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If You Live in Fakewood the Five Clowns or Sh'Monsey You Don't Need to live in Israel


Did I mention the "Flatbush "beards," the Schnorrer- Park "be'sereh menchin," Villiamsburger tzaddikim? 

Yidden living in these places have no intention of ever living permanently in Israel except when they are shipped in a box. In their mindset Israel is a country for the dead and they will pay tens of thousands to the Chevreh Kadisha thieves to make sure that their bones have a resting place in the very place they neglected while alive and breathing. They believe in "techyas hameisim" because that takes no sacrifice on their part. 

 None of them believe that Israel was a gift from the Ribbono Shel Olam, they actually think that Israel is a curse, and of course do not encourage their children to live in Israel. They claim that they are waiting for Moshiach because, again, that takes no effort on their part. They mock and make fun of a sect that does actually believe in Moshiach, but in an ironic twist will make sure when they vacation, or on a business trip, to find a Chabad place close enough so they can enjoy a kosher hot pastrami sandwich.

In just a few weeks, they will be sitting around the table with their loved ones singing with a straight face in the fancy hotels of Florida, Barbados, Mexica, Greece, Italy and Dubai  לשנה הבאה בירושלים "next year in Yerushalyim!" Is there even one person that even wants that, or even believes that for one second? Oh Yes! Maybe for Pesach, in Eilat or the Dead Sea, but that's about it! 

After their kids steal the afikomen, they will seriously start bentching, lying once again:

נודה לך ה' אלוקינו על שהנחלת לאבותינו ארץ חמדה טובה ורחבה

Does even one single guy really believe this? 

Then they add with closed eyes and a wrinkled forehead:

ברוך אתה ה' על הארץ ועל המזון

What? Did this guy just bless Hashem saying על הארץ?

Are you kidding me? 

Listen guys, you are lying to yourself, wife and children; you don't believe that for even one second! 

The ones who are really teaching love for Israel are the YU and modern orthodox Jews.

 Heimishe and Yeshivishe families are telling their children and grandchildren that the State is a "Zionist" State that hates Torah and the Jewish way of life without mentioning that there will soon be a majority of Jews living in Israel and that there is more Torah learned in the Zionist State than anytime in Jewish history and all this is being supported by the Zionists.

Now let me let you into a secret.... shhhhhh! 

The only ones who now know the early history of the State, the history of Herzl, Ben Gurion and the rest of the socialists are the Satmar Chassidim. 

In Israel, the majority of the chilonim never heard of Ben Gurion, they think its the airport. They think that Herzl is named after the city of Herzliya! The left has stopped teaching early Israeli History in the schools. I know, my wife teaches English in those schools. There are few Zionists left. The Left like the Satmar are ready to live under Arab rule... Satmar go around telling their gullible sheep that Arabs and Jews lived in peace before the State. This is now the latest propaganda by the leftists, the Acadamia, and Satmar! 

Now read an article after the break by Avraham Shusteris, first printed in Arutz Sheva!

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"Going like sheep is not a foolish tactic" Said Rav Avigdar Miller

I am not going to comment on this, but just that readers know; Rav Avigdar Miller z"l lived comfortably in the USA while babies were being snatched away from their mother's arms and murdered in front of their very own eyes and while his brothers and sisters in Europe were being gassed to death!



The expression that the Jews in World War II went like sheep to the slaughter, is that true?


And the answer is why talk about the Jews? Didn’t the French in World War II go like sheep to the slaughter? The French prepared beforehand a Maginot Line. Now this line contained all the technology of modern warfare. There were deep trenches. There were weapons of warfare. And they were trained in defending these installations. And yet, when Hitler came it was like it didn’t exist. He went through it like nobody’s business and the French just yielded like sheep before the wolf. So the French also went like sheep to the slaughter. Not only the Jews. Everybody did. It’s only because the world has an attitude of trying to belittle the Jews so the Jews are pointed out.

