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Satmar Rebbe R' Zalman Leib, Tells his Chassidim "Not to Ask Questions" About His Decision to Teach Secular Studies in His Institutions

As we wrote previously, Satmar Rebbe caved in to Board of Education demands to implement their guidelines to have secular subjects taught in Satmar moisdois ...

The subjects that will be taught will not be only basic Reading, Writing and Math, but tolerance of people that have sexual perversions ...
such as a boy identifying as a girl or vice versa and then entering a a bathroom of the opposite sex.... 

Satmar had no choice in caving in because they accept Federal and State funds and grants that add up to millions of dollars ....

They have no problem yelling and barking at Israeli schools that take funds from the government, screaming that this "shmads" Jewish children ..... (the Israeli government does not intervene in Chareidie curriculum, even though they fund them with millions of shekels.) 
But when it comes to his own institutions he grabs any government funds he can even if it means that his Moisdois Ha"Torah will now have to introduce subjects which is an anathema to Torah and Satmar mesorah,,,,he does not allow for any debate and quickly shut down any oppositions ....

It's interesting that the Rebbe cannot find it in his heart to give the Israeli Moisdois the benefit of the doubt when they take funds from the government, yet he wants us to give him the benefit of the doubt when he takes money from his government.....

Here is what he said last last Tuesday in his Rodney Street Shul:
I will translate loosely:

1) נישט פרעגן קיין קשיות.
1) No questioning our decision

2) נישט אלעס וואס מ׳טוט קען מען פארציילן פאר די גאס.
2) Not everything we do should be talked about on the streets 

3) מיר זיצן מיט עסקנים און מיר ווייסן פונקטליך וואס מ׳מעג און וואס מ׳טאר נישט.
3) We are sitting with activists that know what is permitted and what is prohibited.

4) ווער ס׳האט נישט קיין נסיון אין דעם - זאל נישט אריינרעדן.
4) One who hasn't been in out shoes so to speak, should not get involved

5) מ׳טאר נישט זיין פרומער אפילו מ׳מיינט אז מ׳פארשטייט בעסער.
5) One shouldn't be frummer even though you think you know better

6) דער רבי זי״ע איז געווען זייער שארף אויף די וועלכע האבן זיך געלאזט הערן.
6) The Rebbe (meaning R' Yoel) was very "sharp" in his response to those who voiced their opposition to his policies

ליידער איז דא א טשטוש המוחות, ס'קומען אנדערע זיי שרייען מ'איז מוחה, הע מ'שמד'ט אויס כלל ישראל, מ'מאכט פשרותף מ'פארקויפט די תשב"ר.
Unfortunately, their brains are scrambled, screaming that they must "protest" and that "we are making compromises" and that we are "selling our innocent children "

ס'איז זייער גרינג צו שרייען, 'איז זייער גרינג מוחה צו זיין, אבער מ'ארף וויסן וואו מ'רעדט.
it is very easy for them to scream, and it is very east to protest but you still have to have knowledge on what is really going on .

מ'קען נישט אלעס דערציילן ברבים, די גדולי תורה וואס טוען אלעס אדורך זענען נאך אזאנע יראי ה' ווי די מוחים! מ'האט נישט קיין אחריות, מ'פירט נישט קיין מוסדות, מ'האט נישט קיין עול פון אפאר טויזנט קינדער אויף דפלייצעס זיי זאלן גיין אויפן ריכטיגן דרך"

We cannot tell the public all what  is happening...the Gedoilei Yisrael that are working (with the BOE) are just as pious as the protesters!
The protesters have no responsibilities, they don't have to run our institutions, they don't have the responsibility of thousands of children on their shoulders to make sure they go on the straight and narrow path!

Our cousin the Israeli professor who calls to boycott the Jewish state

Why, my children ask, would our Israeli cousin be a traitor to his own country? 
by Robert Harris
In response, I try to explain about his illness, this most dangerous of hatreds, the eternal self-hate that some Jews have been infected with throughout our history.
But still, it is our family’s scandal, our shanda. 

