Thursday, April 21, 2016

Yoka Rov passes on !

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of the Yoka Rov, Rav Chaim Yeshayahu Koenig zt”l. He was 90 years old.
The rov led his bais medrash on 55th Street in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

A Thought on The Hagadah

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The Pesach Hagadah ...
by Shmuel knopfler

The Hagadah commences with shame & he ends with praise ...
Why are we starting with shame?

Normally a nation would pride itself with a glorious past
not with disparaging remarks.

We are not no remind the convert of his checkered past.
The Maharal points out that in order for a person to ascertain his
current position he must look into his past from where he came from.

This is an integral part of Hakaras Tov, simple gratitude.

A third of the Jewish people were decimated 70 years ago.
Today we are resuscitated in our own land with the language of our ancestors.

What a contrast to the abyss we came from.
This is a clear & open miracle of HaShem.
Our physical & spiritual revival manifests itself both
on an individual as well as on a national level.

חג כשר ושמח

IDF Generals Not in Touch With Israel Citizens!

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Moshe Yallon Israel Defense Minister
by Caroline Glick
It's been along timing in coming, but it finally happened.

The IDF General Staff has lost the public trust.

This is terrible for the General Staff. But it is more terrible for the country, because the public is right not to trust our military leaders. They have earned our distrust fair and square.

The final straw came in less than optimal circumstances.

But such is life. Things are never cut and dry. On Purim, Sgt. Elor Azaria killed a terrorist in Hebron as he lay on the ground, shot, following his attempted murder of one of Azaria’s comrades.

Still today, we don’t know whether Azaria acted properly or improperly. He claims that he believed the terrorist had a bomb beneath the heavy jacket he was wearing in the middle of a heat wave.

Azaria claims that he shot him because he feared that the terrorist – who was moving – was trying to detonate the bomb. This view was shared by emergency personnel at the scene caring for the wounded soldier.

But even before he had a chance to tell his story, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon had already declared Azaria guilty of murder. Based on an initial field investigation and a snuff film produced by the European-funded anti-Israel group B’Tselem, Eisenkot and Ya’alon excoriated Azaria and pronounced the soldier, who was decorated for his service just last year, a rotten apple.

Polish guy acting as a Rabbi is a Catholic ex-cook!

polish rabbi
Jacek Niszczota
I'll bet he was yelling at his mispallalim not to talk during davening!

Not too long ago they found out that a Soifer In Lakewood was a gentile and assimilated very well into the community and was made an "eid" for many weddings!

This could never ever happen in shuls that the mispallalim talk during davening!
Now don't get me wrong, I think people when they come to shul should daven and keep their mouths shut ....
But in a zero tolerance "no talk" shul environment, people are very cold and don't care about each other ...
There I said it!
"How can you say something like that" "Why ..... even the tumedeka blog THE YESHIVA WORLD is constantly showing tumedika videos of Rabbonim screaming how important it is not to talk during davening? "

Well ... relax folks ....
In my shul there is no way that a guy could pass himself as a soifer or a Rabbi, without being questioned where he came from, who are his parents, family, occupation etc....
Because in my shul people are nosy ...and want to know everyone's business .... in a shul like that these shenanigans would never happen!
But in a town like Lakewood where if a person in shul asks someone ..the time... they give him cold freezing stares just like in a Church, then a guy who is a Catholic priest could pass himself off as a Frum Jew as long as he can  twist his large thump when told a dvar Torah! 

There has to be a happy medium .....

But why a Catholic ex-cook would want to pass himself off as a Chasiidishe Rebbe is beyond my understanding ..... he must have made one mean chulent ...and I'm confident that his kishkeh wasn't too shabby either!
His herring? ......I'm not going there!

Mashgiach Badmouths Manischewitz Matzos and the OU After they fired him

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Horowitz  feels the temperature just before sheets of unbaked matzo enter a massive oven at the matzo production line at the Manischewitz manufacturing facility in New Jersey.
R' Yaakov  Yitzchok Horowitz

Just about a year ago in 2015 this "Chuchim feen dee Ma Nishtana" R' Horowitz, the OU mashgiach of the Manischewitz plant, praised Manischewitz as the most kosher matzah, saying that the Matzah manufactured by Manischewitz is the “most efficient and halachically advanced line in the world.” ...... that was a year ago .... 
now that the OU kicked him out on his proverbial butt, he "whines" that the Matzos haven't been so kosher since 2009!

I think that what happened is that, the "heimishe hashgacha" guys went ape when they heard that Manischewitz is  distributing Welch Grape Juice with an OU, cutting into the monopoly held by Kedem....
So to badmouth the OU they got to this "tam" and had him talk "loshon hara" against the OU!

Watch the video below and you decide whether Horowitz is a blithering idiot, certified liar or on the take from the "heimishe Hashgachos"!