It’s a silly thing that’s used by American people to belittle the Jews. Now, I don’t wish it on American Jews but if they were in the same situation, they wouldn’t have been a bit better. 

What happened to the Polish army? The Polish are big ba’alei ga’avah, big showoffs. They were proud of their national prowess. When the time came it was nothing. The Polish army melted away with all the soldiers and tanks. It melted away. It was nothing. It became nothing. The Jews didn’t have any tanks; they didn’t have any soldiers. What do you expect of them? What could they do? If the Jews would have fought back, not one would have remained.

 Who remained of the Warsaw Ghetto? Nobody. 

Who said it was such a smart thing to make a revolt?

 It’s only foolish people, sensationalists, who talk about the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto. It’s as silly as could be. If they hadn’t made the uprising, a lot of Jews would have remained. Jews remained all over. Wherever Hitler went, Jews remained. Of course, not enough but the fact that they fought back meant it was a death sentence.

 Germans were not that thorough. A lot of Jews escaped. But when they started fighting back then the Germans brought all their tanks and all their flamethrowers, and they wiped out all the Jews. So going like sheep is not a foolish tactic. When you have no alternative, the best thing is not to fight. And our forefathers understood this. They didn’t fight against the nations. they sought to placate the nations. 

And by the way it was one of the biggest mistakes when before World War II the Jews made a boycott against Germany. It enraged the Germans. Had they followed the advice of our sages at that time they would have bribed Hitler’s lieutenants. You know Hitler’s lieutenants were mercenary people. You could buy them. You could send things to them secretly. they would have pocketed a lot of money but they would have to let a lot of Jews out. The story would have been deterrent. 

And so this bravado, this false heroism of fighting back and being killed like a hero is not the way chosen by Jews. We believe it’s better to live not like a hero than to die like a hero. There is a lot of false propaganda that’s extant today but the truth is like the Chinese say: “Who is a hero? the one who remains alive.” 

TAPE # 361 (June 1981)

HaRav Yitzchak Zilberstein: “Carrying Guns Is Not The Proper Hishtadulus”


With all due respect for Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein, someone please remind Rabbi Zilberstein about these two teachings of Chazal:

Babylonian Talmud, tractate Sanhedrin, page 72A:
If you see someone coming to kill you, then arise and kill him first.

Babylonian Talmud, tractate Pesachim, page 64B:
It is forbidden to rely on miracles.

In 1929 , the righteous students of the Chevron Yeshivah (HYD) were brutally murdered by wicked bloodthirsty Muslims. If those students would have had guns, they might have lived.

Before the Nazis threw millions of innocent Jews [and non-Jews] into the death camps, they first made gun ownership illegal, and took-away the guns of all German citizens. Then they were able to kill innocent people by the millions.

 Is he even aware of all the Bnei Torah being killed recently? 

The Torah learning didn’t protect them. Perhaps an armed shul-goer, doing his histadlus, might have helped. In Har Nof the victims were still wearing their Talls & Tefillin!

 Comparing a terrorist shooting the front of a shul to rockets being launched from Gaza is apples to oranges. Didn’t see how that was relevant. Yes, israel has rockets to shoot down rockets. But the iron dome doesn’t protect against bad guys shooting in shuls or ramming bus stops.

Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein was asked a shaila by a Bnei Brak avreich who wrote that he is is scared to go to shul on Shabbos with his children as no one in the shul carries a gun.

“I checked out the possibility of obtaining a gun from the police for Shabatos and Yamim Tovim and they told me that they have a condition that I volunteer in the Bnei Brak civil guard for 45 hours a month,” the avreich wrote. “That would mean patrolling the streets in a car in certain areas and then I could receive a gun license. It would be at night so it wouldn’t be on the cheshbon of my learning in kollel. Is it appropriate for me to do this?” the avreich asked.

HaRav Zilberstein responded: “It’s chaval that even within the tzibur of Bnei Torah, there are those who aren’t sufficiently aware of the chashivus of their limmud and don’t sufficiently believe in themselves, how much Torah protects Am Yisrael.”

