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A video being widely circulated in Palestinian social media networks teaches jihadists how to stab a Jewish person in a manner that ensures their speedy death.

The video is reportedly being circulated by a group calling themselves the “resisters of occupation in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem,” according to a Jewish Press report.
The video shows two men, a “teacher” and a “victim”, dressed in a Keffiyeh headscarf–garb which was popularized by the first Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. The teacher then demonstrates how to casually walk up to someone and stab them in an efficient and deadly manner.
The demonstration emphasizes that in order to inflict maximum damage, the knife should be twisted after stabbing the Jewish person.
The video comes as 2014 has seen an exponential increase in Arab stabbing attacks against Israeli Jews.
In November, two Palestinian terrorists stabbed to death four Rabbis who were praying peacefully in their Jerusalem synagogue. The Palestinians, who were armed with axes, left an additional eight wounded in the jihadi onslaught. Hamas, the terror group which controls the Gaza Strip, supported the jihadist’s actions. A Hamas spokesman threatened at the time, “There will be more revolution in Jerusalem, and more uprising.”
Palestinian media entities have created other platforms to call for aggression against Jews.
In October, a video game was released called “The Liberation of Palestine,” which encouraged gamers to “liberate Palestine” through any means necessary. The game preferred users to choose armed resistance over diplomacy. A developer of the game said regarding the controversial tactic: “The language of weapons is the most effective with the Israelis.”

The Jewish Daily Forward, a self-hating Jewish Publication

We read that “the Palestinians want to establish a state in East Jerusalem.” Well I want to play quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

I have as much right to this as they have to that, but they keep on wanting. There never was a Palestinian state in East Jerusalem or West Jerusalem.
There never was a Palestinian state anywhere.  Period.
End of story. If only that were so.

Who were their kings? Who were their prophets throughout the Holy Land for some 3,800 years? 

We can name thousands. It’s in the books. Can they name one?

But they keep on wanting. They want and they want and they want and the news media keeps wanting it for them.
Like crybabies who want the other child’s shiny toy, they want what is not theirs, a thing that never belonged to them. So they go crying to Mommy, in the form of the European Union, or they throw a tantrum for help from their uncles at the United Nations.

Always, though, they can count on the news media to share their unfounded grievances, entitlements and justifications.
This then becomes a grand scheme that I have termed the Media Jihad at length hereon these pages.

At the moment we are dealing specifically with a Media Jihad taking place at the Jewish Daily Forward, a leftist newspaper that has been post-Zionist from even before there were Zionists. 

The website Israelly cool alerts us to what the coverage was like at The Forward attending to a particularly awful terrorist attack in Israel.

A gorgeous 11-year-old became the latest victim of Islamist savagery. Her name is Ayala Shapira. She was set on fire in the most cowardly act imaginable.
Ayala was riding in the car with her father when the Arabs pounced on her with firebombs. 

Yes (as in Scriptures) they choose the defenseless.
As we prayed and continue to pray for Ayala’s speedy and complete recovery, The Forward ran with Reuters, so forget tears and compassion and an understanding heart. Forget a moment to pause and reflect. Instead they used the incident to rush their politics, always to the most extreme detriment of the Jewish State.

The Israellycool website provides a more rounded account of how The Forward ran the story courtesy of Reuters

But I choose to focus on two passages, this first:
 “The [Israeli] military did not say whether the victims of the attack were settlers, who are bitterly resented by many Palestinians.”


So if the victims were settlers, implies The Forward, it’s okay. It’s open season. Jews are fair game

Moreover, this sort of gutter journalism does not trouble itself from separating fact from opinion, as in “bitterly resented by many Palestinians.”
Who asked for the editorial -- and can it be that the “bitter resentment” more accurately expresses the view of Reuters and The Forward?

Sounds like it when we read what comes next:
“Palestinians want to establish a state in East Jerusalem, the occupied West Bank and Gaza, territories Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war.”

Notice each word dipped in poison – “occupied” and “captured” and the most reliable phrasing of all, “Palestinians WANT.”

Yes they want and if Israel is reluctant to give them what they want the news media is always ready to be of service.

I should have seen this coming. But I have not been following The Forward. I had to Google it up and then found something and someone I did know.