Our cousin, an Israeli professor paid by the taxpayers of Israel, exploits his position as an “expert academician” to tour university campuses throughout the world to accuse Israel of racism and apartheid, and he even publishes articles advocating boycotts of Israel.

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The Zera Shimshon, Rav Shimshon Chaim ben Rav Nachmon Michoel Nachmani, was born in 5467 (1706/1707) into an illustrious family with great Rabbinical lineage. He studied the revealed and concealed parts of the Torah by the Torah greats of his day.
He served as Rav of Modena, Pisa, Sayna and Reggio, Italy, and was recognized as a holy and pious individual, as well as a tremendous Torah scholar in all areas of Torah. He passed away on the 6th of Elul 5539 (1779).

His Seforim were named, Toldos Shimshon (The ‘Offspring’ of Shimshon) on Pirkei Avos and Zera Shimshon (The ‘Seed’ of Shimshon) on the Parshi’os of the Torah. 

In his introduction, he explains that since his only son had died during his lifetime, he wrote his Seforim to perpetuate his own memory after his passing.

The following is his passionate request to learn his works.
“I implore of you with ten terms of supplication to choose from my Chiddushim (novella) the piece that finds favor in your eyes, for your learning will sooth my soul etc...
“This righteousness will stand by you forever – to ‘eat’ in this world, and be satiated in the next. In this merit, Hashem will repay you with children, health and sustenance.
“...and now my brothers and friends etc. do a true kindness, and with your eyes you will see children and grandchildren surrounding your table, houses filled with all that is good, wealth and honor will not cease from your children...”

Zera Shimshon - Re'eh
איש כמתנת ידו כברכת ה' וגו' אשר נתן לך )טז' יז')

Everyone according to what he can give, according the blessing that Hashem etc. gives you (16:17)

The Zera Shimshon asks - why does the passuk repeat itself, saying that a person should give according to what he can afford and then reiterating, according the blessing that Hashem gave him, as well?

 Why, at the beginning of the passuk is the commandment stated in a general way (according to what 'he' can give) and at the end of the passuk the commandment is more direct, speaking to 'you' (according the blessing that Hashem etc. gives 'you')?

The Zera Shimshon explains that the passuk is speaking to two different classes of people. 

The first group is the people who were only given by Hashem enough money to make it through life. 

The second group are those that were given wealth, possessions and honor, way beyond what they need to make it through life.

Being that Hashem obligated himself to give people enough to live, as the passuk says (Tehillim 136:25, 145:16), "who gives bread to all flesh", the people who barley make it, are not considered so indebted to Hashem. The other group though, are considered 'borrowers' and they are deeply indebted to Hashem for all the extra he has given them.

The first part of the passuk is directed at the first group of people and it refers to them by the title"ISH"
This title we find used when referring to someone that is an aristocrat (see Rus 1:3). 

Although this group of people are poor, the Torah refers to them by this title since they are not indebted as their wealthy counterparts. They therefore are likened to aristocrats, not indebted. 

Nevertheless, the Torah only asks of them to give - according to what they can give, since they aren't men of means.

The second part of the passuk - according the blessing that Hashem etc. gives you, is addressing the second group of people. These people are indeed recipients of the blessing of Hashem and are greatly indebted to Him.

With this, the Zera Shimshon explains the difference in terminology between the two groups, with second group being spoken to in a more direct manner ('you'). 

When a person borrows from someone, the lender makes sure to write down the name of the borrower and recognizes him by name. This is why the second group is addressed in a direct manner, 'you', since this group is written in the Heavenly ledger as borrowers and their names are recognized as those that are indebted. They therefore, are expected to give according to how much they have been lent by Hashem.

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The New Har Hamnuchot Bais Ha'Chayim ..... UNDERGROUND!!!

Under a mountain on the outskirts of Jerusalem, 
workers are completing three years of labor on a 
massive subterranean necropolis comprised of a 
mile (1.5 kilometers) of tunnels with sepulchers for interring the dead.

