Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Three Prior Arrests For Driver In Fatal Boro Park Crash

Bilal Ghuman driver

The minivan driver that killed a Boro Park girl and sent her pregnant mother to the hospital last night had an open, active warrant and was driving the vehicle without permission of the owner.
22 year old Bilal Ghumman, who lives at 2008 West 22nd Street in Brooklyn, was making a left turn onto 60th Street at the corner of 18th Avenue when he struck 33 year old Chaya Sara Friedman and her 10 year old daughter Blima in the intersection.  
Ghumman, who has an outstanding warrant for possession of marijuana dating back to October, also had two prior arrests, for fare evasion at a subway station and for occupying more than one seat on a train, a violation of a local MTA laws.
Police said that both victims were lying in the roadway when they arrived on scene, with the mother pinned under the rear passenger-side tire.  Mrs. Friedman, who suffered internal injuries, was taken to Lutheran Hospital where she delivered a full term baby by Caesarean section.  Blima Friedman was pronounced dead on arrival at Maimonides Hospital, as previously reported on VIN News.
Ghumman, who was driving a grey 2015 Honda Odyssey, remained on scene. Police said that neither drugs nor alcohol were a factor in the crash and that the ongoing investigation will indicate whether or not Ghumman was speeding at the time of the accident.  Ghumman has been charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and violation of local law because of the open warrant and police said that they expect the charges to be upgraded in light of Blima Friedman’s death.
Eyewitnesses said that Hatzolah extricated Mrs. Friedman from under the minivan and that several Hatzolah members were attending to Blima Friedman who was lying face down on a sewer grating, bleeding profusely from her face.
“There was a lady on the floor and a child on the street,” said a second eyewitness. “She was holding her stomach.  The guy came out of the car, he was pacing, asked her if she was okay. He didn’t want to get too close because he was mad nervous.”
The eyewitness said that the driver appeared to be driving at excessive speed at the time of impact, given last night’s rainy weather.
Last night’s accident marks the second time that the Friedman family, who lives on 58th Street, just two blocks away from the scene of the accident, has found themselves in the media spotlight.  
A Chanukah fire, which began after an oil menorah tipped over five years ago took place at the Friedman family home. Tzivia Friedman, who was three years old at the time, was rescued by firefighters and hospitalized after suffering serious burns to her hands and feet.


Anonymous said...

There is a lot more to this tragic story.

He had an open arrest warrant for drug possession.

He was a valet at a nearby chassuna hall and was charged with illegally taking a guest's car without permission to run a private errand.

This bastard's name is Bilal which means he is some kind of Arab or Paki Muslim.

Could he have purposely run these Yidden over?

Anonymous said...

The mother, while pinned under the van, was screaming the whole time for her daughter's wellbeing.

Anonymous said...

Are there any laws that require caterers to screen the valets?

Let's find out which chassunah hall this was, if was just another greedy fresser caterer cutting every corner to make a few extra bucks.

Like those bum caterers at Rose Castle in Willy & Kingsway in Flatbush who rent to shvartzas & Ricans during sefira & drei vochen and who cares if they have shootouts amongst themselves when leaving their parties at 4 am in the middle of frum neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

There is a shul on East 13th St that had a similar problem. Although the shul is much more to the right today, they have a holdover board from it's old modern orthodox days. The corrupt board, over protests from their own rov & mispalelim, was renting the shul hall to spics on Shabbos who were making a huge disruptive ruckus.

It finally stopped because there was a slimy Hungarian party planner from Boro Park involved with the board who askonim warned her that if it doesn't stop, the rabbonim of Boro Park will be mefarsem against her on her home turf.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for savages rioting now that the grand jury would not indict over that obese tzigarettl seller who choked to death on Staten Island

Anonymous said...

Release from State Senators Simcha Felder & Marty Golden:

“Everyone is deeply saddened by Blima Friedman’s tragic death. May God give comfort to the family and to the entire community as well,” said Senator Simcha Felder today.

“Given the horrific circumstances, Senator Martin Golden and I are proposing legislation that will stiffen the penalties on individuals charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle resulting in a person’s death.

This bill will increase the penalty from a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison, to a class E felony punishable by up to 4 years in prison,” stated Senator Felder.

“Sadly a loophole exists in current law which treats unauthorized use of vehicles, which is theft, as a low level misdemeanor. This needs to be changed to send a clear message that stronger penalties are needed for these crimes. What took place was a horrific tragedy for the family and our community and I call on the State Legislature to pass this legislation as soon as we return in January,” said Senator Marty Golden.

“I hope that this change in the law will act as a deterrent and prevent future tragedies,” concluded Senator Felder.