.
Very few belong in a married kollel. The leaders are afraid of losing control, fawning Ludvigs, kovod and $$$$$$.

the Derby, en route

Anonymous said...

About Rabbi Auerbach and Vishnitzer rebbe who ordered their talmidim not to report to Tzahal induction centers.

Please cut off their running water supply to their sinks toilets, cut electricity to their homes and don't collect their garbage.