Jane Eisner is The Forward’s editor-in-chief. It all came back as I remembered her years at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Along with cartoonist Tony Auth, she managed to infuriate and turn away thousands of fair-minded readers with her toxic anti-Israel rants.

It is one thing to be left-wing. It is yet another thing to be anti-Zionist. But it is something else to be entirely ridiculous, point made by Eisner’s Forward.

Now, once again, we know where to go if we want news that is twisted, slanted, biased and laughable.

By Jack Engelhard who writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. New from the novelist, the inside-the-newsroom tell-all thriller, The Bathsheba Deadline. Engelhard wrote the int’l bestseller Indecent Proposal that was translated into more than 22 languages and turned into a Paramount motion picture starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore. Website:www.jackengelhard.com

Rabbonim of Shas Reject Aryeh Deri’s Resignation Request: DRAMA CONTINUES!

Deri's resignation letter
And so the drama continues, with the holy Sfardi Rabbis asking the jailbird Deri to stay on and continue leading the Shas party!
The Moetzet Chachmei Hatorah of Shas has rejected a request by party chairman Aryeh Deri that he be permitted to resign as chairman of the party. 
The rejection was agreed at a late-night meeting, following the receipt of a letter from Deri in which he asked to be relieved of the leadership.
Deri’s request was the latest bombshell in a long-running feud between Deri and former party leader Eli Yishai. It followed the release on Sunday of recordings of statements by Rav Ovadia Yosef zt”l.
Haaretz reports that in his letter, Deri wrote: “The pain that pierced my heart yesterday was worse than that when [Rav Yosef] died… I decided to come before [the council] to return the responsibility that you entrusted to me.”
Yishai left the party two weeks ago to found a new party, Ha’am Itanu.
Deri responded to the tapes on Sunday by saying that Yishai was trampling Rav Yosef’s honor “for his petty personal interests … he betrayed the trust the rav placed in him,” Haaretz reported.
It is speculated that Deri offered his resignation, hoping that they would reject his offer and that they will ask him to stay on, which he hopes will bolster his standing as a result.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Boo Hoo Sob Sob: Shas Leader Aryeh Deri Submits his Resignation

In response to the damaging video released by Channel 2 News on Sunday 6 Teves, Shas leader Aryeh Deri on Monday evening submitted his resignation.

The letter is viewed by many as a publicity stunt with Deri hoping to receive a unanimous vote of confidence from faction members and the Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael of the party to continue in his position.

IDF Finally Kill Palestinian Throwing Rocks At Cars

Israeli soldiers carry the body of  the Palestinian Stone thrower  Imam Jamil Dweikat to a Palestinian Ambulance near the city of Shchem

 Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian who had been hurling rocks at cars on a highway in Shomron  on Monday, a military spokeswoman said.
She said troops shouted at a group of Palestinians throwing stones on a main road near Palestinian villages and Jewish settlements to halt and then fired warning shots.
“Once they didn’t comply they (the soldiers) responded to the threat with direct fire, wounding one of the attackers,” the spokeswoman said, adding that the army had opened an investigation into the incident.
The Palestinian was treated at the scene but died of his wounds, the spokeswoman said. He was not immediately identified.
Violence in Israel and the Palestinian Territories has surged in the past few months. Attacks by Palestinians have claimed 11 Israeli lives, and 16 Palestinians, including several of the assailants, have been killed.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

It's all hitting the fan: Video emerges of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef calling Deri a thief, bad man

The Tzaddik, Arye Deri..
Explosive footage of the revered late Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef heavily criticizing current party chairman Arye Deri was made public on Sunday night, a development which could further harm the Charedi Shas party’s political standing and electoral hopes. 

The footage from 2008 aired by Channel 2, which shows Yosef calling Deri a thief and a bad man who did not listen to the rabbis instructions, could severely damage Shas’ political future, given that political legitimacy in the haredi world is largely based on rabbinic support.

The recent establishment of the new Yachad Ha’am Itanu party headed by Deri’s rival Eli Yishai has badly dented Shas’ standing in opinion polls and the latest revelations could further harm the party’s political fortunes. 

