Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rebbes fighting to get largest Onion brings tears to the eyes

World's Largest Onion
"Eiyer mit Tzvibal" just made history! 

This onion was found weighing 18lb and smashes the world record. Some say that's a "gilgul" of a deceased Tomato.

 DIN just learned  but it's not confirmed that the two Satmar Rebbes are trying to get a hold of it, so they can feed their flock  "eiyer mit Tzvibel" l'ekoved Shabbos!

The little "Rebbelich" with only a 25- 100 Chassidim are not interested into getting into this "crying" bawl, since they can do just fine with 3 eggs and a small onion..... and some will even add "gehakta leberlach"

But the bigger the chassidisus, the bigger the eggs, and the bigger eggs require a huge onion!

DIN contacted various Litvishe Geonim, and they declined to comment, some didn't even know that it's a mitzva to eat "eiyar mit Tzvibel" on Shabbos ...those that did speak to our reporters said that eating "Tzsunt" (Cholent) provides enough gas!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In reference 6:24
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Anonymous said...

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Chaim Dovid Tzvibel said...

The gas from spicy Sefardishe chulent is nuch erger.

Anonymous said...

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Dusiznies said...

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Anonymous said...

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