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Askanim at the Funeral of Harav Weiss Warn Beit Shemesh Residents Not to go Near His Casket!

To the extremist right wing Chareidim, the 9 days mean absolutely nothing, they see fit to continue with their endless bickering and fake piety. 

Since "officially" they don't own smartphones, the askanim established a phone number to keep the sheep informed on a minute-by-minute basis where the levaye was and how it was progressing. 

The phone recording had a message for Beit Shemesh residents that live in the Ramat Avraham section:

"Don't go near or (G-d Forbid) touch the casket! "

The dispute goes back at least 9 years when a developer by the name of Golobnezitz decided to put up a development in Beit Shemesh and called it "Ramat Avraham." The minhag is that when a developer chooses a site to build, he informs the Asra Kadisha mafia, and they supposedly inspect the site to make sure that there are no Jewish bones around. After the developer shells out millions of shekels the mafia gives the developer the permission to proceed.

This Golobnezitz or whatever he calls himself decided to bypass the mafia and brought down Raavad of the Eida Hachreidis, R' Moshe Shternbuch Shlita to the site, and after doing a thorough inspection R' Shternbuch ruled that the site was kosher, no Jewish bones anywhere close. He even wrote a lengthy "teshuva" to support his ruling. R' Chaim Kanievski was also approached about this issue and after looking into the situation, ruled that the site was "kosher." 

The Asra Kadisha Mafia went berserk and forced and intimidated the Gaavad of the Eida Hachreidis, the now deceased R' Tuvia Weiss z"l to overrule his partner in the Eida, R' Moshe Shernbuch, which he did.

But R' Moshe Shternbuch refused to back down and gave the signal to the developer to continue building, which he did and built a brand-new town called Ramat Avraham where thousands of Beit Shemesh residents live. 

The Weiss followers started protesting at the development on a daily basis and intimidated even the little children of the residents on their way to school. These protests continue to this day; the crazed Weiss followers will not do any shidduchim with those living in Ramat Avraham.

When the Weiss followers saw that they were totally ignored by everyone, they began a violent harassment campaign against their very own Harav Shternbach, a Rav of their Eida Hachreidies.  For example, they went and stole Rav Shternbuch's "shaalos & teshuvois" from nearby shuls and set them all on fire in front of Rav Shternbach's home ala Krystal Nacht. Another example, when Harav Shternbach visited Williamsburg a few years ago, he had to stop his visit midway, because the police warned him that they could no longer protect him from the crazed Satmar mobs, who were backing the Asra Kadisha Mafia under the jurisdiction of Harav Weiss z"l. Rav Shernbuch wasn't fazed and even had one of his children move to Ramat Avraham for good measure. 

Even though the Ramat Avraham residents basically defied the Gavvad Harav Weiss z"l they still respected him as a tzaddik, after all R' Weiss was the Gaavad of the Eida Hachreidis. They felt that they were following Daas Torah by moving into the development, following the repeated rulings of Harav Shternbuch Shlita who was and still is the Raavad of the extreme Eida Hachreidis.

Now that Rav Weiss passed away during the 9 days, the Weiss followers decided to continue the minhag of their ancestors the notorious Kamtaza bar Kamtza (minyani de'yoimie) and issued a "fatwa' against the residents of Ramat Avraham, Beit Shemesh, that they stay clear of the levaya and the casket. 

As of this writing the extremists have not named a successor, which is usually done at the levaya.

Earlier this morning, there were clashes between a group of Eida Hachareidis who came to participate in the funeral procession and police forces near the rabbi's house in Jerusalem. The extremists called the police "Nazis" and "murderers".

 Just that you know, the residents of Ramat Avraham are followers of the Eida Hachreidis and are extremists themselves. 

זו טריפה וזו נבילה 

 *בית שמש חדשות*

*במהלך הלווית גאב"ד העדה החרדית כעת:* הודעה חריפה בקו הטלפוני של העדה החרדית בה מוזהרים מי שמתגוררים בשכונת 'רמת אברהם' (גולובנציץ) בבית שמש שלא להתקרב או לגעת במיטת הגאב"ד. (שפר)

Why? Why Are We Allowing This in Our Communities? Why?


