Friday, December 5, 2014

60 Chareidim Enlist into Air Force

Amid great tensions over hareidi enlistment, about 60 hareidi soldiers joined the ranks of the IAF Tuesday as part of the Shahar Kahol project, writes the IAF Website.

The new recruits will be integrated into a variety of professions and rolesin the IAF, including programmers in the IAF's Ofek computer unit, software inspectors, network administrators and information securityprofessionals, certified electricians, mechanical engineering equipment operators and technicians.

After about three weeks' basic training at the Uvda base, they will begin courses at the College of Management Academic Studies, after which they will receive professional certificates.

“All of the training for hareidi soldiers is carried out separately, in gender-segregated battalions in which the soldiers receive all they need for living their religious way of life," explained the IAF's Captain Moshe Prigan.

By the end of 2014, about 400 young hareidi men will have joined the IAF in the Shahar Kahol project, which is meant to benefit both the IAF and the hareidi sector. 

Two new positions have recently been opened up to Shahar Kahol enlistees: the first is that of application developer, in cooperation with Microsoft, and the second is that of intelligence investigator.

Daniel Gozlan, 24, who is married with a 5-month-old baby girl, was among those who enlisted Tuesday, and is to serve as a certified electrician after undergoing training.

“I am glad that the military enables people like me to enlist and study a proper profession, and serve while maintaining our lifestyle,” he told theIAF Website.

The issue of hareidi enlistment has seen great tensions over the past year amid an Enlistment Law forcing the hareidi draft which has been strongly opposed. 

More recently the question of enlistment has been cast in further doubt given the Knesset debate on the "religionization" of the IDF, which former IDF Chief Rabbi Brig.-Gen. (res.) Rabbi Avichai Ronski condemned as being anti-Semitic.


Anonymous said...

......Gender separated....., CHAI PAROH, I just read that a report, that a charedi soldier is in trouble, because he didn't want to stay in the room where a female sang, KOL BEISHA ERVA. The Zionists follow PAROH'S technics, they start B'PEH RACH, promising the moon, but eventually reneging on those agreements, that's why even those ROSH Yeshivos like Rav Steinmann, who allow talmidim to register for the draft, FORBID them from joining the IDF, by the way, NOBODY repeat NOBODY believes those numbers, 60....400..... Full of HOT AIR... The IDF is a place of TUMA ZUHAMA that SEDOM VAAMORA would compare to it very favorably, most likely coming out way ahead..... The three Roshei Aveiros are practiced there, encouraged there, its the way of life there, HASHEM YERACHEM, RACHMANA LITZLAN, Vehakatuv Tzavach, VELO YIREH ERVAS DAVAR VESHAV MEACHARECHA, thereby all those So Called NISSIM are from the SITRA ACHARA RL.

Anonymous said...

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Dusiznies said...

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