The video aired by Channel 2 on Sunday night, showed Yosef in 2008 talking with his youngest son Moshe Yosef, Moshe’s wife Yehudit and Yosef’s personal assistant Tzvi Hakkak, when the seven year ban on Deri from elected office was coming to an end.

Deri, who was the former chair of the party until he was convicted on bribery charges and imprisoned for two years, was agitating at the time for a return to the party which had been led since 1999 by Eli Yishai. 

In the video footage aired by Channel 2, Hakkak is seen reading a newspaper article about Deri’s possible return to Shas, and Yosef tells Moshe why he does not want Deri back as party chair, despite promising him as such when he went to prison.

Yosef said that 30 to 40 percent of people thought the court had been right to convict Deri and that Shas could lose those voters if they brought him back. 

“If we put him for example at the head of our [electoral] list, 30 to 40 percent will leave us,” the rabbi says. “Why? Because he was judged in court. Why take someone who [is a] thief? Why take someone who accepts bribes? Why should we do this?...No-one has anything on Yishai.” 

Yosef also accused Deri of being too independent and of not listening to him. Yosef related that Deri had ousted a Shas figure from his position and installed someone else against the wishes of the rabbi. 

“Arye will not listen. I know from past experience, he’s too independent,” Yosef told his son. “Your mother was crying. Is this not an evil person?,” said the rabbi. “I told him a couple of times, he didn’t want to listen.”

Yosef also noted that Deri was seeking a potential new rabbinic patron to start a new political party. 

“He’s encouraging [Rabbi] Kaduri to make another party. He’ll get 5,000 votes, he won’t pass the electoral threshold... I can’t betray Eli Yishai,” Yosef said. 

In 2012 however, Deri was brought back to the Shas front lines after again threatening to establish a new political party. He was appointed joint chairman along with Yishai and former Shas MK Ariel Atias, and eventually appointed sole chairman by Yosef.

Yishai has claimed that Yosef was cajoled and manipulated by Deri and his assistants at a time when the rabbis health was failing. 

In response to the video, Deri issued a statement saying that it was apparent to everyone that Yosef himself had appointed him chairman, and that Yishai had told lies about him to Yosef when the video footage was taken. 

“Eli Yishai knew about the promise of Maran [Yosef] in front of the people of Israel to return the deposit to Arye Deri, and because of this he spread lies and false accusations against Deri in order to block his return. The words explicitly spoken by Maran [Yosef] when Arye Deri returned [to head the party] speak for themselves.

“In these days, when the public expects unity, the subversive man who styles himself as loyal [to Yosef] decided to leak a recording in which he secretly recorded Maran, and took advantage of the trust Maran had in him.”

"Yishai Left Shas and Went to the Toilet:" Rav Sholom Cohen

"Rabbi" Cohen
We are certainly living in Moshiach times...
 We have Chassidishe leaders denying the fact that the State of Israel exists and they encourage their flocks to daven three times a day for its dissolution, Chas V'sholem (contradiction?)
They daven regarding a State that contains over 6 million Jews..
If it was up to them they would capitulate to the Arab ISIS murderers!

If you ask them how could one even think like that, they answer that they daven that this should be done in a peaceful way.....
A bunch of naive morons!

Now you have a Sfardi leader calling a Yeshiva a "toilet"
No wonder we are quickly loosing our youth..

HaGaon HaRav Shalom Cohen Shlita, head of the Shas Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael, spent Shabbos Parshas Vayigash in Bnei Brak. 

During Shabbos Rav Cohen referenced the split in Shas and Eli Yishai’s decision to launch another party. 
He stated “He left Shas and went to the beis hakisei”, making reference to the yeshiva of HaGaon HaRav Meir Mazuz Shlita, Yeshivat Kisei Rachamim.

Rav Cohen spoke of Yishai’s election ads which state בכל ביתי נאמן הוא, pointing out that he was in “my house and decided to leave”, questioning what loyalty has been shown by Yishai.

Rav Cohen then mocked Rav Mazuz with his gematria, saying “Maran ‘n Maran but when it becomes Maranan, the gematria is marak (soup).”

Regarding recent polls that show Shas may not pass the minimum threshold, Rav Cohen stated the polls are nonsense as has been proven in the past. Rav Cohen remains confident Shas will enter the 20th Knesset as it has in previous elections. 