The Hidden Truth_Trailer from HG Distribution on Vimeo.

Disturbing... Watch American Children Being Indoctrinated to become Martyrs


Reb Luzy Steinmetz of Flatbush Passes Away

The Flatbush community as well as the rest of the world suffered a tremendous loss on Friday afternoon, when long time Flatbush resident Rabbi Luzy Steinmetz Z”L was Niftar after battling a long illness.

Luzy may have just been in his mid forties, but his accomplishments surpassed his age. He was a long standing Mispallel at Khal Bnei Torah led by Rav Bentzion Shiffenbauer. He was a graduate of Yeshiva Torah Temimah and a talmid of Yeshivahs Mir in Yerushalayim and Yeshiva Torah Vodas in Flatbush.

Luzy encompassed all 3 pillars that we learn about in Pirkei Avos; Torah-Avodah-Gemilas Chessed.

He embodied Torah as a long time Daf Yomi Magid shuir, as well as always ready to enlighten his friends and those around him with a good vort.

His Avodah was something to admire. His tefiila and kedushas Bais Hamedrish was admirable. His Simchas Hachaim was obvious to all who knew him, every day and especially on Shabbos.

Lastly, Luzy was a tremendous Baal chessed without ever needing recognition. His chessed helped many people in need, all without mention that Luzy was behind it all.

Rosh Chodesh Av is a day that the Mishnah writes “we begin to diminish joy” as we enter Aveilus for the 1st and 2nd Bais Hamikdosh. Rosh Chodesh in general is a day of celebration, and even though it’s the beginning of the 9 days of mourning, we still say Hallel and celebrate the day as we do every Rosh Chodesh.

It is also the Yartzeit of Aron Hakoen, who was a rodef shalom.

It is no coincidence that Luzy’s passing is on Rosh Chodesh and sharing the same Yartzeit as Aron Hakoen.

Luzy was a true Rodeph Shalom, someone who always had a smile on his face and filled the room with joy.

May this Rosh Chodesh be a new beginning, a beginning of Gueula, a beginning of building the Bais Hamikdosh quickly.

Levaya for ר’ חיים אלעזר ע”ה בן ר’ שמשון אריה נ”י will take place Sunday at 11am at Shomrei Hadas and Kevurah will be in Eretz Yisroel.

May His family, friends and all those that knew him have a Nechamah.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

US Has Only 800 Billionaires but Biden Hires 87,000 IRS Agents ????


Rabbi Yitzhak Tuvia Weiss ztz"l, the head of the Eidah Hachareidit, has passed away


The Ga'avad of the Eidah Hachareidit of Jerusalem, the head of the haredi Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem, Rabbi Yitzhak Tuvia Weiss ztz"l, has passed away at the age of 95.

Rabbi Weiss had been hospitalized in serious condition for several days before passing away during Shabbat, in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in the capital.

A decision regarding the time of the funeral will be made shortly; it will be held either on Saturday night or on Sunday.

Rabbi Weiss served as Ga'avad for 19 years, moving to Jerusalem from Belgium in order to take on the position. He was born in what was then Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia), and escaped the Holocaust by being placed on the famous Kindertransport and arriving in London, where he remained for many years, becoming a prominent rosh kollel and later the rabbi of the Etz Chaim synagogue.

Rabbi Weiss moved to Antwerp where he lived for 37 years and became a dayan (rabbinical judge) on the Antwerp Beit Din (rabbinical court). In 2003, he was selected as Ga'avad of the Eidah Hachareidit of Jerusalem, to replace his predecessor, Rabbi Yisrael Moshe Dushinsky ztz"l.

May his memory be for a blessing.

Political correctness helped turn monkeypox into a global emergency

 Watch as the cannot say the word "Gay" when it comes to Monkeypox

 In late May, Conde Nast’s LGBT site went out of its way to distance a nascent viral scourge known as monkeypox from the main demographic who was catching it — gay men. 

The piece headlined, “The Monkeypox Virus Is Affecting Queer Men, but Has Nothing to Do With Being Queer,” stated that “while a large fraction of those infected in [the] current global outbreak identify as gay or bisexual men… there is no correlation between the identity and the illness.

“Blaming the gay community or gay behavior,” it concluded, “is not sound public health.”