“Today, there’s the Iron Dome system, one of the most sophisticated systems that Hakadosh Baruch Hu has given to the intelligent, a system that is capable of identifying rocket launches and detonating them while they’re still in the air – we have to thank Hakadosh Baruch Hu for this wonderful wisdom.”

Labor leader describes Jews in Huwara as 'terrorists' Wants Jews to go down like Sheep


The chairwoman of the Labor Party, MK Merav Michaeli, on Sunday evening made a connection between the Jewish rioters in the village of Huwara and the right-wing ministers in the government. Even though Smotrich condemned the riot!

The riots broke out following the terrorist attack in which brothers Hillel and Yagel Yaniv were murdered.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

'Huwara must be erased, no room for mercy'


Samaria Regional Council Deputy Chief Davidi Ben-Zion spoke out harshly against the government following the deadly terror attack in Huwara, which killed two brothers: Hillel and Yagel Yaniv.

"The miracle which occurred two days ago did not occur today. At the same spot where a girl was injured by a thrown rock, two innocent Samaria residents were murdered an hour ago," Ben Zion wrote on Facebook.

Later in his post, he declared, "The village of Huwara must be erased, this place is a terror nest, and the punishment has to be on everyone.

Enough with the pretty talk of building and fortifying settlements," he called on the members of the government, adding, "The time has come that the state of Israel reinstates the deterrence that we lost a long time ago. The blood of our children is spilled there on the streets of Huwara, and there is no place for mercy.

Yeshiva students Hillel and Yagel Yaniv, 22 and 20, respectively, were murdered Sunday when a terrorist opened fire at their vehicle in Huwara, a Palestinian Arab town in Samaria through which Israelis regularly travel in order to reach Jewish communities in the area.

Following the attack, Finance Minister and Knesset Security Committee member Bezalel Smotrich wrote: "The heart is torn with sorrow for the brutal murder of the brothers Hillel and Yagel Yaniv from the settlement of Har Bracha in the terrorist attack in Huwara. I myself passed there a few minutes before the attack, and every day many thousands of Jews pass there on the road. Every Jew is a target for those bloodthirsty terrorists."

"I call on the Prime Minister to return the Israeli delegation from Aqaba immediately. 'Calm' will only be achieved when the IDF hits the cities of terror and its perpetrators mercilessly with tanks and helicopters. We will demand an immediate convening of the cabinet to make decisions," said Smotrich.

Mother of shooting victims: 'We have a huge hole in our hearts'


Esti Yaniv, the mother of the two young men murdered in a terrorist shooting attack in Samaria Sunday afternoon, released an audio recording to residents of her hometown of Har Bracha near Shechem (Nablus).

“Hello, young people of Har Bracha. We took a hard slap in the face from God. We are trying to focus on the good things and the kindness we merited in the past – like celebrating Shabbat as a family, taking a family photo, having good conversations with our children yesterday.”

“We have a huge hole in our hearts, and nothing can close that hole. Not [settlement] construction, not protesting – nothing, not even celebrations will be a bandage [for this]; this hole will stay with us, and we will have to learn to experience happiness despite this hole and to continue, and to draw energy from you, from our children. They were two on their way to learn Torah; increase your own Torah studies, and do something substantive with your army service. Make some soup and distribute it to soldiers.”

“I really have no words that can comfort me, that can express [what I feel]. We are relying on you. We raised you over many years. We planned to have a farewell party on Shabbat; God-willing, we will have a major Shabbat with the local youth. We will be able to talk, and we’d be very happy if you would write stories and memories [of my sons].”

Earlier on Sunday, the victims of the terrorist shooting attack in Huwara were identified as 22-year-old Hillel Menachem Yaniv and his brother, 20-year-old Yagel Yaakov Yaniv.

The two were shot to death in their car on Route 60 in the Arab village of Huwara.

The terrorist approached the brothers’ car and fired 10 to 15 rounds from a handgun at pointblank range.

Israeli security personnel are currently searching for the terrorist.

