Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mashgiach Badmouths Manischewitz Matzos and the OU After they fired him

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Horowitz  feels the temperature just before sheets of unbaked matzo enter a massive oven at the matzo production line at the Manischewitz manufacturing facility in New Jersey.
R' Yaakov  Yitzchok Horowitz

Just about a year ago in 2015 this "Chuchim feen dee Ma Nishtana" R' Horowitz, the OU mashgiach of the Manischewitz plant, praised Manischewitz as the most kosher matzah, saying that the Matzah manufactured by Manischewitz is the “most efficient and halachically advanced line in the world.” ...... that was a year ago .... 
now that the OU kicked him out on his proverbial butt, he "whines" that the Matzos haven't been so kosher since 2009!

I think that what happened is that, the "heimishe hashgacha" guys went ape when they heard that Manischewitz is  distributing Welch Grape Juice with an OU, cutting into the monopoly held by Kedem....
So to badmouth the OU they got to this "tam" and had him talk "loshon hara" against the OU!

Watch the video below and you decide whether Horowitz is a blithering idiot, certified liar or on the take from the "heimishe Hashgachos"!

This, my friends, is the Heimishe Hashgacha business and it's no wonder people are disappointed with our Rabbonim..

 Something is not kosher at Manischewitz, a new lawsuit says. 

 A rabbi who was the longtime kosher supervisor for the popular Passover perennial filed a multi-million dollar suit against the New Jersey company on Wednesday, charging its been cutting corners. 

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Horowitz said the company — famed for its wine and Matzo — started loosening its strict guidelines for keeping food kosher in 2009, but the certification company the rabbi worked for, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, routinely looked the other way. 

 That’s because the union was scared it would be replaced by Manischewitz, the Manhattan Supreme Court suit says. 

 The “Orthodox Union has violated the public trust by failing and refusing to abide by its established guidelines for certifying certain products manufactured by Manischewitz as Kosher,” the suit says. 

Horowitz said he was marginalized and maligned after more than 20 years on the job for speaking out, the suit says. 

 The Orthodox Union Kosher Division refuted the charges. "The allegations in this suspiciously-timed lawsuit are entirely without merit, and we will contest this matter vigorously. 

We certify that the Kashrut of Manischewitz is today, and has always been, at the highest level,” the statement said. “Consumers can confidently rely upon the integrity of the Kashrut this Passover and throughout the year."


Unknown said...

Rabbi Menachem Genack from the OU getting a huge kiss on his baby face & enjoying it in public from Saint Hillary Clinton ...
Is that Lashon Hara ...?
Rechilus ... ?
Divrei Emes ... ?

Anonymous said...

The gentile with the southern accent is a big maven on machine matzos

5 Towns said...

I'm surprised at you.

Kedem the company acts like mafia & it is not impossible they paid Horowitz off but you don't really think the Tzeilemer Ruv would stoop so low!

The story with Horowitz aka Bostoner Rebbe of Lawrence is that he kept his mouth shut for years over OU kashrus scandals because he didn't want Genack to fire & smear him. Belsky was just as quick to go along with many Genack cover ups as he was to protect molesters.

Oh, and your old "friend" David "woof woof" Seidemann may have gotten to Horowitz because Horowitz was very conspicuously absent signing against adulterer Dovid Weinberger.