Last week, the World Health Organization declared monkeypox a full-scale global emergency as the disease has spread rapidly in just three months. In late May, 100 people reportedly had the virus; now there are more than 18,000 cases worldwide, with nearly 4,000 in the US alone, according to the CDC

New York state is also now calling monkeypox an “imminent threat.”What you need to know about Monkeypox

Anyone know this guy?

 By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

The person pictured above, Mordechai Ovadia, has left his wife without a Get for ten years.  He has been missing for the past eight years.  His wife has no way of contacting him.  There is a Seruv out on him, and he appears in the weekly column of the Jewish Press of those under a Seruv.  But unless someone who knows where he is reaches out, then Mrs. Ovadia will be stuck- never to be able to halachically remarry.

Recalcitrant husbands and their supporters must ask themselves – is this what Hashem wants?   Do they and their supporters want Jewish women, particularly those who are dedicated to observing Jewish law, to suffer more than other women in their position?  Ten years is an incredibly long time.

Also, what have they accomplished over all of this time?  Have they enamored themselves to their children?  To others?  Have they created Kiddush hashem?

So please, if you do see him or know where Mordechai Ovadia is – contact one of the organizations that deals with these things such as  or  Ora –

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Zera Shimshon Mattos Massai


Chareidim told by Jordanian Border Guards to cut of their Peyos before Entering Jordan

I have to laugh.
 Chareidim hate the Zionist Government and would rather live under the Jordanian Government. In fact a big rebbe wrote a sefer where he suggests that Eretz Yisrael should be either under the UN auspices or under Jordanian rule. What an idea! Some people today repeat this nonsense. 

A group of Haredi tourists denied entry into Jordan on Tuesday claim that they were humiliated by the Jordanian border guards, who demanded that they cut off their payos [sidelocks]. However, the Israel Airports Authority (IAA), which oversees the Yitzhak Rabin Crossing, claims that group members were “disruptive” and attempted to bring food across the border in violation of a Jordanian ban.

The group was on its way to visit Jebel Haroun, traditionally believed to be the burial place of Aaron the High Priest.

The IAA put out a statement saying that “A group of Haredi Israelis were not allowed into Jordan because of disruptive behavior at the border crossing to Jordan in response to Jordan’s refusal to allow them to bring food with them. “Despite warnings by border terminal staff, they decided to take the food with them,” the IAA said.

Haim Goldberg, a writer and photographer for the Haredi news site Kikar HaShabbat, said that the Jordanians on duty at the border crossing told the group that only after they cut off their peyot [sidelocks] would they be allowed into the country.

“I’m with a group of Haredim who are stuck at the Jordanian border, and what’s happening here is delusional,” wrote Goldberg.

“We arrived at the crossing on time, but the moment the Jordanians picked up we were Jewish, the trouble started. The Jordanians are trying to ask people to cut off their peyot. Everyone here is undergoing humiliating searches, while those who don’t look Jewish are allowed to cross without any problem. The only disturbance at the Jordanian border that the IAA spokesman talked about in the press release was by the Jordanians, who use force against anyone who takes pictures or wants to,” he continued.

Every year, a few hundred Haredim visit Jordan at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Av to take part in a modest ceremony honoring Aaron, Moses’s older brother and the first High Priest. Long-standing tradition holds that Aaron is buried at Jebel Haroun in southwest Jordan, near Petra.

Tuesday’s incident was not the first time the Jordanians have allegedly refused entry to visitors clearly identifiable as Jews by their dress or ritual objects.

Rabbi Yaakov Herzog, who calls himself the rabbi of Saudi Arabia, posted a video in which he explains that Jewish visitors can bring tefillin and prayer shawls into Jordan, despite them being banned.

“This week is the yahrtzeit of Aaron the High Priest, and of course people want to go to Jordan to visit his grave,” said Herzog. “You know that frequently, the Jordanians make problems over tefillin, prayer books and other Jewish items. I was at the border this week and they tried to do the same thing to me. I insisted, I sat with them for hours, and I proved they have no law about that,” he said.


London Community Hires Guards with Dogs to Protect their Eirav from the "eirav rav"


The Chareidie extremists are becoming bolder and bolder, because the "oilim goilim" would just ignore them and say that they are just a bunch of "mashigaim." 