DIN answers a deranged reader


On February 20, I posted a story about an Eida Hachreidis protest in support of a guy who burned down a kosher cellphone store with a family of 11 living upstairs barely getting out alive. 

I pointed out in one of my comments that illegal protests that block traffic, inconvenience people and block ambulances from reaching their victims.

One of those who commented on the post, was an individual who wrote as follows:

"Blocking ambulances is a mi'ut and we are not choshesh for mi'ut. Many of our great Gedolim participated in demonstrations that closed the streets including the Brisker Rav."

The comment above is an excerpt of what he scribbled, and if you are a masochist you can read his comment in full in the Feb 20 post.

Even though, this guy is obviously deranged, it is important to point out that this commentor is a product of our Yeshiva/Kollim institutions and can be extremely dangerous! 

(If he is reading this, he should seek immediate medical attention because he is a danger to his wife, children and maybe even to himself.)

Since this sickie decided to schlepp in the Brisker Rav z"l into his bizarre response, allow me to recite a story from R' Chaim Brisker's talmid muvhak, Rav Baruch Ber Leibowitz z"l.

R' Baruch Ber once wondered aloud to his talmidim:

"On what grounds can I expect to gain entry into Olam Habah? Will I be rewarded for my chiddushei Torah in Sefer Birkas Shmuel? No, for how insightful will my ideas be relative to those of the Tannaim, Amoraim, Rishonim, and Achronim?

Will it then be as a reward for my mesiras nefesh for Torah and mitzvos? That too is unlikely, for many generations of Jews have paid the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives al Kiddush Hashem.

Even if not for my learning, or for my sacrifice for mitzvos, what is certain is that I will be rewarded for my ahavas Yisrael, for I love every Jew, exactly as he is. I have never met a Jew in the street and not wished them well with all my heart."

I wonder if R' Baruch Ber z"L would be "choshesh for mi'ut" while a lady is in an ambulance hemorrhaging or an elderly man is clutching his heart in pain having a painful heart attack in one of those protests?

R' Dovid Feinstein z"l insisted:

"When Yidden get up after learning a sugya, they should be more compassionate, kinder, and with more room in their heart for others. If that doesn't happen, then they didn't really learn it, and they should sit down and learn it again."

The sickie that commented may have learned the sugya to be "choshesh for mi'ut" but he certainly didn't become "more compassionate, kinder, and with more room in his heart for others." 

Punkt farkert the sugya turned him into an achzer with no room in his evil heart for others. 

את חטאי אני מזכיר היום 

B'H, Hashem gave me a wonderful opportunity to sit in a kollel most of the day, with about 30 young avraichim, some of them recently married, but most of them with families of many children. I must say that they are indeed the most compassionate, kindest, selfless people that I have ever met. I noticed that this group treats the kollel as lehavdeil a business, hence the blessing we make before we learn, לעסוק בדברי תורה, and  just like a serious businessman would never consider leaving his desk to go out and demonstrate, block traffic, even if the Brisker Rav would be there, so too, these kollel guys would never ever dream of leaving their seider to join a demonstration to support an arsonist. They are very well aware of the sugya of when to be "choshesh for mi'ut"!

I sure hope that this sickie is from a "mi'ut" 

‘Libs of TikTok’ creator Chaya Raichik is publishing a children’s book


Chaya Raichik, the founder of the anti-woke social media account “Libs of TikTok,” is publishing her first kid’s book next month.

Raichik, 28, who has spent the past two years tweeting TikTok videos of liberals spouting off about gender identity and other hot-button culture war issues — amassing over 1.9 million followers in the process — says the book is her “next step.”

“I wanted to do the next step, which is to give parents and children a tool that they can use to actually be able to spot predatory behavior,” she told The Post.

Raichik’s debut picture book, “No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern,” tells the story of Rose, a second-grade lamb whose new teacher, Mr. Wooly, is more bent on giving his pupils sweets than teaching them about counting and reading.