Up above, the Har Hamenuchot Cemetery dominates the 
hillside overlooking the main highway leading into Jerusalem 
from Tel Aviv. 
But in October, the cemetery’s management plans to open the 
first section of a sprawling catacomb complex which, when completed, will provide 23,000 gravesites for an increasingly crowded country.
“People will die probably forever,” said Arik Glazer, chief 
executive of Rolzur Tunneling, the company building the tunnel tombs, “so you have to get space for that.”
Land is in short supply in Israel, and Jewish and Muslim burial customs require interring the dead in the ground and prohibit cremation. The hilltop cemetery is almost at capacity, with 
nearly a quarter million graves. The first underground section opening in October will have capacity for 8,000. The remaining sections are slated to open in the coming years.
Like other increasingly crowded metropolises, Tel Aviv has embraced vertical cemetery structures to accommodate 
growing demand, but now Israel is looking for solutions below ground.
Even in the blazing summer heat, the labyrinthine vaults 
maintain their steady year-round temperature of 23 degrees 
Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit).
The limestone walls are lined four-high with tombs that 
resemble small Japanese capsule hotels. Giant flame-hued polyhedron light fixtures designed by German artist Yvelle 
Gabriel dangle at intersections between the avenues and streets deep in the mountain.
The entire project cost an estimated $50 million and took just
 over three years to complete. The tunnels take up just 5% of the total subterranean area of the mountain available for future 
tombs, Glazer said.
Part of the inspiration behind this project was the ancient 
Jewish custom of cave burials found at sites around the Holy 
Land, from the UNESCO heritage site of Beit Shearim near 
Haifa, to rocky hillsides around Jerusalem.
“The basic blueprints for this project were the cemetery at Beit Shearim,” said Adi Alphandary, head of Rolzur’s business development. Those catacombs, active between the second and fourth centuries, were recognized by the United Nations as a 
Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist Amit Reem said that families would inter the deceased’s remains in the catacombs,
 then seal the door with a rock for eight months.
“When they opened the door of the cave, inside the cave was 
only the skeleton with no flesh,” Reem said. The bones were 
then collected and often placed in stone boxes, known as 
ossuaries, inside the cave chamber.
While the modern-day burial chambers will simply be sealed 
with a grave marker, Hananya Shahor, executive director of the Jewish burial association in Jerusalem, said that Orthodox 
rabbis they consulted said the sprawling site is “100% 
acceptable according to Jewish tradition.”
“We are almost sure that people will like this way much, much
 more than the old systems of burial,” he said.

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IDF releases report documenting Iranian efforts to build up Lebanese terror organization's guided missile arsenal.

Watch this video and shiver.... read the article and cry...
To think that the Coward Ezra Friedlander in an op-ed supported the Iran Deal ...

Remember that R' Aron Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe supported the Iranians and had his naive Satmar cowards send letters to their congressmen to support the Iran Deal!!

The IDF on Thursday revealed details on Hezbollah’s Iranian-backed precision guided missile project, days after drone attacks attributed to Israel targeted a site allegedly used by Hezbollah to manufacture missiles.

According to the IDF report released Thursday afternoon, the precision missile project was first launched six years ago, following Iranian transfers of missiles to Lebanon via Syria.
“Between 2013- 2015, under the auspices of the Syrian civil war, Iran began its efforts to transport ready-to-use precision guided missiles from Iran, via Syria, to the terror organization Hezbollah in Lebanon,” the IDF claims.

Proof of Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures

Research shows that the Bible is literally filled with remarkable linguistic nuances and unexplainable “coincidences.” 

Prof. Haim Shore, from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, has researched into the science behind these peculiar biblical intricacies. Described below are a small handful of his fascinating discoveries that relate to the question of divine inspiration of the Bible.