In Israel they damage equipment worth millions of shekels, equipment that is used to build the Light Rail. They block traffic every single day. The inmates have taking control of the asylum. This is happening because the silent majority does absolutely nothing. It is going to get a lot worse if we don't eradicate these parasites from our midst.

ובערת הרע מקרבך

In London, these bearded "eirav rav" don't want the community to live in harmony. If you don't hold from the Eiruv, don't carry. What is it your business if someone else has their own poisik that ruled that the eiruv is just fine?

If a goy would have ripped down the eiruv, we would all be screaming. 

Time to take back the streets from these barbarians. 

With the outbreak of coronavirus, an Eiruv was established in the Tottenham district of London for the first time, due to the need to make minyanim in unfamiliar places which did not previously have an eiruv.

The eiruv was established by the Kedassia Beis Din of London which provided halachic authority for the eiruv. However due to pressure from various groups opposing the eiruv, the Kedassia decided to delay the establishment of the eiruv. However those who initiated the eiruv said that it was already running and found another rabbi who is an expert in eiruvin to provide authorization for it.

The Kedassia requested a two-week break to add extra stringencies to the eiruv and afterwards the eiruv continued to exist for the past two years despite some incidents of vandalism by extremist elements.

Currently there are some 1800 chareidi families in the Tottenham district. Initially only women would carry but now almost everyone including Satmar and Bobov chasidim use the eiruv.

The Kedassia eiruv relies on two parks and a river nearby to create three mechitzos (borders) and make the eiruv even more halachically valid. However there are three streets which fall outside the three mechitzos and required a separate solution. These streets made their own eiruv in the meantime until Kedassia found a solution for them. However Kedassia did not like the ad hoc eiruv and some extremist elements affiliated with Kedassia attempted to vandalize the eiruv. In response, local residents hired a guard company to protect the eiruv.

In another situation which arose in the neighborhood, a local woman not included in the “three mechitzos” who needed an eiruv established one on her own street with the help of certain local rabbis and hired a company with guard dogs to protect the eiruv. Local elements opposed to the new eiruv removed the wooden board at the entrance to the street but the woman placed it minutes before shabbos and this enabled her and the other residents to carry on shabbos, although there were a number of arguments and fights between those who opposed the eiruv and those who favored it.

The London askanim are working hard to solve the problem and establish the final borders of the eiruv to include those streets which are not part of the three mechitzos. This will hopefully defuse tensions between those who favor eiruv and those who oppose it.

Belzer Rebbe Mocks Satmar Rebbe by Visiting with President Herzog


R' Zalman Leib, Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg suggested that the Belzer Rebbe is an "apikoras" for taking money from the "Medina" this past week. The Belzer has a long memory and remembers very well when Satmar called him "ym"s a word reserved for Hitler ym"s when he visited Boro Park some 40 years ago. Yesterday the Belzer Rebbe met with the Zionist leader the Honorary President Herzog in apparent slap at the Satmar Rebbe's 'Naarishe" drasha that was filled with "shteesim and havalim." 

Israeli President Issac Herzog met with the Belzer Rebbe at his home on Wednesday.

UTJ MK Yisrael Eichler also participated in the meeting.The two discussed a variety of topics, including Ahavas Yisrael, especially during Bein Hameitzarim.

Herzog gifted the Rebbe with a biography of his illustrious grandfather, Chief Rabbi HaRav Yitzchak HaLevi Herzog, which includes an account of the rescue of the Belzer Rebbe HaRav Aharon of Belz and his brother, Rav Mordechai of Bilogray, from Nazi Europe.

Rav Herzog was instrumental in obtaining the necessary documents for the Rebbe’s entry to Eretz Yisrael. When the Rebbe finally reached Aleppo, Syria, HaRav Herzog, who was then on a secret trip to Turkey to rescue Jewish children, especially arranged the trip so he could greet the Rebbe in Aleppo, where he was again instrumental in assisting the Rebbe by intervening with the Syrian authorities.

Rabbi Mutzafi: 99% Of Beggars Aren’t Paupers, Hoard Money For Themselves


DIN: I don't agree with the rabbi, I believe giving to anyone who stretches out his arm . A shekel won't hurt anyone.

