Wednesday, July 31, 2019

9 year-old Tzvi (Hersh) Elimelech Yechiel Michel Grossman Drowns in Water Park

A terrible tragedy struck the Boro Park community on Tuesday, when word spread of the drowning of a young child.
Tzvi (Hersh) Elimelech Yechiel Michel Grossman Z”L (son of R’ Moshe and Mrs Shaindel), 9-years-old, was on a camp trip with the Belzer Talmud Torah to the Sahara Sam’s Water Park in West Berlin, NJ, where the tragedy occurred at around 7:30PM. The park had been rented out, and there were multiple camps at the park (Vien, Pupa and others).
Emergency personnel did everything they could to save his life, and Paramedics transported the child to Virtua Voorhees, where he was unfortunately Niftar.

Misaskim of Philadelphia, Lakewood, and NY are working closely with law enforcement to ensure proper Kavod Haniftar.
Law enforcement kept the other camps as well as all staff members at the scene (in their buses) as they determine how this tragedy happened. They were finally released at around 10:30PM. The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office is on scene investigating.


? said...

Did Chasidim like this rent out water parks years ago?

Seems like a modern thing to me.

Analysis said...

The modernization of certain shtreimel wearing Hasidim.

I don't think more devout groups, like Satmar, do such things though.