Thursday, December 25, 2014

De'Blasio anti-Police is a hoax and a fabrication: Satmar Newspaper

In an Op-Ed in Der Blatt, an Aroini Yiddish Newspaper, Rabbi Moshe Indig writes that "Mayor de Blasio is not anti-Police" and those putting out those ideas are promoting a 'hoax" and that (the anti-Police assertion) is a "political fabrication."

Indig, continues with his "tuches lekking" and writes that de Blasio is a "man of his word, and has a proven record of going above and beyond in his dedication to improve the city etc."

Then, this self appointed spokesman, chastises  those elected politicians that came out in public to "lambast the mayor." 

Indig, probably living in a cave somewhere, is either a "up'grisiner naar(fool)' or a money grubbing "paskuniak" ....who doesn't care about the Torah and cares only how much money then can squeeze from the "goy.!

de Blasio that was endorsed by ALL frum mosdos stands for all anti-Torah ethics including advocating Gay life styles and abortion.
But Satmar and the rest of our Brooklyn Tribe keep "tuches lekking" this cop hater!

Last night I had a discussion with a prominent Talmud Chachem, who said, after I told him about this Op-Ed, "I am embarrassed"

This Op-Ed is in both English (the language that R' Aaron refuses to speak) and Yiddish...

As Megan Traynor says "It's all about the Money"

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