Friday, August 2, 2019

J-Lo Defies Satmar and Goes to the Kotel

JLo in the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem Israel


cyrano said...

Perhaps, just perhaps, the Satmar Rebbe was prescient enough to know that the Kotal Hamaarivi, which is sometimes called the Wailing Wall, shall change from a site that represents the totally tragic history of the Jewish people, to a place of utter frivolity.

The Kotel is a holy place. To us Jews it is the only holy place in the material universe. Visitors from members of the entertainment industry promote and project the antithesis of such Kedusha. It is not in our power to prohibit these "celebrities" from presenting themselves before the Kotel. It is in our power to be displeased about it.

Abe said...


Thank God it’s not in your power, because if your type ever came to power, prohibiting J Lo from presenting herself at the Kotel would be the least of our problems.

cyano said...

Dear Abe,

Being that it is the Nine Days, we learn from the Talmud that Titus entered the Holiest of Holiest and performed there an act which others might describer as an expression of tenderness towards his female companion.

Tell me how would you or any of your "type" react when coming to power.

Personally I have responded to your comments on a nu8mber of occasions and until now, always with deference and respect even when debating your viewpoint. I don't understand why you refer to me as "your type", when you don't know me at all.

If you disagree with my viewpoint, it might be more productive if you could present an argument as to why I am wrong. Who knows? You might even get me to change my mind.

Dusiznies said...

Are you comparing J-Lo coming to give respect to the Kotel, to Titus having sexual relations in Kodesh Kadashim?

How crazy are these Yeshivisha meshagaim? ....

I'm not defending Abe, but you are so far from the mark ......

The Bais Hamikdash wasn't destroyed because of Titus' act .... it was destroyed because of Frum Jews not being able to tolerate other Jews with different opinions..