Let us state from the outset that Professor Shore is a self-described non-observant Jew. In an interview with Dr. Rivkah Lambert, Shore said of himself:
As a scientist, my only motivation was to reveal the truth, based on statistical analysis, based on real quantitative data. I have not tried to prove that the Torah is divine or any other such objective.
Here are a few of the coincidences Shore found in his research.

Letters in the Hebrew alphabet, like Roman numerals, have a numeric value. 

A "Storm is Brewing In Rockland" Goyim Going Crazy That Chassidim Are Taking Over Rockland

New York state’s top prosecutor Wednesday night issued a blistering rebuke of a “deeply disturbing” video posted on the Rockland County Republican Party’s Facebook page that portrays proposed housing development for the Hasidic Jewish community as a “threat.”

The Video was removed! 

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How Many Lashes Would Omar Have Gotten If she Still Lived In Somalia?

Omar and her White Boyfriend

A Washington, DC, mom says her political-consultant husband left her for Rep. Ilhan Omar, according to a bombshell divorce filing obtained by The Post.
Dr. Beth Mynett says her cheating spouse, Tim Mynett, told her in April that he was having an affair with the Somali-born US representative — and that he even made a “shocking declaration of love” for the Minnesota congresswoman before he ditched his wife, alleges the filing, submitted in DC Superior Court on Tuesday.
The physician, 55, and her 38-year-old husband — who has worked for left-wing Democrats such as Omar and her Minnesota predecessor, Keith Ellison — have a 13-year-old son together.

Day Yoimie Snippets .... Temurah 30,31,32, 33, & 34,

A great opportunity for the entire family, to share some thoughts on the daf ...  the  family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... 
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

See  previous Daf Yoimie Snippets 

This week's "Daf Yoimie Snippets Sponsored For the Refuah Shliemah of 
צארטל בת אסתר מלכה 

''דף ל' ''מחיר כלב       
Page 30 Mesectas Temurah
"The Exchange of a Dog" 

The Torah forbids the donation of the proceeds from the sale of a dog to the Beit Hamikdash

For example, if an individual acquired an ox in exchange for a dog, that ox would not be fit to be offered as a korban (sacrifice) on the miz’be’ach.

Does the same law hold true regarding donations to a synagogue? 

Is it permissible to utilize an item in a synagogue ritual that had been acquired in exchange for a dog? 

Both Rabbi Yerucham, one of the great Rishonim, as well as the Rema (Rabbi Moshe Isserles) ruled it was prohibited to perform rituals in a synagogue with any item
acquired in exchange for a dog.

Press "read more" right below to see rest of the dafim

Attacker knocks Benny Friedman's Father-in-law's teeth out with rock in Crown Heights

A 64-year-old rabbi was punched and hit in the face with a paving stone — knocking out some teeth — while on a morning walk through a Crown Heights park, cops and relatives said.

Rabbi Avraham Gopin, father-in-law of popular Hasidic singer Benny Friedman, was taking his usual stroll through Lincoln Terrace Park on Tuesday when a man threw a stone toward him just around 7:40 a.m, according to cops.
Gopin, who was wearing a yarmulke, confronted the random man — prompting him to cock back and punch the Jewish leader in the face, cops said.
The two struggled, and at one point, the unknown attacker hit Gopin with the paving stone, according to police.
The assailant took off, and Gopin went to Maimonides Medical Center, where he was listed in stable condition, but missing a few of his front teeth. He also suffered a broken nose and lacerations on his body, according to Friedman.
The Chassidic vocalist, who also lives in Brooklyn, described the entire ordeal in a series of tweets on Tuesday afternoon — saying the attacker “had murder on his mind.”
“This morning, at 7:45am, my father in law went for his morning walk, like he always does. Suddenly a man started yelling at him, and started chasing him, holding a huge brick,” Friedman said. “My FIL says there was no question this man had murder on his mind. My father in law tried to defend himself…Thank Gd, all things considered, my father in law is doing ok. Thank you Councilman @ChaimDeutsch for your help and concern. We need safer communities. Where I come from in Minnesota, this would be front page headlines. But here in Brooklyn this is just the latest event.”
No arrests have been made in connection to Gopin’s assault. The NYPD was investigating the attack as a possible hate crime.
“Has it become too dangerous for openly religious Jewish men to walk the streets of NYC?” tweeted Councilman Deutsch.
Police arrested two teens — and took two others into custody — earlier this month in connection to a string of attacks on Hasidic men in Williamsburg. The victims were between the ages of 56 and 71.

