Thursday, August 8, 2019

Frummies back Litzman, after allegations he helped pedophile

The "alleged" Pedophile Leifer and her Savior Yaakov Litzman

Guys ....
What does it take in the frum world, to condemn a  guy that  encourages sexual predators... ??
How many children have to victimized and their lives destroyed until we wake up and throw predators and their protectors out of our communities?
Ultra-Orthodox and right-wing lawmakers threw their support behind Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman Tuesday after police recommended he be indicted for using his office to protect an alleged sex offender and bribe officials to keep a restaurant open despite health concerns.
At the same time, opposition lawmakers offered only mild criticism of the deputy minister, and there were no public calls for him to resign.
Police on Tuesday said Litzman should be indicted on charges of fraud and breach of trust for using his office to illicitly provide assistance to teacher Malka Leifer, who faces 74 charges of sex abuse in Australia.
According to police, Litzman pressured officials in his office to change their psychiatric assessments of alleged sex predator in order to prevent her extradition to Australia.

Police also said that, in a separate case, Litzman attempted to pressure officials in the Health Ministry in order to prevent the closure of a food business whose owner “he is close to” — a closure that had been ordered due to “serious sanitary findings found that led to the sickness of a number of people who ate from its products.”
UTJ party lawmakers expressed wall-to-wall support for the leader and head of its Aguda faction, including from the head of the equally powerful Degel Hatorah faction.
“From my many years of acquaintance with Rabbi Litzman, who lives very modestly, I have no doubt that these are false suspicions and that it will be proved that he did nothing for his own benefit at all but only for the benefit of those who approached him,” Degel Hatorah head MK Moshe Gafni said, adding that, given the proximity to September’s election, “The timing of the release of police recommendations is strange and raises questions.”
A United Torah Judaism official told The Times of Israel that the allegations would have “absolutely no bearing” on either Litzman’s future place in the party or his role in the election campaign. Asked if the nature of the allegations, given that they involve helping an accused pedophile, bothered anyone in the party, the official responded, “We don’t believe the allegations. That’s the bottom line.”
The Shas party issued a similar statement of backing, saying that the party “affirms its support of Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, a faithful public envoy who has dealt with requests from the public for decades and left his door open to all.”
It added: “We are sure that his innocence will be proven and that justice will soon be revealed.”
Earlier in the year, the TV channel had reported that police were investigating suspicions that Litzman and his chief of staff pressured a psychiatrist, Moshe Birger, to ensure that another imprisoned sex offender close to Litzman’s Gur sect of Hasidim was placed in a rehabilitation program. Participation in the program can lead to furloughs and early release from prison.
Police said Tuesday that they had not found sufficient evidence to prosecute Litzman on his suspected assistance to other alleged pedophiles
Leifer, a former school principal who is wanted for alleged sex crimes in Australia, is known to have links to the Gur community, having once taught at a school in Israel affiliated with the branch.

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