Monday, July 1, 2019

Mental Health of Three Generations Has Been Harmed by the Holocaust

The physical effects of the Holocaust are still present in the brains of survivors’ grandchildren, research suggests.
The mental health of at least three generations of the same families was potentially damaged, say scientists, suggesting that the environment that one lives in can affect your offspring’s genes.
The study presented at a meeting of the European Academy of Neurology in Oslo was based on 56 people aged 79 and 80, half of whom survived the Holocaust. 
It found that survivors had significantly less grey matter, or neurons, in areas of the brain responsible for stress response, memory, motivation, emotion, learning and behaviour.
Lead author Professor Ivan Rektor, from Masaryk University, Czech Republic, said: ‘Early results show this is also the case in children of survivors, too.’
The findings may lead to descendants being offered therapy to help them cope with the emotional legacy of the genocide, Professor Rektor added. 
Further research will identify markers of stress resilience and post-traumatic growth and will determine whether transmission to offspring is based on behavioural, psychological or genetic factors.

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!חטאים האלה בנפשותם said...

"Three Generations Has Been Harmed"

רש"י: בנים אשר יולדו להם "דור שלישי" - ושאר האומות מותרין מיד, הא למדת שהמחטיא לאדם קשה לו מן ההורגו, שההורגו הורגו בעולם הזה, והמחטיאו מוציאו מן העולם הזה ומן העולם הבא, לפיכך אדום שקדמם בחרב לא נתעב וכן מצרים שטבעום, ואלו שהחטיאום נתעבו. "צרור" - כמו זכור שמור לשון הווה עליכם לאייב אותם. ע"כ -דברים פרק כג פסוק ט.

One hundred and twenty years after declaring it Judaism’s ‘Enemy No.1' ultra-Orthodoxy has effectively surrendered to the Zionist idea. 

Menachem Begin, was as simple as it was sincere: unlimited draft deferments, generous budgets and senior government positions in return for a long-term alliance between ultra-Orthodoxy and the right..