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Palestinian Finds Out His Grandmother Was Jewish So He Converts And Becomes Dati

Satmar Civil war in Bnei Brak Continues: Satmar Guys Throw Garbage On Their Own Rosh Yeshivah While He Was Dancing With A Torah ! Satmar Cancels Yurzeit of Rabbi Yoel..

As we told you on many different occasions there is now a full blown civil war in Bnei Brak within the Satmar Ahroinie faction!

The Rosh Yeshivah of Satmar in Bnei Brak is R' Chaim Tzvi Meisels, R' Aron Teitelbaum's sister's son.... a nephew!

He was celebrating a Hachnoses Sefer Torah, in Satmar Bais Medrish in Bnei Brak, and was dancing with the brand new Sefer Torah!
But that didn't stop one of the Satmars who hates his guts to dump a garbage bin in his path barely missing him !

There are other videos where you can see  a bunch of his opposition chassidim surround R' Meisels dancing very tightly around him ... so that he could barely move, then all hell breaks loose and they begin to push and shove each other ...
See bottom right ....

 See Poster Below cancelling Satmar Yurzeit 
because of the internal fights

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In Yerushalyim "Yeshiva Bochrim" Bored Because of "Bein Hazmanim" Beat the Hell Out of a Frum Cellphone Storekeeper

There is a frum guy trying to make a living on Bar Ilan Street in Yerushalyim selling Cellphones and other phone paraphernalia ...
He has been there quite awhile and makes his living from guess who?

You guessed it ... he makes a living from the Yeshivishe world who need smartphones for business etc ....

But these days of Av,  the Yeshivah bochrim are bored out of their holy Torah minds because its Bein Hazmanim .... and because of the latest tragedies, most Roshei Yeshiva warned and prohibited their students from swimming, going on hikes etc ...

What is there to do ...???

So someone came out with a great idea ...
"Let's beat the crap out of another Jew!" .....

47the Street Diamond Company Robbed by 3 Thugs in Daylight!

Armed robbers pulled off a massive jewelry heist in broad daylight in Manhattan after holding employees at gunpoint, binding them with zip ties and duct tape, then  making off with expensive items. 
The 3 Black Yeshivishe Robbers 

Three suspects robbed Avianne and Co. jewelry store in New York City's Diamond District on Sunday afternoon. 
The official value of the items stolen has not be confirmed, but NBC New York reports that a victim says it is estimated around $4 million. 
Authorities received reports of the robbery at the 28 West 47th Street location at 12.02pm. 
According to the New York Post, the suspects entered the store pretending to be customers before two of the men drew hand guns on four employees. 
In photos shared by The New York Post, surveillance footage captures the images of the alleged suspects.  
No injuries were reported.  
According to their website, Avianne and Co. is a 'world renowned as the largest single jewelry store in New York’s famed Diamond District.'
The store boosts celebrity clientele, including popular rappers like Migos, Blueface and having pieces featured in GQ. 
Authorities are asking anyone with information on the three men to help identify the suspects 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Chareidie Married to a Chiloinie ... Will Stay Together

The husband was a chilonie as well but became a baal teshuvah ..... They have 4 children that are being brought up frum ...
Go figure ... only in Israel!

Ezra Friedlander Continues Stabbing Jews In the Heart ... Brings "Fat" Nadler to Muncatcher Rebbe

Ezra sitting 2nd from the left

Ezra "capo" Friedlander sits around all day trying to figure out how to destroy Jews! 

This "Liskar" menuvel, brought the Iran loving Nadler to the Muncatcher Rebbe ....

