Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rabbi Wein's solution to remedy Chareidie & Chilonie discords!

In an an interview that appeared today in The Times of Israel, author and prominent historian lecturer, Rabbi Berel Wein offers his thoughts on how to break down the barriers between Israel’s secular and Chareidi communities.
Noting that Israel’s population has expanded one thousand-fold since 1900, Rabbi Wein observed that the 66 year old state is still in its early stages of development and that today’s hot button issues are to be expected as Israeli society continues to absorb an incredibly diverse population from so many varied backgrounds.
Rabbi Wein places a large share of the blame for today’s polarization on the shoulders of the Chareidi community’s adamant refusal to accept the state of Israel.
Rabbi Wein observed that while the Sephardi factions of the Orthodox community have accepted the state’s core curriculum in its own schools, the Ashkenazic community has not, given that at its inception, Israel was created as a socialist, anti-religious country, creating a sense of paranoia in the Chareidi community that still exists today. Further exacerbating the situation is the under-representation of Ashkenazic Chareidi community in the Knesset, leading to a lack of understanding of that groups’ needs as well as a lack of acceptance in Israeli society.
Rabbi Wein offers a three pronged solution that he hopes can bring about a greater sense of harmony.
Firstly, the educational system in all schools, both Chareidi and secular, needs to be revamped.  In addition to improving the curriculum at Chareidi schools, secular students must be taught Jewish history, tradition and faith, which would provide a greater understanding of their ultra-Orthodox peers. 
Secondly, noting that the rigors of Talmud study have many benefits, providing students with language, analytical, psychological and spiritual skills, Rabbi Wein suggests providing yeshiva students with academic degrees that would be accepted by universities, giving them the ability to pursue a higher education in non-Talmudic fields should they choose to do so.
According to Rabbi Wein, once more Chareidim join the workforce and begin functioning in mainstream society, many of the schisms that exists today will disappear as people appreciate their similarities more than their differences.
Finally, taking on the thorny issue of the Israeli draft, Rabbi Wein suggested switching over to a volunteer army, saying that in most of the world, military service is not obligatory.
Countering the notion that it is impossible to maintain standards of religious observance in the army, Rabbi Wein pointed to various military personnel throughout Jewish history, including the Maccabees and King David, who served the nation without compromising on their religious beliefs.
Yet Rabbi Wein also acceded that despite the surprising success of the Nahal Hareidi, Chareidim should be exempted from the army as it is impossible for the IDF to accommodate their religious needs.
Rabbi Berel Wein is the founder and director of the Destiny Foundation. For over 20 years, he has been identified with the popularization of Jewish history through lectures, more than 1000 audiotapes, books, seminars, educational tours and, most recently documentary films.

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Anonymous said...

To the Das Torah'nicks :

Give us a reason why Rabbi Wein cannot also be considered a gadol and Das Torah .
Oh, I see. He makes too much sense, doesn't fight, doesn't serve Kool- Aid, doesn't surround himself with shleppers and askonim, and looks to compromise.

Speaking of which-- A new category, boyzz. ASKONIM.. First we had Gaonim, then Rishonim then Achronim, and now---- BOO HOO !!!---- Askonim.

Other than being a vagrant,hang-oner, unemployed macher attempting to get a salary from someplace and get this....for OUR benefit.. what does he do? Don't you know???? They're here M-e-w-hahahahaha--for us...Haaaaaaaa.
We Jews , I found out , have one asken per 25 talleisim.

Here, in short, are the three top Jewish businesses and there are no signs of them going bankrupt:

1) Kosher hechsher business... Ask the dictatorial Badatz, and the 2-3 hechsher stamps now on almost every kosher product in the East. Orgs like Gl, NZ, OU, RW are out.... KA"K Muruns from
d'Cockamamie or d'Sambatyonov are in. You know who's fault it is?

Yep, ours. Because we want to show our friends and neighbors how medakdek we are. Good for the shidduch. Forgetting, that unless you have $$$$ , your kashrus and your daughter's middos mean zilch.Unelss you cough up $50-75 G's up front to the extortionists , your daughter with her middos, and you with your 6 hashgochos on your Tam-Tams are sitting home. Period.

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3) Askonim... this newbee is fast becoming the hottest business in the 21st century.

the Derby, en route and on a rant.
We need new rabbis and gedolim... Throw the current crap, ooops, I mean crop , out...!!!