If Joseph and Mary tried to reach Bethlehem today, they might get murdered by Palestinian terrorists

How would that carpenter and his pregnant wife have circumnavigated the Kafka­esque network of Israeli settlements, roadblocks and closed military zones in the occupied West Bank? Would Mary have had to experience labour or childbirth at a checkpoint, as one in ten pregnant Palestinian women did between 2000 and 2007?
Well, since Joseph and Mary were Judeans, i.e., Jews, from Nazareth, they wouldn’t need to be afraid of Israeli roadblocks needed to combat Palestinian terrorism, but of being murdered by terrorists from Hamas or Fatah.
Seriously, this sort of historical revisionism, treating ancient Jewish Judeans as if they were Palestinian Arabs, and then analogizing modern Israel to the oppressors of Jesus and his family, a common trope in the UK, would be laughable if it were not  so pernicious. Pernicious not simply because it’s a ridiculous distortion of history, and not simply because it’s often accompanied by a large dose of anti-Semitism, with Palestinians playing the role of Jesus and the Israelis being the foreign oppressors crucifying him.  But pernicious because it goes to the true heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict–the failure of the Arab side to recognize that the “Zionists” are not the “European settler-colonialists” of Third Worldist imagination, but a people with a three thousand year plus tie to the Land of Israel, whose religion was born there, who ruled two separate kingdoms there, who have prayed toward Jerusalem for two thousand years in their ancient Hebrew language, and so on.
Such denial, coming frequently from even “moderate” Palestinian Authority officials, that there was ever a Jewish kingdom or temple in Jerusalem, or that the Jews otherwise are natives to the area, means that the Arab side can’t see any potential peace agreement as a historic reconciliation between two peoples with strong claims to the land, but as at best a humiliating capitulation to foreign occupation that would have to eventually be reversed. Until that mindset changes, there won’t  be long-term peace, regardless of paper agreements, and regardless of their terms–even a radical one-state solution with an Arab majority wouldn’t work if that majority thought it was being forced to cohabitate with foreign colonialist interlopers. Writers like Hasan are quite simply the enemies of peace.
UPDATE: I can’t resist: and as a woman pregnant out of wedlock, if Mary was a Palestinian she’d have a lot more to fear from a potential honor killing than she would from having to traverse and Israeli checkpoint; twenty-seven Palestinian women were victims of honor killings in the West Bank and Gaza in 2013 alone.

Obama Doesn't like to be called a "Monkey" ... Shuts down North Korea's Internet Again!

North Korea suffered a new Internet outage on Saturday shortly after calling US President Barack Obama a “monkey” over the release of a comedy film about a fictional plot to kill its leader.

