Thursday, December 4, 2014

Frum Parties Make a Kiddush Hashem by Making Threats Against Yishai Warning Him Not to Start a Party

B"H, we have peace in Eretz Yisroel. How do I know!
I know, because when the Religious parties in Israel start fighting with each other, that's a sign that everything else is ok...

They would get a lot more seats in the Knesset if they were united, and that would bring more $$$$$
to the kollilim! 

But, the Satan got involved, and wants to make sure that there is no unity amongst the frum parties, so that the Kollel guys shouldn't, G-D Forbid, live up to their promise in the Ketubah to support their wives!

So what does the "Sitra Achra" do to pull this off? 

First he make sure that they should rip each others heads off, ....just like in the Dor Haflagah.

Second, knowing that the frum guys will never join the army, he divides them anyway,he makes sure that some of the frum voters should back Rav Shteinman, who holds that the Yeshiva Bochrim sign up for the army, but not go,
and some of them should hold like Rav Shmuel Auerbach who holds that they shouldn't even sign up!

To make sure that all this goes smoothly without a hitch, he throws a wrench in, and gets Yishai to start his own party.
Then he puts a cherry on top, by getting another frum guy to threaten Yishai, that he will stab him.... 
The Satan knows that the Bochrim in Yeshiva have alot of time on their hands and will go in fire for their Rosh Yeshivos and even if it means hurting your opposition, just like they learned in their musser sedorim.

Meanwhile, the Sitra Achra is happy that at this time he doesn't need to deal with the Satmar hooligans, because they don't vote. 
They only vote for Gay and pro abortion candidates that stand for everything the Torah forbids!

A real Kiddush Hashem....can't wait till all this plays out!

Amid rumors that he is likely to announce his break from Shas to launch his own independent party, former Shas leader MK Eli Yishai received death threats. The latest threat warns him that if he announces his own party “I will stab you”. The threat was made over the phone.
Knesset security officials about two weeks ago assigned a bodyguard to Yishai fearing his outspoken right-wing views may have resulted in threats against him.

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Emes said...

The Sitrac Achra is a Zionist.
He made sure that Israel won the 6 day war