Thursday, August 29, 2019

A "Storm is Brewing In Rockland" Goyim Going Crazy That Chassidim Are Taking Over Rockland

New York state’s top prosecutor Wednesday night issued a blistering rebuke of a “deeply disturbing” video posted on the Rockland County Republican Party’s Facebook page that portrays proposed housing development for the Hasidic Jewish community as a “threat.”

The Video was removed! 


Anonymous said...

The hassidim would be much worse if the only some goyim tried to moved into Kiyas Yoel. Kol Sheh'kayn if the goyim would try to take over Kjiryas Yoel.

You think it was bad vs the Zaloinim.

When the hassidim take over it is termed as "religious freedom".
When the goyim take over then it "anti-semitic".

And Don't think for a moment that the hassidim don't talk among themselves about the goyim so nicely. Again. Thats 'Religous freedom".

"Ahlles fhar a poor dallah in Parnooseh".

Anonymous said...

The video was poorly handled and the optics are bad but truly, there is nothing inaccurately said.