Thursday, December 4, 2014

Policeman Going To Daven Attacked in Meah Shearim

NO! NO! NO! Not by Arabs! 
By Frum Jews! 
In Meah Shearim!
Guys, keep giving those monsters business by shopping in their stores..
and don't forget to vote for all the frum parties!

A Policeman in uniform that was heading to a minyan in Meah Shearim was attacked. The policeman had to call for assistance to extricate himself from the attack.
It would appear the presence of a person in an Israel Police uniform is sufficient reason for some to go on the offensive. In this case it was an officer simply looking to daven.
Israel Police officials told the media they view the attack against a uniformed policeman as very serious and they will do everything possible to apprehend the suspects responsible for the unprovoked assault.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a twisted mind you got Mr blogger/FERD
1) According to halacha one should not daven while wearing clothing which is dirty with TZOIEH, and all Israeli uniforms are in that category
2) A person who takes for himself the path of eisuv by dealing with weapons which belongs to eisuv has no business with mincha
3) The majority of mea shearim don't even vote in the nazi-israeli elections

Anonymous said...


Let's go in YOUR number order:
1) LOL
2) LOL
3) LOL

Smoke Marlboros instead.... At least you'll be a real man.

Thursday mishmar nights spending on "TZOIEH" Internet?????

Your ankle monitor bracelet is signaling ....

Bal- diktuk please explain Shoyteh..
It's a feminine ending, so shouldn't only the female be called Shoyteh and the male SHOYT, or SHOYTR ?
Aye, you wanna teineh that SHOYT is really Brooklynese for SHIRT, much like TOYLET for TERLET and MOYSHEE for MERSHEE, then why the "R" in SHIRT bichlal??

Could be it's a Bostonian 'R" much like Cuba'R or Sheila'R, Russia'R, Alaska'R ? Only in SHIRT there's a svoro to put the R in middle... Question then is ,why?
Seriously, why isn't a male Shoyteh called a SHIRT, SHOYT or SHOYTR..??


Dusiznies said...

I don't in which Torah you are referring to when you say that eisun has no business davening Mincha...
Look in this week's parsha where it says b'fierush
"Mincha L'esuv"
You am haaretz!

Anonymous said...

Why did you post pictures of people who had nothing to do with it. You've made the same Chilul Hashem.

Anonymous said...

Derby (the FERD), you know very well why members of the IDF soldiers, are not welcome in Shul or in Yeshivos, because many times their coming to influence the young people, buchrim, to also join the IDF, you know that very well, its a fact, that had been acknowledged officially by the IDF, you however are so BIASED and so SPITEFUL, that clear facts will not change your mind, if you'll keep this crazy way, I won't be surprised that one day, you'll be institutionalized in a mental health facility, with a straightjacket enveloping you.

Anonymous said...

Kindly check the mishna in Shabbos where it discusses halacha whether someone who wears a sword as ornament or part of malbush can or cannot wear it on Shabbos.
Seymour, since you're projecting FERD all the time, could it mean that you're a ben achar bas, achar ben, horseface, and as a bchor, did you inherit it pi shtayim?
Seymour, why do I get this feeling that you have a piercing high pitched castrati voice?
Seymour, adjust your killeh bendel, you're getting bottom heavy lately.

Derby.... Lemme hear you sing O Solo Mio

Anonymous said...

to that wonderful smart ahavas yisroel comment. when your in israel and G-d Forbid you are attacked and a guy wearing a ztoieh uniform wants to help will you refuse?

Anonymous said...

Derby (the Ferd), & with him (eto emo..) The blogger (moderator) etc, are totally confused (in many things), these comments are the from completely different people, only because of your one track (off track, off the derech) mind, do you confuse HODU with KUSH, but it's OK, we're kind of immune to these comments, as this is the kind of stuff that's produced by such low IQ, mentally challenged, KALIM VEREIKIM, that deep in your subconscious you know very very well how wrong you are, so the only way you think you can allay your self doubt,is by attacking those EHRLICHE YIDDEN, that are a direct repudiation to your false version of YIDISHKEIT, sorry, very sorry, it ain't doing you any good at all!!!!!!, its so obvious, its so clear, (only YOU don't realize that, we don't expect you to understand.....), SHLOMO HAMELECH, the CHACHAM MIKAL ADAM says, GAM EVYL MACHRISH CHACAM YECHASHEV, that really your only option,........... However we give that a very small chance....... Probably you'll answer with your standard retarded obnoxious corny etc remarks..........

Anonymous said...

The mishneh doesn't talk about DIFFERENT people nor DIFFERENT things. Your insane kfirah & azus interprets it any way you like.
You're a typical uber-anti-Zionist ultra chnyukish G-D's kuzaak, and as we all know, this type pulls a charade 'cause they're really rotten hypocrites deep down.They're street thugs who bash other Jews at random.
Of course you pick 'n' choose which group are your ehrliche yidden, and which group you assault ... for example:

"That's classic Zero Zali and his Bande, empty lowlifes, menuvalim, using nivul peh, as a first line of defense, aggressive Gvar Alim, Bullying as a way of life,.."

Of course, your frummchik type hypocrites/apikorsim shamelessly defy bans on Internet by your rabbonim .
Of course, your types are the biggest sonei Yisroel, hate and curse other Jews with the vilest nivel peh imaginable, then piously preach " authentic Torah Judaism."

Derby.. Shabbat Shalom

Anonymous said...

There we go again, Derby (the FERD) & company, totally mixed up, I have no idea what your talking about, ZERO ZALY?? Who said that?, dont put words of other bloggers in my account, the Machlokes between the 2 Satmar's is none of mine or YOUR business, why do you always manuver to end up commenting about them? We know...... That you're totally consumed & fascinated, YES YES, FASCINATED, ENVELOPED, by SATMAR, period, you practice some sort of religion, that somewhat has a resemblance of Judaism, that's why those that practice authentic original Yiddishkeit, ie SATMAR, consume your thoughts, dont let you eat or drink, keep you awake at night, & in general make you unbalanced, making wrong and stupid and silly statements and decisions, which to us surfers is quite obvious. A GUTEN SHABBOS

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

".....,ZERO ZALY?? Who said that?, I have no idea what your talking ...."

You, lying Seymour, you did. Trying to wiggle out?? The more you wiggle, the more doo-dah you're sinking into.

".... the Machlokes between the 2 Satmar's is none of mine or YOUR business, ..."
Most certainly is... They're rabbonim, supposed to TEACH us, and show the way...

Now put on fresh ointment on your pucker-shaped frozen lips..


Anonymous said...

Apologies to the great American songwriter Stephen Foster, who wrote Doo-Da in one of his songs..
This lying koifer, pretender, lunatic and Bryoni against his "REV's" ban above got into a different sort of doo-dah...
Just to be clear again...
Mishnhe discusses halacha of weapons wearer on Shabbos, presupposing that untold Jews wore same as malbush/ornaments in yeshiva and davened in shuls with them during mincha.
To which our resident lunatic wrote:

".....2) A person who takes for himself the path of eisuv by dealing with weapons which belongs to eisuv has no business with mincha....."

Let's watch how he lies and denies that he scribbled that, OR, brings in 2 medinas mentioned in the Megillah.... Ha, ha., ha, ha, ha .V'nahapach HOOOOOO..!!! Ha, ha...