The latest shutdown came after the isolated dictatorship’s powerful National Defense Commission (NDC) threatened “inescapable deadly blows” over the film and accused the US of “disturbing the Internet operation” of media outlets after a blackout earlier this week.
The cause of the outages of the country’s already limited Internet access has not been confirmed.
The earlier shutdown triggered speculation that US authorities may have launched a cyber-attack in retaliation for the hacking of Sony Pictures—the studio behind “The Interview”—which Washington said Pyongyang was behind.
The outage on Saturday evening also affected telecommunication networks in the pariah state, according to Chinese state-run Xinhua news agency.
“At Pyongyang time 7:30 pm (1030 GMT) North Korea’s Internet and mobile 3G network came to a standstill, and had not returned to normal as of 9:30 pm,” Xinhua said, adding that its reporters in the North found the Internet to be “very unstable” throughout the day.
Respected cyber security firm Dyn Research said the Internet blackout was “country-wide”.
“This time there wasn’t the hours of routing instability that presaged the outage like last time. Although it did flicker back on for a moment, and go back down and stay down,” said Doug Madory, director of Internet Analysis with Dyn Research.
“If an outside force took it down again, it did it more efficiently than the previous incident.”
The firm later said the Internet was back, tweeting: “Off-again, on-again: North Korea returns after > 5 hour national outage.”
The North has about one million computers—mainly at educational and state institutions—but most lack any connection to the world wide web.
All online content and email are strictly censored or monitored with Internet access limited to a handful of top party cadres, propaganda officials and expatriates.
- Unlikely symbol of free speech -
The NDC accused Obama of taking the lead in encouraging cinemas to screen “The Interview” on Christmas Day. Sony had initially cancelled its release after major US cinema chains said they would not show it, following threats by hackers aimed at cinemagoers.
“Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,” a spokesman for the NDC’s policy department said in a statement published by the official KCNA news agency.
“If the US persists in American-style arrogant, high-handed and gangster-like arbitrary practices despite (North Korea’s) repeated warnings, the US should bear in mind that its failed political affairs will face inescapable deadly blows,” the spokesman said.
He accused Washington of linking the Sony hacking to North Korea “without clear evidence” and repeated Pyongyang’s condemnation of the film, describing it as “a movie for agitating terrorism produced with high-ranking politicians of the US administration involved”.
The film took in $1 million in its limited-release opening day, showing in around 300 mostly small, independent theatres. It was also released online for rental or purchase.
The film, which has been panned by critics, has become an unlikely symbol of free speech thanks to the hacker threats that nearly scuppered its release.
The low-brow comedy revolving around the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un played to packed cinemas across the US.
A file sharing website reported it had been illegally downloaded more than 750,000 times.
Online services for Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox gaming consoles, which had decided to release the film online, went down Thursday, apparently attacked by hackers.
Microsoft’s online network for its Xbox gaming console was restored to nearly full service Friday but the PlayStation network remained down.
The NDC spokesman called again for a joint investigation into the Sony hack, which has already been rejected by the US, while accusing Washington of “beating air after being hit hard by others”.
“In actuality, the US, a big country, started disturbing the Internet operation of major media of the DPRK (North Korea), not knowing shame like children playing tag,” he said.
From Monday night, websites of the North’s major state media went dead for hours with the cause of the attack unclear.
The US has refused to say whether it was involved in the shutdown.
KCNA previously compared Obama to a black “monkey” in a zoo in May, prompting Washington to condemn the comments as “ugly and disrespectful”.

After 66 years, Satmar & Goyim still deny the fact that the State of Israel exists!

As the Torah’s narrative of the story of Joseph and his brothers reaches its dramatic climax in this week’s parsha (Torah reading), one may feel justifiably surprised that the brothers were so shocked at Joseph’s revelation to them. After all, there was no shortage of revelatory hints strewn by Joseph throughout the unfolding story.

But the brothers, convinced of the rectitude of their actions and behavior, remained insensitive to Joseph and his words, dreams and vision to the end. This fact of willful blindness no matter what facts are unfolding before one’s eyes is not a rare occurrence in life. It is unfortunately a very common human characteristic. Thecombination of self-righteousness, so-called ideological purity, human stubbornness and the reluctance to admit past error is a lethal mix. It corrupts thought and behavior and blinds the eyes even of the righteous.

The Torah describes the effects of venal monetary corruption thusly: “For graft will blind the sight of the otherwise righteous and pervert the utterances of the wise.” There is no greater graft or corruption than the self-righteousness of the ideologues amongst us.

The brothers disbelieved Joseph’s dreams from the onset and therefore hardened their hearts to him and thereby justified their behavior towards him. They convinced themselves that they could not have been wrong regarding such an important matter. Thus, blinded by their own convictions and worldview of their exclusive role in creating the Jewish people without Joseph’s participation therein, the brothers were blind to the facts that are unfolding before their eyes.

I am reminded by the sign that I once saw on the desk of a noted professor of law that said “Don’t confuse me with the facts. My mind is made up!” Even the greatest among us fall into that trap.

There is a portion of the Jewish people who sincerely believe, whether for religious or ideological reasons, that the state of Israel should never have been created. Great rabbinic leaders of the past assured their followers that the state could not last longer than fifteen years or fifty years at the most. 

The facts thankfully belie those dark predictions and certainties. There were ideologues on the left who said that by abandoning Marxism the state of Israel was doomed, as was the world of the Western democracies generally. Once again the facts of the matter have arisen to deny this skewed and dire viewpoint.

Nevertheless, all of the naysayers of the past still deny the present and continue to fight against the raging sea of facts that appear before their very eyes.

