Thursday, August 22, 2019

Williamsburg "paskevelim" Expose SATMAR Hypocrisy

So finally serious Satmar Chassidim, the ones who really care about Satmar Mesoireh, are exposing the blatant hypocrisy of the Satmar Rabbis! 

Just last Monday, the reliable DIN, posted a story that exposed this very hypocrisy! 

Both feuding Satmar Rabbis, scream and rant every Shabbos by their Shalosh Seudah Toirelich that the Zionist State of Israel "shmad" young innocent children....

They never mention the fact that this is exactly what they are doing all for the mighty dollar ...

What happened was that the Satmar Rebbes caved in and decided to forego the Satmar Shitah and follow BOE guidelines that requires secular subjects to be taught ..
Satmar is doing this so they will not lose Federal and State funds which amount to millions of dollars ...

So the Shitah can be bought and sold ... but only if it pertains to them ...
But when it comes to the Zionist State they bark, scream and yell, protest and make asifas in Manhattan .....

Well, some of their own had enough and called them out on it ...

Loose Translation of poster:

Harav Meir Porish (Zionist MK) would be dictating our  Holy Chinuch?
Harav Yaakov Litzman (Zionist MK) would be dictating our  Holy Chinuch?
Harav Yisroel Eichler (Zionist MK) would be dictating our Holy Chinuch?
Belzer Rebbe sat with the Reform Abie Shick Yemach Shmo?
Kloizenberger Rebbe sat with the Reform Avi Shick Yemach Shmo?
Gerer Rebbe sat with the Reform Avi Shick Yemach Shmo?

How many protests would have been organized?
How many speeches condemning this would have been given?
How many would be screaming in the streets? How many pages dedicated to this would have been printed in DER YID?

But if the "SHEIGATZ" is our very own.... Then everyone is quiet!

Rabbeinu Hakodosh the Va"YOEL MOSHE from Satmar said when the Zionists attempted this:
"Look what the Jew Haters are doing with our children, and no one protests"

If SATMAR Makes $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ then there isn't any protests ....

Loose Translation of poster:

There is bitter Edict (by the BOE) 
And everyone is quiet
The truth is being hidden
The truth is not being told

This is not being done in Eretz Yisroel!
and it is not coming from the Zionist Yemach Shemom!

Who are these Rabbanim that are trying to keep the truth hidden?
Harav Shteinman?
The Chief Rabbi?

No ....
this is being done right here in our very own backyard!

The Reformer Avi Shick is making agreements and compromises on our backs !

All because they do not want to lose Government Funds 
"Money answers all" 

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