Monday, August 5, 2019

Satmar Bnei-Brak Call Zionist Police On Their Own Chassidim As Civil War Erupts Again

I have to laugh, Satmar is a gift that keeps on giving!

As we posted on May 20, 2019 , The Ahronim in Bnei Brak are in a massive civil war ....... 
For awhile there was a truce, but that collapsed last night when one of the factions headed by R' Aron Teitelbaum's nephew, R' Chaim Tzvi Meisels  called the Zionist cops on some of his opponents, (his own relatives) claiming that they removed and stole the security cameras..

Here see the posters smeared all over Israel claiming that the Meisels factions committed the greatest crime in Satmar history by calling the Zionists!


ah-pee-chorus said...

I don't speak yiddish but the last word written in White says it all.

Anonymous said...

On the end of the day the Satmars support and feed the Zionist economy more then many other groups.
The Rebbehs come with millions of dollars to "teil ous far deh aneeyim" - to dole out to the poor people.
The poor people come to Americah to collect for all their needs - usually to make a wedding and buy an apartment.
The Satmars in America send millions and millions of dollars to The Kollelim in "Palastine" (Never Israel in their circles).
Thus the Zionist are laughing all the way to the bank and further. satmar money makes thinks go around and around in the whole of Israel.

frum but normal said...

Jewish Kapos always turned on each other,let's hope both factions are successful in wiping each other out'
These savage barbarians have been doing this for the last 90 or so years,they have been savaging each other going back in Satmar,even there the Hungarian police had to be summoned to keep these barbarians from killing each other.