Thursday, August 1, 2019

Meah Shearim Fanatics Chase Out Their Own Elected Deputy Chareidie Mayor With "Sheigatz Arois"

Sikrikim on Wednesday afternoon, 8 Shevat, attacked Deputy Jerusalem Mayor Yossi Deutsch during the afternoon hours. The Yahadut Hatorah deputy mayor was not injured. The attack occurred near the Slonim Yeshiva in Meah Shearim.
According to a Kikar Shabbos News report, Deutsch was compelled to hide in the Avner barber shop as would-be assailants stood outside shouting at him. They accuse him of informing authorities of the identities of those hanging pashkavilim against induction into the IDF.
As Deutsch was making his escape from the barber shop, some tried to prevent him in the hope more protesters would come to their aid. This was the second attack against him in Meah Shearim in recent weeks.
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat called on Jerusalem Police Chief to personally order an investigation into the attack and bring the attackers to justice.


Anonymous said...

Nir Barkat is not the mayor of Jerusalem.

fyi said...

And 8 Shevat was quite a while ago.