This, my friends, is the Heimishe Hashgacha business and it's no wonder people are disappointed with our Rabbonim..

City freezes funds for Shomrim

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Nice afikomin present! 
The article below says that Shomrim raked in $425,708 since 2010 in city funding .... that doesn't include $30,000.00 in contracts funded earlier!
I'm really in the wrong business!

Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein Praises IDF

Notice that this is news when it should really be that every Rav should be praising the IDF.
Instead you have Rabbonim like the Arabs demeaning and looking away when Jewish children throw stones on the frum soldiers ...

Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein Shlita, a member of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of Degel Hatorah expresses words of praise for the IDF. 

Rav Zilberstein, who is the rav of the Ramat Elchanan neighborhood of Bnei Brak praised the IDF, explaining military authorities permit chareidi soldiers to attend shiurim that he gives. It is added the chareidi soldiers do not eat the refreshments provided them for the shiur as the IDF makes certain they receive a mehadrin diet. 

The rav added there are sentries around the building while he gives the shiur, no less than around an army base.
“I want to praise the IDF, I really want to commend it for providing the opportunity for 40 soldiers to come and take part in the shiur” Kikar Shabbos News quotes Rabbi Zilberstein saying. When one of the participants said “It is like this every year” the rav responded “And they aren’t entitled to praise every year?”

Rabbi Zilberstein explains the army gives 100 soldiers each year but this year only 40, citing it was most likely not possible to send more. 

The rav added that not only are the refreshments sent for the soldiers edible, they a ‘mehudar’ and sent specially for the shiur participants. He is quoted adding the military receives meat with the best hechsher in the world. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Child Hit By Car in Boro Park Gets Pinned Under Vehicle....Child in Serious condition.


This afternoon, a child was hit by a car going down 54th Street, near 13th Avenue, in Boro Park, Brooklyn.
The impact of the collision was so strong that the child was propelled and landed under an adjacent parked car. The child was pinned under the car and was extricated by Hatzolah paramedics.



Reichberg hosted his bungalow colony on a cruise and had NYPD helicopters flying over

Jeremy Reichberg, 42, leaned on his cop pals to arrange the bizarre gesture to impress nearly 100 people on the boat at some point last summer, sources said.

Just when you thought you heard everything, along comes another story that makes the previous story look like nothing!

Most of the regular shmegegies that I know, struggle financially to bring their families to the mountains for a breath of fresh air.  They do everything and work long hours so that the  toddlers that are  cooped up all winter in tiny apartments, can run around in the open spaces of the bungalow colonies.
Wives can sit around in circles to gossip while their respective broods enjoy the freedom that the bungalow environment provides.

But if you were lucky enough to be last summer in Monticello in Reichberg's bungalow colony, you would have had a bonus! He had his entire colony on a "all expense" catered cruise, and if that wasn't enough, he had NYPD helicopters circling the boat.

This should come as no surprise since this is the  SHIT'h planted in the minds of Jews by their Rebbelich, who tell them that America is not "Chutz Le'aaretz, they they are not in Golis! 

The Rebblich tell them time and again just like the Rebbelich in Europe pre WW2, that they have to wait for Moshiach until making Aliyah. This understanding, is not anywhere in the entire Torah and not in 99% of Rishonim. 

In fact the opposite is true, the Ramban says that Yishuv Eretz Yisroel, B'zman Hazeh, is a mitzvas Esseh De'orisah, and he adds that Jews must do everything in their power to conquest the land from the gentiles!
But the Rebbelich with their beautiful Shuls here in the US don't want to lose their flock, so they feed them these lies. 
Those lies doomed the Jews in Europe pre WW2.
But today, we all have access to the thousands of seforim that pre WW2 Jews did not have; Seforim that write that Jews belong in Israel ...
and if you cannot make Aliyah ... at least don't feed lies and deception to those who do.

This contempt of Eretz yisroel embedded by our Holy Leaders directly led to this newest scandal!
Chassidim totally believing that they control New York City and they can get away with felonies with impunity!

Human limbs may have evolved from shark gills

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At least we know where all the money donated to the University of Cambridge goes ....
You see, not only Kollel guys learn all day ...University students are shteiging away too , with new chidushim!
Up until now University students were taught that they came from monkeys .... but now they will have to dump that theory..... and learn that they come from a fish!
No wonder a herring fresser stabbed his friend at a kiddush .... the guy was eating his grandmother!

When I was a child learning in a Chassidishe Yeshivah, the Rebbe actually told us the same thing ... This theory is not new in Chassidus! 
They told us that some fish are the same neshama of tzaddikim and that's why we eat fish on shabbos...and when we make a bracha on the fish (I don't make a bracha on fish, because I wash) then it is a tikkun for the Tzaddik that was incarnated into the fish ...
Get it?       ..... I thought so.....

