Tuesday, August 20, 2019


The body of the late Rabbi Joshua Ben Paz z’l, father of two from the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem and a student in Rabbi Shalom Ber Sorotzkin’s Kollel, was found on the night between Monday and Tuesday, after having drifted into a turbulence off the Dolphinarium beach in Tel Aviv.
The body was found and pulled out of the water with assistance from a police water motorcycle hours after divers had been summoned by friends of the deceased on Monday night.Police have launched an investigation into the circumstances of the incident, with the initial suspicion being that the young man hit the rocks while swimming.

MDA paramedic Daniel Goss, who was at the scene throughout the night, said: "Near midnight, we were called to a possible drowning near the Dolphinarium. An intensive care unit arrived at the scene, seeing a 25-year-old young man who was upset. He told us that he and another young man were swimming in the sea when, at one point, he heard his friend screaming, after which he immediately disappeared into the water. 

"He explained that he left the water to call for help. Naval police, helicopters and a large force arrived and searched throughout the night. 

There were also family members, friends and citizens who came to help. This morning, close to 10 a.m., an MDA team pulled from the sea a 25-year-old youth with no signs of life and had to declare his death."

MDA added that: "We urge all citizens not to enter the sea in any way on unspecified beaches, and certainly not at night, when there are no lifeguards on the beach."

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Chafraud Depravitch said...

"with the initial suspicion being that the young man hit the rocks while swimming."

change that to:

with the initial suspicion being that the young man was swimming after midnight when no lifeguards were present, violated beach rules, and was foolish beyond belief by entering a turbulent sea of darkness.

Too bad all this man's Torah learning didn't give him an ounce of common sense. Oh well, let's just use the religious cop-out "it was God's will." Riiiiight. Tell it to the new widow and orphans.

Meanwhile, one of the sheeple at Yeshiva World News comments:
"Torah is compared to water.
What message is Hashem trying to send us?
Are some children “missing” from being in the sea of Torah?"

Someone should provide some intervention for that fool before he becomes the next news story.