Nadler is the Democratic Congressman that stabbed his Holocaust Survivor constituents in the heart by supporting a deal that the Muslim loving President Hussain Obama pushed.....
He’s a vile unscrupulous hypocrite and shameless liar, championing the immoral pathological agenda of the Democratic loonies A painful embarrassment to the Jewish people.
This deal now thrown in the garbage by President Trump, made it easier for the Iranian murderers that vowed to wipe our brothers and sisters off the map, to obtain nuclear weapons. 

Ezra Friedlander at the time, advocated and explained in an Op-Ed this idiotic suicidal position of Nadler!

What makes Ezra a better Jew  then the Neturei Karta gangsters ...why is he still in a shul, given aliyas  and respect by the Boro-Park frum community?

Brings this Fat Chazir whose mission now is to destroy the President, the friendliest President in US history,  to the home of a well respected Rebbe!

There is no doubt in my mind that Ezra is Me'Zerah Ameilik

Watch this pandering disgusting video and barf !
Watch how the Rebbe panders to a self-hating Jew who favors abortion, gay marriage, and other ideas blatantly anti-Torah.
I find it appalling that the rebbe is  trading his morals for food stamps and other programs!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Rina Shnerb 17 Murdered In Cold Blood by Arab Animals in Dolev

Magen David Adom (MDA) personnel were forced to declare the death of Rina Shnerb, the 17-year-old young woman injured Friday in a terror attack near the Binyamin-region town of Dolev.

Three people were injured in the attack, which occurred at the Ein Bubin spring near Dolev when a terrorist threw an explosive device at Israeli hikers.

She will be buried Friday afternoon in the new cemetery in her hometown of Lod.

Her father was moderately injured in the attack, while her 20-year-old brother suffered serious injuries.

The terrorists who threw the explosive device escaped the scene and are being hunted by the IDF.

IDF forces are chasing a suspicious vehicle which escaped the scene and is believed to be the vehicle of the terrorists who threw the explosive device. The possibility that the explosive was a grenade thrown at people hiking in the spring is also being investigated.

Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is receiving constant updates regarding the intelligence and operational efforts to capture the terrorists who carried out the attack, and will hold security meetings with top Defense Ministry officials.

Ein Bubin is also called "Danny's Spring," after Danny Gonen, a Lod resident who was murdered there several years ago by a Palestinian Authority terrorist who had requested water.

Satmar's Lies "that Jews Lived in Peace With Arabs Before Zionism" Totally Exposed and Debunked!

“Jews, Christians and Arabs lived in peace together before Zionism”  is a bald faced lie.
In order to convince their Chassidim that Zionism is bad and that Zionism was the cause of Arab hatred ..... 
Satmar lies about Jew-Arab Relations Pre-1948 ....
On a Weekly Basis, Satmar Weeklies Like "Der Goy" "Dee Bluteh" harp on their distortion of Muslim/Jew Relations Pre-State of Israel!

Satmar created this fake and false narrative to support the invented idea that Arabs are basically a peaceful people but that the Zionists instigated them ......

Satmar Wants The Muslims to take charge in Eretz Yisroel ....
Yet these very Muslims have 
...killed twice as many people in one month (5000) in November, 2014) than were killed in 350 years of Inquisition (2000-3000).
...murder more people every day than the KKK has in the last 70 years (26 since 1945).
...killed more civilians in two hours on September 11th (2977) than in the 26 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland (2236).
...massacred more Iraqis on a single day in June, 2014 (1566) than the number of criminals executed by America in the last 40 years (1423).
...killed more Americans on American soil than did the combined militaries of Japan and Nazi Germany in WWII.
...slaughter almost twice as many people everyday than were killed during the entire Salem Witch Trials (20).

These are the "people" that Satmar wants to have in charge in Eretz Yisroel!
So, here see for yourself .... the ugly history that Satmar tries to whitewash! 