Twenty years after the Oslo agreements, it is apparent to all that somehow this process has failed to bring even a modicum of peace to Israel and its Arab antagonists. Yet, having committed themselves to and having invested so much effort in a failed process there still are many who refuse to face the facts and recognize that their worldview and assessment of the situation was wrong.

So even when Joseph stands before you, one is blinded by one’s own prejudices and previous mindset. This is a very important lesson to be learned from the narrative of the Torah. The ability to admit wrong and change direction is one of the true hallmarks of human greatness.
It certainly is necessary in our time and in our circumstances.

The above article was written by Rabbi Berel Wein

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Molotov cocktail sets family’s car on fire in Shomron , severely burning 11 year old Ayela Shapira

A young Israeli girl was seriously injured in Shomron when her car was hit with a Molotov cocktail on a road near Palestinian villages.
The 11-year-girl sustained major burns and her father, 40, was slightly wounded when the car was engulfed in flames Thursday evening.
Israel Defense Forces were searching in the nearby Palestinian villages to find the attacker.

Ayela Shapira suffered burns that covered half of her body, according toChannel 2 in Israel.

On Sunday, a four-year old Israeli boy was injured by Palestinians hurling stones at cars in Shomron. Earlier this month a Palestinian man splashed acid on a family with four girls, also in Shomron.

De'Blasio anti-Police is a hoax and a fabrication: Satmar Newspaper

In an Op-Ed in Der Blatt, an Aroini Yiddish Newspaper, Rabbi Moshe Indig writes that "Mayor de Blasio is not anti-Police" and those putting out those ideas are promoting a 'hoax" and that (the anti-Police assertion) is a "political fabrication."

Indig, continues with his "tuches lekking" and writes that de Blasio is a "man of his word, and has a proven record of going above and beyond in his dedication to improve the city etc."

Then, this self appointed spokesman, chastises  those elected politicians that came out in public to "lambast the mayor." 

Indig, probably living in a cave somewhere, is either a "up'grisiner naar(fool)' or a money grubbing "paskuniak" ....who doesn't care about the Torah and cares only how much money then can squeeze from the "goy.!

de Blasio that was endorsed by ALL frum mosdos stands for all anti-Torah ethics including advocating Gay life styles and abortion.
But Satmar and the rest of our Brooklyn Tribe keep "tuches lekking" this cop hater!

Last night I had a discussion with a prominent Talmud Chachem, who said, after I told him about this Op-Ed, "I am embarrassed"

This Op-Ed is in both English (the language that R' Aaron refuses to speak) and Yiddish...

As Megan Traynor says "It's all about the Money"

Batsheva Esther Wolfson.a 2 year old killed by car in Lakewood

A 2-year-old child who was critically injured after being struck by a vehicle earlier this afternoon, has R”L been Niftar. 

Her name is Batsheva Esther Wolfson.

The accident happened around 2:15PM Wednesday afternoon at the Forest Park Development – just off Pine Street.

Lakewood Hatzolah Paramedics rushed to the scene, and transported the toddler to the Jersey Shore Trauma Center in critical condition. She was unfortunately Niftar a short while ago from her injuries.

The Levaya will be taking place at 7:30 PM at the 7th Street Chapel in Lakewood.
Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

United Airlines gets passenger arrested for changing her seat!

A Long Island woman claims she was treated like a criminal and pulled off of a flight just because she wanted to change seats.
Jean Mamakos, the soon to be millionaire
As CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported exclusively, the in-flight fight turned into a three-day stay in jail for the woman.

“They did handcuff me, there were three policemen that dragged me out of the plane,” said Jean Mamakos. (And did they tell you what they were charging you with?) They said trespassing.”
Mamakos, 68, of Huntington, held up her jeans to show where they were ripped, she says as she was pulled down the aisle of the plane. She never made it to her ski trip in Alaska.

Police in Seattle, where Mamakos and her ski club were changing planes, were called aboard the United aircraft to arrest her, McLogan reported.

One of the passengers recorded the incident.

Officer: “Do you want to come willingly or be arrested for trespass?”
Mamakos: “Whatever you have to do.”
Officer: “OK.”
Mamakos said she resisted the arrest because she had paid thousands in airfare for the round trip flight, and claims unfriendly flight attendants overreacted when she tried to move to an empty row after the doors closed for take off.
It was the third leg of a long cross-country trip, and she hoped to sleep.
“One of the stewardesses said ‘Oh no you don’t.’ Which stopped me in my tracks,” she said.