Mr. Wooly urges the young lambs not to tell their parents about the excessive candy and cakes, for reasons that become clear after they learn their teacher is actually a wolf. 

“This book basically teaches children that if there is a trusted adult or an authority who’s telling you to keep secrets from your parents…then that is a big red flag,” the former Brooklyn real estate agent said.

The book’s subtext is based on longstanding criticisms by parents that schools are encouraging gender transition in young students without informing parents. Its conservative publisher, Brave Books, has tackled trans issues in the past, most recently with their children’s book “Elephants Are Not Birds.”

Critics claim Raichik’s Twitter posts have led to threats of violence and harassment against their subjects. The social media firebrand said she’s undeterred, claiming the real danger is that grownups are “sterilizing” children and providing them adult-themed entertainment at school.

“They can call me whatever they want, they can blame whatever they want on me, but I’m not going to stop doing this work,” Raichik said.

Satmar Allow Zionist Firemen to try to save their Shul In Geulah Gutted By Fire on Shabbos


 No one yelled "Nazi" and no one threw rocks, No one spat at them and no one yelled "Shabbos Shabbos" I wonder why? Who did the video?

FYI this Satmar Shul is sitting on land that was "muchzak" to be a Jewish Cemetary.

 When I was a teenager, I remember that a developer was breaking ground there to build, and Satmar would have violent protests on that site to prevent anyone building there. The developer then abandoned his plans and the property went down 75% in value, and when I returned just 3 years later, poof.. there was a Satmar Shul on that very site.

I think the dead came back to claim it!

A huge fire broke out at the Beirach Moshe-Satmar shul in Geulah on Shabbos morning at 4:30 AM. The entire Beis Midrash was gutted and significant damage was caused to the Talmud Torah situated on the upper floor.

Some of the Sifrei Torah and Tefillin were damaged in the fire but firemen managed to rescue most of them.

Shai Nehemia, the chief fireman at the Umah fire station, said that “Firefighters from our station discovered a large fire on the roof of the Beis Midrash which borders the yeshiva’s 3 storys. Heavy smoke entered the yeshiva building and caused heavy damage. The roof of the Beis Midrash collapsed.

“Firemen prevented the fire from spreading to adjacent buildings and evacuated the residents of those buildings.

“Eight Sifrei Torah were rescued. Some of them were damaged. Hundreds of holy books and sets of Tefillin were also rescued despite the fire in the roof and the serious possibility that it would collapse. The determination of the firefighters prevented a serious tragedy and prevented loss of life and damage to property.

“A special investigatory committee has been established to determine the reasons for the fire.”

Initial reports suggest that the fire broke out from a Shabbos hot plate which was prepared for a kiddush to take place in the morning.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

American hypocrisy, in the name of democracy ...Oh how we need Begin Now!


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's low-key reaction to the "Breaks Speech" by US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides, and the fact that the entire right-wing government has actually ignored the blatant US attempt to interfere in the great debate in Israel about the legal reform, aroused among some of us – and, I must admit, myself included – a burst of nostalgia and a strong desire for a different Israeli response.

Even though, Netanyahu made it clear that "Israel will remain a strong and independent democracy",  it was impossible not to remember another American storm, 41 years ago after Israel annexed the Golan Heights, and the US' response to that.

The US ambassador to Israel at the time, Sam Lewis, declared that "accepting the Golan Law is nothing more than sticking a knife in the back of the US." Later, the US joined the Security Council's decision and stated that the Israeli ruling is null and void and that Israel must repeal the law within two weeks. US Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger even declared that he was punishing Israel by suspending the security memorandum of understanding that had been signed with the latter only two weeks earlier, and delaying the supply of F-16 fighter jets.

