Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dealing with violence and abuse in the religious world

Yeshiva University Dean of Students Dr. Chaim Nissel 
 Photo credit: Israel Hayom staff
What unique challenges face victims of abuse in religious communities and is the religious world equipped to deal with them? 

• Watch as Israel Hayom editor Steve Ganot speaks to Yeshiva University's Dr. Chaim Nissel about abuse in the Orthodox world.

While victims and survivors of abuse and violence face stigma in virtually every community, it is typically even more so the case in religious communities, according to Yeshiva University Dean of Students Dr. Chaim Nissel.

Nissel, formerly the university's head of counseling, spoke about preventing suicide among victims of violence and abuse at an international conference titled "The Jewish Community Confronts Violence & Abuse" in Jerusalem earlier this week.

He says that some of the challenges facing abuse victims in religious communities include concerns about reputation and the impact reporting the abuse would have on one's family.

As the Orthodox Jewish community becomes better informed about what violence and abuse victims suffer through learning about issues like stigma and suicide prevention, they will be able to offer better resources for victims within the community.

Watch as Israel Hayom host Steve Ganot speaks to Nissel about changing attitudes toward the issues of violence and abuse in religious communities and how to support those around you who may be suffering from abuse or suicidal thoughts.

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Who is this putz to talk about abuse when his employer YU is covering up decades of molestation?