The highlights:
622 - 627: ethnic cleansing of Jews from Mecca and Medina, (Jewish boys publicly inspected for pubic hair. if they had any, they were executed)
629: 1st Alexandria Massacres, Egypt
622 - 634: extermination of the 14 Arabian Jewish tribes
822 - 861: Islamic empire passes law that Jews must wear yellow stars, (a lot like Nazi Germany), Caliph al-Mutawakkil
1106: Ali Ibn Yousef Ibn Tashifin of Merakesh decrees death penalty for any local Jew, including his Jewish Physician, and Military general.
1033: 1st Fez Pogrom, Morocco
1148: Almohadin of Morocco gives Jews the choice of converting to Islam, or expultion
1066: Granada Massacre, Muslim occupied Spain
1165 - 1178: Jews nation wide were given the choice (under new constitution) convert to Islam or die, Yemen
1165: chief Rabbi of the Moghreb burnt alive. the Rambam flees for Egypt.
1220: 10s of thousands of Jews killed by Muslims after being blamed for Mongol invasion, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Egypt
1270: Sultan Baibars of Egypt resolved to burn all the Jews, a ditch having been dug for that purpose; but at the last moment he repented, and instead exacted a heavy tribute, during the collection of which many perished.
1276: 2nd Fez Pogrom, Morocco
1385: Khorasan Massacres, Iran
1438: 1st Mellah Ghetto Massacres, North Africa
1465: 3rd Fez Pogrom, Morocco (11 Jews left alive)
1517: 1st Safed Pogrom, Ottoman Palestine
1517: 1st Hebron Pogrom, Ottoman Palestine
Marsa ibn Ghazi Massacre, Ottoman Libya
1577: Passover Massacre, Ottoman empire
1588 - 1629: Mahalay Pogroms, Iran
1630 - 1700: Yemenite Jews were considered "impure" and thus forbidden to touch a Muslim or a Muslim's food. They were obligated to humble themselves before a Muslim, to walk to the left side, and greet him first. They could not build houses higher than a Muslim's or ride a camel or horse, and when riding on a mule or a donkey, they had to sit sideways. Upon entering the Muslim quarter a Jew had to take off his foot-gear and walk barefoot. If attacked with stones or fists by Islamic youth, a Jew was not allowed to defend himself. (anti-Zionist miss those days)
1660: 2nd Safed Pogrom, Ottoman Palestine
1670: Mawza expultion, Yemen
1679 - 1680: Sanaa Massacres, Yemen
1747: Mashhad Masacres, Iran
1785: Tripoli Porom, Ottoman Libya
1790 - 92: Tetouan Pogrom. Morocco (Jews of Tetouan stripped naked, and lined up for Muslim perverts)
1800: new decree passed in Yemen, that Jews are forbidden to wear new clothing, or good clothing. Jews are forbidden to ride mules or donkeys, and were occasionally rounded up for long marches naked through the Roob al Khali dessert.
1805: 1st Algeris Pogrom, Ottoman Algeria
1808 2nd 1438: 1st Mellah Ghetto Massacres, North Africa
1815: 2nd Algeris Pogrom, Ottoman Algeria
1820: Sahalu Lobiant Massacres, Ottoman Syria
1828: Baghdad Pogrom, Ottoman Iraq
1830: 3rd Algeris Pogrom, Ottoman Algeria
1830: ethnic cleansing of Jews in Tabriz, Iran
1834: 2nd Hebron Pogrom, Ottoman Palestine
1834: Safed Pogrom, Ottoman Palestne
1839: Massacre of the Mashadi Jews, Iran
1840: Damascus, ritual killings (Muslims, along with french Christians kidnapped, tortured, and killed Jewish Children for entertainment), Ottoman Syria
1840: blood libels introduced to the Muslim world from Europe.
1844: 1st Cairo Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1847: Dayr al-Qamar Pogrom, Ottoman Lebanon
1847: ethnic cleansing of the Jews in Jerusalem, Ottoman Palestine