 During a question-and-answer session which took place Wednesday night with Rabbi Bentzion Mutzafi, a prominent Sephardi posek, he was asked about giving charity to beggars.

The woman who asked said that she tries to be tight on expenses and to maintain caution in spending her husband’s hard-earned money. However her husband gives money to every beggar and buys things for others who promise to return them and sometimes forget to. She asked whether her husband is obligated to give to beggars.

Rabbi Mutzafi responded that “99% of those who beg for money are not paupers and don’t use the money, they have ‘hoarding syndrome’ and like ants gathering food, they wish to accumulate money for themselves.”

Rabbi Mutzafi added that “more than two thirds of them use the money for alcohol, drugs and other evil vices, may G-d save us from them. It is forbidden to give them any money.”


Thursday, July 28, 2022

Suspect named in case of missing child Moishe Kleinerman


The name of a suspect in the case of missing teenager Moishe Kleinerman was cleared for publication Thursday. The suspect has been identified as 35-year-old Jerusalem resident Salmon Abramov,

Three suspects have been arrested in the case so far. The names of the other two suspects have not been cleared for publication. On Monday, the Judea and Samaria District police arrested the third suspect, who has been known to hang out in the area around Meron where Moishe was seen. He was interrogated throughout the night, but did not provide any information that led to any new developments in the case.

Moishe Kleinerman, a 16-year-old boy from Modi'in Ilit, has been missing for 124 days, since Lag B'Omer when he visited Meron, where the grave of the Talmudic sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is located.

Last week, Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai said: "We will not give up until we discover what happened to Moshe and where he is. The Israeli police, as in any case of a missing person, certainly one who is at risk, invests a great deal of effort in trying to locate him. "

"The Judea and Samaria District is carrying out,, together with all relevant factors, all the necessary actions. This is a complex investigation that began with a report of his disappearance, and although he has been seen in the Meron area in the past, we do not rule out any place around the country where he may be and in our working assumptions all directions are being examined. The starting point is that Moishe is alive. We will continue our efforts to locate him and invest large forces to this effect alongside the other tasks of the Israel Police. "

Zelensky the Ukrainian Going After the Jews Now


Three powerful and prominent Jews in Ukraine appear to have had their citizenship stripped as their long-simmering conflict with President Volodymyr Zelensky has reached a boiling point amid the war with Russia. Last week, Zelensky reportedly either revoked or took steps to revoke the Ukrainian citizenship of two of the country’s best known oligarchs, Igor Kolomoisky and Hennadiy Korban, as well as that of Vadim Rabinovich, a former tycoon turned opposition lawmaker.

The three men are among the wealthiest Jews in Ukraine, and the official reason for the move appears to be that they hold foreign citizenship — including in Israel. Dual citizenship is technically illegal in Ukraine but is widely tolerated in practice.

Several alternate theories are also circulating, including that Zelensky is purging oligarchs with checkered pasts in an effort to prove to the United States and other Western countries that Ukraine has no tolerance for corruption.

Big Rebbe Has interesting Havdala Minhag



Bein Hazmanim Starts in Bnei Brak with Blocking Traffic for Innocent Fellow Jews

 No one knows what the protest was all about, but it doesn't really matter since they have no idea what to do with their free time. They cannot surf the internet, they cannot own smartphones, they cannot swim or do exercize so why not disrupt the lives of their fellow Jews in the spirit of the upcoming 9 days. 

In the video below towards the end you can see some chassidim get out of their stopped vehicles to knock the crap out of them 

זו תורה וזו שכרה

Parents of boy killed in Car Accident Claim That This Was a Deliberate Act of Arab Terrorism


The six-year-old boy who was killed in an accident on Highway 60 near the Ma’ale Levona junction on Wednesday evening is Matan Zinman from the town of Shvut Rachel in the Binyamin region.

Matan was supposed to begin first grade in a month.

A preliminary investigation revealed that a Palestinian Arab vehicle crossed into the opposite lane and collided head-on with the vehicle in which Zinman was traveling with his mother and three brothers.