So Mamakos moved toward the front of the plane.
“So I went forward and then another stewardess came along and said ‘Give me your credit card,'” she said.
Mamakos, a registered nurse, was in an empty exit row emergency seat and was told this would be a costly upgrade.
“At that point I decided no, I’m not paying $109 and I’ll go back to my seat,” she said.

Seated now, resigned to her crowded row, an announcement was made.
“I heard the captain say ‘There is a lady that wants to get off the plane on this flight, so we have to wait,” she said.

Flight attendants then surrounded her.
“And said ‘You have to get off this plane.’ And I said ‘no, I paid for this seat and I’m going to stay here,'” she said.
Mamakos was eventually booked, fingerprinted and had her mug shot taken before she was sent to the county jail. Her bags and her shocked friends went on to Alaska.
“They enjoyed their ski trip and I had an experience in jail,” Mamakos said.

Her attorney, Patricia Swicicki, said Mamakos spent three harrowing days in jail because courts weren’t open on the weekend. They are suing United Airlines for $5 million.
United acknowledged the lawsuit and said it may be tried in Brooklyn federal court.

The airline won’t comment on the case, but said federal law requires pre-flight briefing for anyone seated in emergency rows, and added that balance and weight safety regulations prevent onboard seat changes.

Let's try and follow the airline logic a little now:
Exit row is empty - nobody sitting there. Remember, the airline said that anybody in the row that is going to operate the emergency exit has to have instruction and acknowledge they are willing to accept the responsibility. If the plane crashes and the exit has to be used, with nobody sitting in the exit row, there is nobody that is properly instructed on how to open the door. In effect, the exit cannot be used per company rules and government regulations. Does this make any sense? No.
The whole "weight/balance" issue is a non-starter. A 120 woman is not going to cause the airplane to careen out of control by moving from one seat to another. If that were the case, passengers would never be allowed to use the restrooms and the beverage carts would not be allowed to go up and down the aisle. They weigh upward of 300 lbs when full in addition to the fat flight attendants. Ever notice that they've become a little hefty over the past few years?

Netanyahu: If Livni elected Jews will need armored personnel to reach Western Wall

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chided Hatnua leader Tzipi Livni for claiming earlier this week that the Western Wall would remain forever in Israel’s hands, hinting that under her plans Jews would need armored personnel carriers to reach the site.
Speaking at the International Bible Contest for Adults in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said the spirit of the Maccabees is what brought the Jews back to Israel, allowed them to build and defend the land, and “gives us great strength to stand up against all challenges and rebuff all pressure.”

Netanyahu alluded to Livni and Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog – who went to the Western Wall together on Sunday and vowed that it would remain under Israeli sovereignty forever – saying they were willing to give the Palestinians a capital in Jerusalem.

“I have heard someone say the wall will stay in our hands,” he said. “I want to ask you, how exactly will the wall remain in our hands – as an enclave inside Palestinian territory?” 
And, Netanyahu said, “how exactly will we get to it? In convoys, by helicopter, perhaps in armored personnel carriers? We did not return to the Kotel after 2,000 years in order to reach it by armored personnel carriers. 
On this day I say to you here, on the last night of Hanukka, that the Kotel will stay in our hands, and Jerusalem in its entirety will remain in our hands forever, under Israeli sovereignty.”

The Labor Party responded by saying that Netanyahu was once again cynically using Jerusalem for political gain.

The Likud later issued a statement challenging Herzog and Livni to tell the public whether, if they form the next government, they would agree to divide Jerusalem and make it the capital of the Palestinian state.

Netanyahu has made an effort to ensure that the campaign will focus on diplomatic and security issues, as he has in past elections. In past races, he has made an issue of Jerusalem’s fate.

In 1996, one of his slogans was that his opponent, then-Labor leader Shimon “Peres will divide Jerusalem.”

Ahead of the 2013 election, the Likud hoisted political banners on the Old City walls, photographed them, and then immediately removed them because political advertising is not allowed at the site.