1848: 1st Damascus Pogrom, Syria
1850: 1st Aleppo Pogrom, Ottoman Syria
1860: 2nd Damascus Pogrom, Ottoman Syria
1862: 1st Beirut Pogrom, Ottoman Lebanon
1866: Kuzguncuk Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1867: Barfurush Massacre, Ottoman Turkey
1868: Eyub Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1869: Tunis Massacre, Ottoman Tunisia
1869: Sfax Massacre, Ottoman Tunisia
1864 - 1880: Marrakesh Massacre, Morocco
1870: 2nd Alexandria Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1870: 1st Istanbul Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1871: 1st Damanhur Massacres,Ottoman Egypt
1872: Edrine Massacres, Ottoman Turkey
1872: 1st Izmir Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1873: 2nd Damanhur Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1874: 2nd Izmir Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1874: 2nd Istanbul Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1874: 2nd Beirut Pogrom,Ottoman Lebanon
1875: 2nd Aleppo Pogrom, Ottoman Syria
1875: Jerba Island Massacre, Ottoman Tunisia
1877: 3rd Damanhur Massacres,Ottoman Egypt
1877: Mansura Pogrom, Ottoman Egypt
1882: Homs Massacre, Ottoman Syria
1882: 3rd Alexandria Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1890: 2nd Cairo Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1890, 3rd Damascus Pogrom, Ottoman Syria
1891: 4th Damanahur Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1897: Tripolitania killings,Ottoman Libya
1903&1907: Taza & Settat, pogroms, Morocco
1890: Tunis Massacres, Ottoman Tunisia
1901 - 1902: 3rd Cairo Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1901 - 1907: 4th Alexandria Massacres,Ottoman Egypt
1903: 1st Port Sa'id Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1903 - 1940: Pogroms of Taza and Settat, Morocco
1907: Casablanca, pogrom, Morocco
1908: 2nd Port Said Massacres,Ottoman Egypt
1910: Shiraz blood libel
1911: Shiraz Pogrom
1912: 4th Fez , Pogrom, Morocco
1917: Baghdadi Jewish Inquisition, Ottoman empire
1918 - 1948: law passed making it illegal to raise an orphan Jewish, Yemen
1920: Irbid Massacres: British mandate Palestine
1920 - 1930: Arab riots, British mandate Palestine
1921: 1st Jaffa riots, British mandate Palestine
1922: Djerba Massacres, Tunisia
1928: Ikhwan Masacres, Egypt, and british mandate Palestine.
1928: Jewish orphans sold into slavery, and forced to convert t Islam by Muslim Brotherhood, Yemen
1929: 3rd Hebron Pogrom British mandate Palestine.
1929 3rd Safed Pogrom, British mandate Palestine.
1933: 2nd Jaffa riots, British mandate Palestine.
1934: Thrace Pogroms, Turkey
1934: 1st Farhud Massacres, Iraq
1936: 3rd Jaffa riots, British mandate Palestine
1936: 2nd Farhud Massacres, Iraq
1941: 3rd Farhud Massacres, Iraq
1942: Mufti collaboration with the Nazis. plays a part in the final solution
1942: Struma disaster, Turkey
1942: Nile delta Pogroms, Egypt
1938 - 1945: Arab collaboration with the Nazis
1945: 4th Cairo Massacres, Egypt
1945: Tripolitania Pogrom, Libya
1947: Aden Pogroms
1947: 3rd Aleppo Pogrom, Syria
1948: "emptying" of the Jewish quarter of Damascus, Syria
1948: 1st Arab Israeli war (1 out of every 100 Jew was killed)
1948: Oujda & Jerada Pogroms, Morocco
1948: 1st Libyan Inquisition of Jews
1951: 2nd Libyan Inquisition of Jews
1955: 3rd Istanbul Pogrom, Turkey
1956: 1st Egyptian Inquisition of Jews
1965: 5th Fez Pogrom, Morocco
1967: 2nd Egyptian Inquisition of Jews
1967: Tunis riots, Tunisia