The mother, Rivka Zinman, and her four children were all evacuated for treatment at hospitals in Jerusalem. Matan arrived at the hospital in critical condition. Doctors fought for hours to save his life, but he ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

The mother is in moderate condition, a 12-year-old girl is in serious condition, a 10-year-old boy is moderately injured and a six-month-old baby is lightly injured.

Rivka Zinman, who was driving the car with her children, said from the hospital on Wednesday evening, "We were driving on Highway 60 to a family gathering in Ariel. Suddenly a white Palestinian car emerged from the opposite lane and sped in front of me. I slowed down but the Palestinian car sped up. I realized it was going to hit me head-on and I was unable to stop. The collision was at an enormous speed. I lost my Matan to Arab terrorism on the road."

The professional teams of the Binyamin Regional Council and the community of Shvut Rachel are looking after the needs of the family and the community. Social workers are accompanying the family members in the various hospitals.

Rabbi Shalom Cohen who Called Kipa Seruga Wearing Jews .."amaleikim" now wants Yeshivois to throw out Students who have a Smartphone


Rabbi Cohen is the leading Sephardi Rabbi and is also the Rosh Yeshiva of the Porat Yosef and Avnei Nezer Yeshivois but what is important to mention is that he is the spiritual leader of Shas the Sephardie political party founded by R' Ovadia Yosef z"l.

He is known to make outrageous comments such as stating that Frum Jews that are Shoimrei Torah Umitzvois who wear Tefillin every day and who scrupulously observe mitzvois but who wear a knitted wool kipah, are "amaleikim."

 In 2014, at a "Yom Tefilah" rally during the Israel-Gaza conflict, he told the open-mouthed soldiers that were starving for some words of chizuk  "Do you think that Israel needs an army?" this during a war that killed 85 young IDF soldiers and wounded 2,639 some with lifelong injuries.

 He also issued a "fatwa" prohibiting Chareidie woman from undertaking post-high-school studies at academic colleges.

Now what's interesting is that if you asked any Satmar Chasid or Toldos Aaron Chassidim what they think of Rabbi Cohen, they would un-doubtedly answer that he is a "meen and apikoras" since he is the leader of the Shas Party that sits in the Zionist Knesset that Satmar call a "gathering of meenin and apikorsim"

So why did he make this comment at this time? 

Rabbi Cohen, as we saw above, cannot control himself and "shoots from the hip" so to speak, and doesn't want anyone recording his outrageous comments. 

Ahead of the new school year, Avnei Nezer Yeshiva dean Rabbi Zamir Cohen met with the head of Shas' Council of Torah Sages, yeshiva dean Rabbi Shalom Cohen, who warned of the "dangers of technology" in the yeshiva world.

"A young man who has an iPhone should be removed from the yeshiva, since this is the root of all the corruption and damage to all the students in the yeshiva, and even to the desecration of Shabbat (the Sabbath), my G-d spare us, stem from this," Kikar Hashabbat quoted Rabbi Cohen as saying.

Advocates for secular ed in Yeshivas file another complaint against DOE


Advocates for improving secular education in yeshivas are upping the pressure on New York City to release findings from its yearslong investigation into Hasidic schools.

Young Advocates For Fair Education, or YAFFED, filed a formal complaint this month demanding the city Department of Education publicly acknowledge if its investigation has concluded or is ongoing.

“It’s time for the city to come clean on the status of this investigation and to begin enforcing these basic standards in all schools,” said Naftuli Moster, founder and executive director of YAFFED, at a press conference Wednesday.

The complaint was filed July 13 with the New York State Education Department. It demands to see records and remediation plans from the DOE, and also alleges the department’s apparent inaction “harms parents and students of the named schools by depriving them of the ability to make informed decisions with respect to education.”

Donna Lieberman of the New York Civil Liberties Union and State Sen. Robert Jackson were among the leaders to call for more transparency on Wednesday — seven years since YAFFED filed its first complaint alleging dozens of yeshivas failed to offer basic academics.

Earlier this summer, a New York state judge ruled that city and state education agencies must complete their investigations into the yeshivas. The decision came as a number of religious schools have sent 180,000 letters to the education department opposing draft guidelines for increased state oversight into the institutions.