But back then Israel rubbed its eyes in surprise:
 Prime Minister Menachem Begin summoned US Ambassador Lewis and "told him exactly what I thought" without unnecessary diplomatic mannerisms.
 "What kind of attitude is it 'to punish'? 
Are we your vassal state? Are we a banana republic? Are we 14-year-old kids who, if we don't behave well, get rapped on the knuckles ...? 
You don't scare us with your punishments. We are not frightened by your threats ... You have no right to punish Israel. The nation of Israel existed for 3,700 years without a memorandum of understanding with the US and will continue to exist for another 3,700 years without such a memorandum. Please notify the secretary of state that the Golan Law will remain in effect. Please inform the secretary of state that the memorandum of understanding that you have suspended; we are completely canceling."

And as if this was not enough for Begin, he sent the secretary of the cabinet at that time, Aryeh Naor, to read the words of reprimand against the US ambassador, word for word, to the whole world.

Tom Nides the U.S. Ambassador to Israel Says That He Learns about Israel from Reading the Anti-Sematic Haaretz! " I read Haaretz in English every day."


"Yes, of course I read Haaretz every day" - 

This is what Tom Nides, the US ambassador to Israel, told Yitzchok Hildsheimer, a reporter of the Hebrew publication "Matzav Ha'Ruach" this week in a brief interview after Nides appeared at the opening of the Conference of Presidents of the Leaders of Major Jewish Organizations in the United States.

"Is it the English edition of the newspaper?"Hildsheimer asked, and the answer was yes.

Reading Haaretz is like reading Der Shurmer, it is an anti-semetic newspaper trying to destroy the State of Israel article by article. If he is reading these lies on daily or weekly basis, Haaretz is influencing the ambassador's views and assessments, assessments that he conveys to the administration in Washington. 

Friday, February 24, 2023

Zera Shimshon Parshas Terumah


Limiting salt could be deadly for heart failure patients: study ... ok Guys Bring out the Herring


Talk about throwing salt in the wound.

People suffering from heart failure — a condition that affects 6 million American adults — who restrict their sodium intake may be increasing their risk of death, according to a new study presented Thursday.

Consuming too much salt has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, leading the Food and Drug Administration to advise Americans to eat no more than 2.3 grams of sodium per day. A US adult typically consumes 3.4 grams daily.

Researchers at the Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska, have found that too little dietary sodium can actually put heart failure sufferers at greater risk — great news for those patients who want to salt up their food.

“Our findings showed that restricting dietary sodium to less than the usual recommendation was counterproductive in the management of heart failure,” Dr. Anirudh Palicherla, the study’s lead author and an internal medicine resident at the university, said in a statement.

Researchers analyzed nine randomized controlled trials that occurred between 2008 and 2022 — save for one that was published in 1991 — along with sodium intake data and information about patient deaths and hospitalizations.

In total, nearly 3,500 heart failure patients were included in the study, which was presented at the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session with the World Congress of Cardiology.

The scientists determined that patients whose sodium intake fell below 2.5 grams per day were 80% more likely to die than those who consumed more, leading researchers to believe over-restricting has no benefits for these patients.

But researchers caution the study’s findings don’t warrant a salt free-for-all.

“Limiting sodium is still the way to go to help manage heart failure, but the amount of restriction has been up for debate,” Palicherla added. “This study shows that the focus should be on establishing a safe level of sodium consumption instead of overly restricting sodium.”

Their conclusions do, however, support previous claims that salt is not the enemy.

Dr. James DiNicolantonio, a cardiovascular researcher and author of “The Salt Fix,” previously told The Post that adults could actually consume 6 grams of salt a day without adverse health effects.

“We’re starting to understand that we probably had it wrong about salt 40 years ago,” he said in 2017, arguing that, actually, salt is the “gateway to eating healthy.”

A 2016 study drew similar conclusions. NYC researchers said they found no definitive proof that cutting salt intake reduces the risk of heart attacks or strokes — that is, for people in perfect health. But the NYC Health Department begged to differ, arguing that salt limitations and advisories have conclusive evidence to back them up.

In 2021, the FDA called on the food industry to reduce the amount of sodium in their products, hoping it would slash the number of heart-related fatalities. As it stands, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US, with 695,547 lives claimed in 2021 alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Experts recommend limiting sodium intake by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed, boxed and canned foods.

