Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Why Are Yeshivah Boys and Yungelite Denying the Holocaust ???

From EmailimBaTorah 

ואהבת את ה' אלוקיך
 - שיהא שם שמים מתאהב על ידך-- אבל מי שקורא ושונה--ואין דבורו בנחת עם *הבריות, מה הבריות אומרות אליו, 
או לו לפלוני שלמד תורה או לו לאביו-- או לו לרבו-- כמה מקולקלין מעשיו וכמה מכוערין דרכיו וכו' (יומא פ"ו ע"א) 
In most civilized western countries, Holocaust deniers are not tolerated. In some countries, it is a criminal offense.

Even the אומות העולם understand that denying the Holocaust is a most offensive and hurtful type of antisemitism. 
Holocaust victims and their families after suffering through this nightmare of torture and killings who are told to that it never happened or it happened but wasn't as severe as they claim it was, is an extremely painful type of antisemitism.
Unfortunately, there are groups of Yeshiva Bachurim & Yungerleit who are ביודעים ובלא יודעים "Frum Holocaust deniers". 

**There are even some counselors training young children in
camp to become Holocaust deniers.
When demonstrators shout at the police "נאצים" (Nazis)
that is Holocaust denial

If a Jewish policeman who has his job to do to keep the demonstrators in an area so as not to block traffic etc. (even if he is overly rough etc.)  is being compared to a German SS Nazi who was part of the killing machine of six million, who tortured millions who starved millions who slave labored millions, that is the ultimate רשעות one can do to the Holocaust Kedoshim, survivors, their 
children, and to every thinking Yid.
You may be a Neturei Karta, Satmar, Peleg, etc. and you have the full right to demonstrate against the Zionist State.

However, you may not be a Holocaust Denier. It is your responsibility to make sure that the non-Frum Tziyoinim won't say 
 או לו לפלוני שלמד תורה 
"Woe is to this person who
learned Torah "וכמה מכוערין דרכיו "and how ugly are his ways".
יהי רצון שנקיים מצוות ואהבת את ה' אלוקיך ויהא שם שמים מתאהב על ידינו                                                         
*בריות refers to עמי הארץ non שומרי תורה ומצוות
**Some camps have an activity for the children  demonstrating against the Zionist Medina, They carry placards and shout Givald, Shame shame Israel and NATZIM

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