Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ezra Friedlander says it's ok for Kasich to link Pesach and the blood of Jesus

Jews have known to be smart, but apparently we have our share of dummies too! 
Ezra "The Kapo" Friedlnader is Hillary's chief Tuches Leker, but somehow  he managed to weasel himself into Kasich's Boro Park Republican campaign.

Kasich, the Ohio Governor visited Boro Park to try to steal some Jewish Trump voters but instead made a bunch of boo boos' 

The first major mistake was to get The Kapo Ezra to be his publicist on this visit. 
Who can ever forget when "The Kapo" told Boro Park Holocaust survivors that the Iran Deal was a good thing for the Jewish people and backed Jerrold "The Fatso" Nadler, who voted for the deal!

When the Ohio Governor, Kasich, a Roman Catholic said:

“The great link between the blood that was put above the lampposts. The blood of the lamb, because Jesus Christ is known as the lamb of God. It’s his blood, we believe …”

Friedlander in an interview with th JTA said about Kasich's statement :
“He’s very knowledgeable and he takes his religion very seriously, In context, I thought it was appropriate.”

The dummy, Friedlander will do anything for money, even to say that Kasich was "appropriate" to link Jesus with Pesach!

I think that it would be more "appropriate" for Boro Park Jews to give Ezra "his last supper" and dump him before he puts his paw in his mouth again!

Kasich also drew grimaces from the crowd as he shook his box of shmura matzah to emphasize his points. If the expensive, delicate matzahs inside are broken, they become unsuitable for ritual use????


Jerrold said...

This proves that DIN is racist against fat people. He made it his business to drag me into this & make a deragatory remark against overweight people even though I have nothing to do with this incident.

Kapo Kerfuffle said...

I am surprised that Pinny Lipschutz allowed a review in the Yated this week of the hot new book in Israel. It is Ivrit for "Kapo on Allenby". It is research into all the Kapos that were put on trial in Israel after the Holocaust. But still this is the Yated so they did not name any of the Kapos named in the book because as the Yated Israel correspondant put it, the Kapos all have families that are around today.

There is a jerk in Monsey who sold out his fellow Yidden to some local anti-Semites. He had 2 cousins who were Kapos. But they would not be mentioned in the book because one of them was killed during the inmate uprising in Auschwicz and the other was arrested by British Special Forces after the liberation of Bergen-Belsen & handed over to his country of origin.

Ezra Watch said...

If Kasich "takes his religion very seriously" he must know something about ritual blood libel charges made by Catholics for a thousand years, falsely accusing Jews of kneading their matzos with non-Jewish blood or the other ridiculous fantasy of "profaning" the wafer during Mass that makes Yoshkie "bleed". The wafer thing is the Catholic version of primitive Voodoo Doll myths except that in almost all cases the falsely accused Jews had never even touched the wafer.

Reader said...

Ezra should invite Gov. Kasich to give a drusho at his father's Liska shtiebel.

Maybe he can invite him for a late Tu bishvat seder at his house. I don't think he made one for politicians this year yet.

Maybe he wants to start a Liska shtiebel in Ohio?

Anonymous said...

The Monsey one is a wannabe who doesn't like to admit he is of Sefardi origin. He has some wishy washy explanation of his yichus but he is definitely of Sefardi origin no matter what he claims.

It is understandable how his cousins were transported to Poland. There were Sefardim in the Nazi death camps from Greece, Italy & Yugoslavia.

Friedflounder said...

Ezra might be paid double by Clinton to show Kasich around. Kasich might force a rare situation where no one, not even Trump wins enough delegates.

Do you know what kind of circus that would be? The Republicans could lose from the emerging circus no matter who is certified by the courts & no matter if they could have beaten Clinton in a landslide before the circus.

Anonymous said...

Ezra should invite Gov. Kasich to give a drusho at his father's Liska shtiebel

When Hershel Billet had a galich give the Shabbos morning drosha at Young Israel of Woodmere, the 5 Towns rabbonim were upset and rightly so.

But the tzebissenna lowlife president of Young Israel Hewlett, Charlie Miller, went public with a poison tirade against Charedim as his way of defending Billet. He was frothing at the mouth about "Lakewood parasites", personally attacking the mashgiach Rav Salomon, etc. What Lakewood had to with Billet's very poor judgement no one had any idea. Miller's father in law was president of Young Israel Boro Park. Sometimes ex-Boro Parkers have huge chips on their shoulders.

Exposing Ezra Friedlander fraud said...

Ezra Friedlander is such a phony fraud, it is astounding to see his chutzpah.

He now is on a new campaign to connect Liska and his father to - lehavdil - Rav Moshe Feinstein ztvk'l, by putting recordings of his father online speaking about Rav Moshe and his Torah, as if his father was a loyal talmid. Does Liska follow Rav Moshe? On the contrary, Ezra Friedlander used his buddy Zev Brenner's Talkline radio program to campaign for a BP eruv, which Rav Moshe assered, including by phoning in himself for that purpose. Does Ezra Friedlander have no shame?

I guess he thinks he can fool everyone with his flood of phony PR.

Anonymous said...

Since when does being a talmid mean that one follows his rebbe blindly? Rav Moshe zt"l was not a Chasidishe rebbe, he was a posek.