Pro BDS/Anti-Israel Guy Changes His mind After Visiting Israel


South African university student Klaas Mokgomole had just landed at Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv after a nine-hour flight from Johannesburg and desperately needed a bathroom.

Approaching an airline official – hoping he understood English – Mokgomole asked him: “Can you please show me to the blacks-only restroom?”

Shocked by his question, the official responded that there was certainly no such bathroom in the airport but pointed the way to the nearest men’s bathroom.

Now it was Mokgomole’s turn to be shocked. He proceeded to enter the bathroom and saw the evidence with his own eyes. Contrary to what he had been told in South Africa, Jews and Arabs were using the same bathroom and no one objected when he – with his black skin – walked in.

Mokgomole spoke about that mo

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Georgia grand jury forewoman who said it would have been 'awesome' to subpoena Trump is a 'WITCH'

Unfortunately, our system of government allows anyone to vote or serve on a jury regardless of their mental capacity to do either. Its no wonder we are so dysfunctional in many ways.

And just think about this for a moment: the jury pool voted HER as their leader! 
How on earth did she ever get through the jury selection process?

The Georgia grand jury forewoman who laughed about bringing down the former president has a wacky Pinterest page with collections of pinned magic spells and all things witchy. 

Emily Kohrs, 30, has been on a bizarre media tour that is already causing headaches for prosecutors after she giggled during a televised interview with MSNBC when she said she 'kind of wanted' to subpoena Trump just to get the chance to swear him in. 

Many of Kohrs social media accounts have been deleted, but her Pinterest page remains with several collections of pins dedicated to Wicca and Witchcraft. 

Fulton County DA Fani Willis has been probing conduct related the effort by Trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 elections. The former president called the 'ridiculous' case a 'strictly political continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time.' 

In just one of her multiple interviews about a usually shrouded process, Kohrs told MSNBC why she personally wanted to hear from Trump.

'I wanted to hear from the former president, but honestly, I wanted to subpoena the former president because I got to swear everybody in,' she said. 

'And so I thought it would be really cool to get 60 seconds with President Trump, of me looking at him and be like, 'Do you solemnly swear,' and me getting to swear him in,' she continued.

She said she 'kind of just thought that would be an awesome moment,' smiling slyly. 

Kohrs lives in Georgia and has previously been employed as a scheduling coordinator at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting LLC, according to her LinkedIn page and at JOANN Fabrics, according to her Facebook page, which shows the 30-year-old in photos dating back for years with her family and friends. 

Her Pinterest page has several collections of pinned posts dedicated to magic, casting spells, herbalist, and sacred science. 

Some of the pins give instructions for magic spells and casting circles, while others lists herbs and other supplies needed for the spells. 

As her media tour continues, there have been concerns that it could jeopardize any potential indictments against Trump and his MAGA allies. 

Former federal prosecutor Elie Hoing told Anderson Cooper Kohr's interviews were a 'horrible idea' and a 'nightmare' for prosecutors.

'Mark my words, Donald Trump's team is going to make a motion if there's an indictment to dismiss that indictment based on grand jury impropriety', he added.

'She's not supposed to be talking about anything, really.'

Lawyers to witnesses who have appeared before the grand jury, which gets to recommend charges, are already preparing to move to try to quash any indictments, based on her public statements.

Kohrs also gave comments to CNN about the nature of indictments that could be coming.

'Can you imagine doing this for eight months and not coming out with a whole list' of recommended indictments, Kohrs told CNN. 'It's not a short list. It's not.'

'There may be some names on that list that you wouldn't expect. But the big name that everyone keeps asking me about – I don't think you will be shocked,' she said – in comments that appeared to point to a possible indictment of Trump himself.

She also said in a later interview to the network that indictments could surpass a dozen.

'I believe so. That's probably a good assumption,' she said.

Trump posted Wednesday calling the case 'ridiculous' case he called a 'strictly political continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time.'

