Wednesday, August 14, 2019


A treif restaurant in upstate New York has been using a fake hechsher and causing dozens of Jews to eat non kosher food this summer.

24-hour Bistro, located at Resort World Casino in Monticello, New York, is a completely treif eatery that has been tricking frum Jews into eating their food by hanging up a fake kashrus certificate. 

The outdated sign was brought to the restaurant by a conniving worker who got it from New York.

The expired certificate, issued by Rav Yisroel Gornish shlit”a of Khal Chizuk Hadas in New York in 2017, belonged to the now defunct La Cuisine restaurant, formerly located on the corner of East 19th Street and Avenue M in Brooklyn, NY.
Additionally, a few items on the 24-hour Bistro menu have been marked kosher despite there being no indication that any hashgacha were given their stamp of approval on the kitchen.
There have already been multiple instances of Jews eating at the restaurant due to seeing the fake sign without giving it a closer look.
Rav Gornish is aware of the situation and is working tirelessly to have the management remove the phony hechsher and raise awareness of the matter to stop more Jews from being nichshal.

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