Pesach thoughts: A tale of two cities

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by Rabbi Nachman Kahana
Picture a frum (observant) family at the Seder night, living in any one of the great Torah centers in the galut - Flatbush, Boro Park, Lakewood, Los Angeles or southern Florida.

The home of Reb Sender and Mrs. Rayza is impeccable; the result of the great time and energy, not to speak of the huge outlay of money which the expeditious and skillful ba’alat ha’bayit (woman of the house) has devoted to it.

The sofas and arm chairs in the sitting room that look so inviting, were it not for the thick plastic covers which insure that the upholstery retains its "new" look.

The five-meter-long dining room table is covered with the finest Irish linen table cloth. In the middle of the table stands the imposing sterling silver candle sticks handed down from mother to daughter for generations. The china is the finest Rosenthal, with each plate delicately rounded off with a band of gold. The silverware has been put away in favor of goldware in honor of the great night.

The cowardly smear campaign against Rabbi Pruzansky

by Rabbi Avraham Gordimer 
I am not defending the substance of his essays (here and here, I might agree or disagree with them but what I am writing here would be valid in any case. He could be dead wrong on every point,even though his presentation was based on studies and analyses – but they could be wrong as well.
However, there is something entirely different going on –

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Yiddish Bernie Ad reads "A Vote for Bernie will Defeat Zionism"

Yes my friends there are Chassidishe Heimishe Askanim that are pleading with constituents to vote for Bernie Sanders because he hates Zionists and will "fulfill Palestinian demands" to hand over Eretz Yisroel to the Arab murderers and rapists!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Kiryas Yoel has been "antagonizing the gentiles" since 1994

Satmar accuses Israel of "Hisgaarus Be'Umois" .... antagonizing the Gentiles....
Well watch this old clip of 1994..... 
Also notice that Meir Wertheimer the spokesman of KJ, says (2;47 time mark) that in KJ the "Children learn the Satmar philosophy and Satmar Religion" 
No mention of Jews or the "Jewish religion"
as I have said time again and again that Satmar Philosophy has nothing to do with Judaism and admitted here on this clip!

Reichberg and Rechnitz arranged prostitutes on a private plane for the NYPD ...with them on board

I guess the cops needed a gabbai on board ... So the Boro Park askanim used a private plane owned by Rechnitz and hired a zoineh to entertain them .... nu nu what we don't do for the Moisdis Ha'Torah!

Shomrim leader Shaye Lichtenstein busted amid NYPD corruption probe

Lichtenstein in center

I was always amazed that the same Gedoilim that are against Frum Bochrim joining the IDF are all for them joining Shoimrim!
Never understood that! 
I guess by backing Shoimrim, the Rebbelich get a motorcade when they travel to the airport with lights flashing and are able to pass red lights with impunity hands washes the other!
Another question: where did this Lichtenstein guy get 1 million dollars to bribe the NYPD?
I know he charged the guys with the keys, $18,000.00 to get them gun permits ... but where did he get 1 million dollars to front his operation?

Rabbi Pruzansky .... his side of the story!

by Rabbi Pruzansky

Only in the mind of the modern feminist can an orthodox Rabbi advocate for pre-marital sexual abstinence and be deemed a rape apologist. 

Such was the peculiar response in some precincts to my “A Novel Idea” (readers are advised to click the link before going on).

16 wounded in Jerusalem bus bomb attack

Jerusalem bus explosion

Sixteen people were wounded in an explosion on Monday, which hit Egged bus line 12 on Derekh Hevron and Moshe Baram Street in the southeast of Jerusalem, not far from Kibbutz Ramat Rachel.

Police later confirmed it was indeed a bombing attack, in apparently the first bus bombing of the current\  terror wave, although they have yet to specifically define it as an act of terror.

Kapo on Alenby the story of the Jewish Kapos in WW2

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The Yated this past week had excerpts of a new book called "Kapo on Alenby"  written by Holocaust Scholar Itamar Levin.
The excerpts discussed the Jewish Traitors during WW2.
But for some reason the  Yated refused to name the collaborators, even though the book clearly did.

When one hears the word “Kapo” perhaps the term “Capo de tutti capi” comes to mind a term usually in reference to a mafia Godfather hearkening back to the Roman legions. Unfortunately for many Israeli’s and Jews around the world the word “Kapo” carries a far darker meaning.
Holocaust scholar Itamar Levin in his new book, “Kapo On Allenby” details the indictment, prosecution, and conviction of Jews living in post World War II Israel for their crimes as ‘Kapo”. The German translation of “Kapo” is a prisoner functionary in a Nazi prison camp who was assigned by the SS to supervise forced labor or carry out administrative tasks in the camp. The system was designed to turn victim against victim. Many “Kapos” were recruited from violent criminal gangs and were known for their brutality towards other prisoners.