Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Jennifer Lopez lands in Israel in her first ever visit to the country

Pop-diva Jennifer Lopez landed in Israel on Tuesday ahead of her first ever performance in the country due to take place at Tel Aviv HaYarkon Park on August 1.

DIN Staff was told that J-Lo is not "makpid" about doing a  music concert in the 3 weeks ...her spokesman added that "nowhere in the entire Talmud or in the entire Shulchn Aruch is it written that one cannot play or listen to music in the 3 weeks.."

She pointed out that the Chasam Sofer ( writes that the halacha of משנכנס אב ממעטין בשמחה  refers to only one halacha which is "Not to build a בנין של שמחה in the 9 days..... not the 3 weeks. 

All other restrictions, halachically doesn't even start on Rosh Chodosh Av but starts at the beginning of the week of Tisha B'av שבוע שחל בו .... 
and this year since Tisha Be'ov is on a Sunday we don't even have a שבוע שחל בו .... so where do the 3 weeks come from?

DIN explained to her spokesman that, number one ...the restrictions do start from Rosh Chodesh, which will be this Thursday night, when she will have her concert, because since we are Ashkenazim,we follow the minhag Rema that says 
ואנו נוהגין להחמיר 

DIN also added that we actually do have a minhag not to listen to music in the 3 weeks even though it's takeh not explicitly written in the Shulchan Aruch...

We know this from a Pri Megadim that says that someone who makes a living playing for goyim may continue to play in the 3 weeks... which is mashmeh that Jews had a minhag not to play or listen to music in the 3 weeks.

Also the Rema 551:2 and 4 writes we don't do weddings in the three weeks ... even though the Mechaber only holds .....  שבוע שחל בו 
So if we cannot do weddings which is a mitzvah we certainly cannot do concerts according to the Ramah.

During these intense halachic discussions, J-Lo piped in... and quipped .... "if I were Jewish I would have been a Sfardi ..."

DIN didn't get to discuss with the J-Lo team Kol Isha!

Lopez, who goes by the moniker J-Lo, was accompanied by her fiancé Alexander “A-Rod” Rodriguez, a former professional baseball star, and her 11-year-old twins from her marriage to singer Mark Anthony.
This is the 50-year-old singer’s first time visiting the country.

The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer came out of the plane wearing a leopard-print crop top and a matching pair of leggings with oversized sunglasses covering her face.
The concert in Israel - as part of her “It’s My Party” world tour - is one of only five live shows to take place outside of North America.

She is considered one of the world's biggest pop stars, who during her last musical tour sold over 1 million tickets and some 80 million records worldwide.

The pop star is set to take the Tel Aviv's stage at 8:45pm this Thursday.

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