The DOE declined to comment on “ongoing investigations and litigation” — while state education officials said it could not comment on pending appeals that Commissioner Betty Rosa oversees.

Rabbi Pichas Weberman of Miami Passes at 93


  One of Miami’s most famous, and well-respected Rabbi has passed away.

Rabbi Pinchas Weberman, died Wednesday at the age of 93.

A pioneer for the Miami Jewish community, and his vast knowledge of Torah, Weberman founded in 1960 the Ohev Shalom congregation of Miami Beach, and was the synagogue’s head rabbi for over 54 years. In addition he also taught at the Yeshiva Gedola of Miami, Toras Chaim of Miami, and the Bais Yaakov of Miami,

In 2015 his Shul made national headlines, after a Muslim convert was arrested after walking into his Synagogue and threatened the congregants.

Weberman established in Florida Mikvas, and was a fixture in the Jewish community as a spiritual advisor for many.

Weberman was well respected by many Government officials and received dozens of awards over the years.

The Rabbi was a chaplain for Miami Beach Police for decades and was also the founder and visionary of the Miami Beach Eruv Council.

Rabbi Weberman is the author of “The Rabbi’s Message,” containing over 200 original sermons, lessons and homilies themed to the Jewish calendar as well as lessons for daily life.

Weberman’s wife Glady’s Lea (Green) died last year, he leaves behind more then 15 children.

Weberman’s body was escorted this morning, by Police to the Airport for funeral in NY, and burial in Israel.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Satmar Rebbe Attacks Belzer Rebbe Quotes the"Vayoel Moshe " That said that those who align themselves with the government are "Meenim & Apikorsim"


What did the Belzer Rebbe do that was so bad? 

 He decided to have Math & English taught in his elementary schools thereby giving his institutions vital funds from the Israeli Government. This according to the Satmar Rebbe means that he is aligning with the Zionists "meenim & apikorsim" which make the Belzer a "meen & apikoras"

What the rebbe didn't mention is that the Satmar Rebbe had his staff fill out mandatory forms, required by the New York Board of Education stating under the penalty of perjury that Math, English etc are in the Satmar curriculum thereby making his schools eligible for City, State and Federal funds, which they presently receive. Satmar is currently fighting New York State because the State now wants Chareide Moisdois to introduce Science, Bio and LGBT ideas. 

So, in other words, its ok for Satmar to take government funds but it is not ok for Belz to take government funds to teach the exact same subjects that Satmar claims is being taught in their schools. The "meenim & apikorsim" phrase that the rebbe uses against Belz is truer in New York where the threat of government intervention is very real and they are now battling with the help of the Zionist Agudah of America, apikorsehe studies such as Science, Bio and LGBT Studies, etc.

 Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg (R' Zalman Leib )  launched a fierce attack against those who wish to change the way of chareidie education that has been practiced for generations, in light of the publication about the agreements reached by representatives of the Belz Chasidim with the Ministry of Education, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Finance Lieberman about special budgeting for educational institutions that meet special criteria relating to secular studies at a higher level.

A loose translation of the above speech which was delivered in Yiddish (I only translated the pertinent parts, he also dragged in the Chasam Sofer)

Agudah's New MK Goldknopf Will work with Gantz as PM, Demands Finance Ministry Willing to give up all Settlements


This "shady" Goldknopf character and his rebbe are willing to sell their tainted souls to the devil and align themselves with Gantz who is on a mission to give the entire Judea & Samaria to the Arabs. Goldknopf doesn't care as long as he gets his sweet position as a finance minister.

You would think that this "spodik" would want a position that would put him in charge of "Public Transportation" giving him the power to make sure there will be no "Chillul Shabbos" but as I said before the frummies don't care about shabbos and don't give two aguroth about girls being drafted. 
Goldknopf who treated his staff with utter contempt when in charge of his Bais Yaakov, wants to be near the "shissel" near the sweet honey pot of $$$$$!

Agudat Israel’s and the Gur dynasty’s candidate for the Knesset Rabbi Yitzhak Goldknopf was interviewed by Channel 12 on Tuesday night and discussed with Haredi journalist Yair Sharkey the break with Lithuanian politician MK Moshe Gafni, the talks with PM wannabe Benny Gantz, and what it’s like to enter parliamentary politics at the ripe old age of 72.

