Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Human limbs may have evolved from shark gills

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At least we know where all the money donated to the University of Cambridge goes ....
You see, not only Kollel guys learn all day ...University students are shteiging away too , with new chidushim!
Up until now University students were taught that they came from monkeys .... but now they will have to dump that theory..... and learn that they come from a fish!
No wonder a herring fresser stabbed his friend at a kiddush .... the guy was eating his grandmother!

When I was a child learning in a Chassidishe Yeshivah, the Rebbe actually told us the same thing ... This theory is not new in Chassidus! 
They told us that some fish are the same neshama of tzaddikim and that's why we eat fish on shabbos...and when we make a bracha on the fish (I don't make a bracha on fish, because I wash) then it is a tikkun for the Tzaddik that was incarnated into the fish ...
Get it?       ..... I thought so.....

Human limbs may have originated from shark gills, according to a study published Tuesday that backs up a once discredited, 138-year old theory.
Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that human limbs — like fish gills — grow thanks to a gene named after Sonic the Hedgehog, which got its name from a researcher whose daughter was a fan of the video game character. The gene controls a protein that affects the growth and placement of human digits during embryonic development.
“In a hand, for instance, Sonic hedgehog tells the limb which side will be the thumb and which side will be the pinky finger,” Dr. Andrew Gillis, one of the study’s authors, told The Mirror Online.
Studying skates, a cartilaginous fish that closely related to sharks, the researchers found that the hedgehog gene dictates the growth of gill support structures, called branchial rays.
“Those rays are really behaving like digits, developmentally,” Neil Shubin, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago, told Gizmodo. “Essentially what [Gillis] is seeing is that some of the genetic processes that build and pattern gill rays are fundamental to the formation of limbs with fingers and toes. That is a very interesting insight.”
The new revelations, published in the journal Development, bolster German anatomist Karl Gegenbaur’s 1878 theory.
Gegenbaur speculated that fins and limbs were connected because of anatomical similarities — something that was largely refuted due to a lack of fossil evidence.


Unknown said...

The fish you are portraying is a Kosher fish with scales & fins ... not that of a shark.
The characteristics of Kosher fish is that they swim upstream against the current with their fins & scales which act as a armour mesh in cold weather.
The Jewish people have similar characteristics.

Skverrorist said...

Is that a talking fish?

Anonymous said...

No wonder a herring fresser stabbed his friend at a kiddush .... the guy was eating his grandmother!
DIN,this is one of the funniest line i have ever read,literally was rolling on the floor from laughter
thanks a million

Gerrorist said...

What kind of herring was that stabbing over in Australia?

Pickled or Matjas?

shvantz said...

If Cambridge researchers really want to see mutations they should check out some of the filthy mikvas that have live herring or G-d knows what growing in them.

Anonymous said...

What about the talking fish of New Square? What was he talking about?

New Square Fish said...

Soif Bu

Anonymous said...

That nut in the Skverrer fish gesheft pulled off a pretty convincing stunt. He scared the daylights out of the Mexicans working there. There was a hilarious NY Times interview with one of the Mexicans. He complained he couldn't sleep or eat, between still shaking in fear from the fish to being pestered with phone calls at all hours from Spanish-speaking rabbis around the world who wanted to hear a first-person account from him.

A major Litvishe rosh yeshiva called the Rebbe to ask him what's going on. The Rebbe told him the fish guy is a known baal dimyon.