'Now you have an extremely energetic young woman, the (get this!) 'foreperson' of the Racist D.A.'s Special Grand Jury, going around and doing a Media Tour revealing, incredibly, the Grand Jury's inner workings & thoughts. This is not JUSTICE, this is an illegal Kangaroo Court. Atlanta is leading the Nation in Murder and other Violent Crimes. All I did is make TWO PERFECT PHONE CALLS!!!'

That was a reference to his call to the top state election official stating, 'I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have,' amid a recount and fight over the election results in a state that went for Joe Biden.

He has also used the term to apply to his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky seeking an investigation of Hunter Biden. It was part of his first Senate impeachment.

Former assistant U.S. attorney Elie Honig, speaking of the media tour on CNN, called it 'a prosecutor's nightmare.' He said it was a 'horrible idea' and speculated prosecutors are 'wincing.'

The TV hits came after Kohrs said 'one or more witnesses' will be indicted as first reported by the New York Times

'It is not a short list,' the forewoman, Emily Kohrs said, adding that the jury had appended eight pages of legal code 'that we cited at various points in the report.'

Following last week's release of portion of the report, there are still seven sections that remain sealed with indictment recommendations, according to Kohrs.

Those sections are silent on key details, including who the panel believes committed perjury and what other specific charges should be pursued. But it marks the first time the grand jurors' recommendations for criminal charges tied to the case have been made public. And it's a reminder of the intensifying legal challenges facing the former president as he ramps up his third White House bid amid multiple legal investigations.

Trump is also under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for holding classified documents at his Florida estate.

R' Avigdar Miller Tells College Grad That She is "TOO DEAD TO BE SORRY"

 Q: How do I answer my cousin who says she went to an Ivy League college and wasn't affected? 

She says she’s not sorry she went because it had no effect on her.

 A: There was a man who ridiculed the speed laws; he was always speeding in his car and he was warned that he’ll be sorry someday. And now he's in the morgue. He ended up against a lamppost and now he's dead. 

Now this man is not sorry for speeding. He can’t be sorry because he's dead. Now, if he wouldn’t die, if he’d just be crippled, then he would be sorry; but when he's dead he can't be sorry.

That girl who went to college is not sorry because she’s dead. She lost her mind. She became educated which is equivalent to having an operation – your brain is removed from you. Now, it could be your cousin never had any brain in the first place. that's also possible.

 Whatever she had however was replaced by an artificial set of ideas. And today it’s a dangerous set of ideas what they teach in college today. Marxism and humanism. They teach them to be blind to the wonders of nature. When you learn biology, it’s especially planned that you should not see the plan and purpose. And therefore, if your cousin tells you she went to college and wasn't affected, you can tell her it’s because she’s already in the morgue. 

TAPE # 482 (December 1983

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell's Blatant Lie Against DeSantis and Her Half/Assed Apology


MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell found herself cornered and forced to apologize after she baselessly claimed that Gov. Ron DeSantis doesn’t want the history of slavery being taught in Florida classrooms.

During an interview with Vice President Kamala Harris last Friday, Mitchell asked why DeSantis didn’t “slavery or the aftermath of slavery” to be taught. The vice president of course didn’t correct her.

“Let me ask you, what does Governor Ron DeSantis not know about Black history and the Black experience when he says that slavery and the aftermath of slavery should not be taught to Florida schoolchildren?” Mitchell asked.

DeSantis’ communications team responded by letting NBC and MSNBC know that they will not make themselves available for any media appearances until Mitchell apologizes for her “blatant lie.”

So, she did, though Mitchell still made her political allegiances clear in her non-apology apology.

“In my interview last Friday with Vice President Harris, I was imprecise in summarizing Governor DeSantis’ position about teaching slavery in schools. Governor DeSantis is not opposed to teaching the fact of slavery in schools, but he has opposed the teaching of an African American studies curriculum as well as the use of some authors and source materials that historians and teachers say makes it all but impossible for students to understand the broader historic and political context behind slavery and its aftermath in the years since,” Mitchell said on her show.