Yitzhak Issachar Goldknopf (born October 30, 1950) is the candidate chosen by the central faction in Agudat Israel to replace Yaakov Litzman in the next Knesset. Goldknopf is an askan (activist) of the Gur Hasidic movement, secretary of the rabbinic committee for the sanctity of Shabbat, CEO of the Beit Yaakov and Beit Petahia kindergartens and daycare centers, and in the past served on the Jerusalem Municipality Council.

“When the Gerrer Rebbe called me and told me: ‘I have decided that you will be president of Agudat Israel in the Knesset,’ I answered ‘Hineni’ (Here I am)” said Goldknopf, using the same word Abraham used when God was seeking him on the eve of the Akeida of Yitzhak.

“When Benny Gantz called me to congratulate me, I told him I thought the best thing is to enter the Knesset at an old age,” he told Sharkey. When the latter asked him about cooperation with Gantz should the Netanyahu bloc fail to obtain 61 mandates, Goldknopf said it’s possible, but quickly clarified: “I don’t know what to say, I defer to the Council of Torah Sages.”

He also ruled out any cooperation with Prime Minister Yair Lapid: “We don’t go with Lapid, you know the beatings we got from him,” Goldknopf said.

From the start of his political career, Lapid stated that the middle class could no longer bear “the burden of the Haredi public” and promised to work to integrate them into the army, the civil service, and the labor market. In 2013, after he was appointed Finance Minister, he cut about half the budget for Haredi yeshivas and planned to cut the government and municipal budget for Haredi schools and to cancel it completely if they do not participate in the core curriculum program. He promoted the “Equal Burden” bill and threatened to dissolve the government if yeshiva students who refused to enlist in the IDF did not face criminal sanctions. He passed a gradual change in the rules for the state’s participation in the expenses of daycare centers and nurseries, according to which the father’s Kollel studies would no longer qualify as an alternative to working. He also introduced the gradual elimination of income guarantees for families with many children. He announced that the law he initiated exempting VAT payment on newlywed couples’ purchase of an apartment would only apply if they served in the IDF or national service. His 2015 budget proposal (he was ousted by PM Netanyahu in 2014) included eliminating the annual NIS 25 million funding for the construction of new religious buildings.

The Haredi response, understandably, was livid. Lithuanian leader Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman called Lapid Amalek, in other words, the enemy of the Jewish people and God. It may be the reason Goldknopf has been saying he desires the post of Finance Minister in the next government.

“There’s still no medic who could dress these wounds for us,” said Goldknopf, possibly hinting it would take a Haredi Finance Minister such as himself to dress those wounds. He did concede that “Lapid has changed direction, and he may change his direction even more, and his people are also trying to talk to us, but from that to making him the prime minister it’s a long way.”

Goldknopf mentioned that Netanyahu called him and congratulated him, and did the same on Twitter: “I didn’t know what Twitter was, they taught me until I learned to say it right. They told me I was famous on Twitter.”

Goldknopf’s immediate challenge, before deciding who would be the next prime minister, is to make peace within the United Torah Judaism faction, especially with the man he is replacing at the helm, MK Moshe Gafni, who is reluctant to vacate the post. Goldknopf said he and Gafni had not talked and that he was yet to call the seasoned Haredi politician, but clarified: “If I had something to say – I would call him. If he wanted to tell me that he wanted the top spot or he’s walking – he would have called me.”

By the way, all things being equal, Gafni had a stellar reputation as chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee. Perhaps the Haredi Finance Minister should not be Hasidic but Lithuanian…

Regarding the recent rapprochement between Lapid and Gafni, Goldknopf said that “apparently he had something to talk about with him, and he had nothing to talk about with me,” and added that the Council of Torah Sages announced regarding Lapid and his second-largest Yesh Atid party: “Don’t talk to them, don’t call them, don’t be in contact with them.”

He denies accusations in the Haredi world that as the CEO of kindergartens and daycare centers, he habitually fires his staff (that’s about 12,000 individuals) at the end of each year, to prevent them from gaining seniority. He claims those charges are baseless since everything he does is based on sound managerial decisions.

Schmaltz, shmaltz.

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