Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cecilia Lifchitz orders 3 Sifrei Torah & a husband and gets nada!

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I guess Torah and a husband don't go together! 
Tell it to the Seminary Girls!

A Brooklyn Jewish woman who paid $200,000 for three Torahs and a husband got bupkis for her money, according to a new lawsuit.
Cecilia Lifschitz says from October to November 2015, she was "induced" into paying Rabbi Haim Yosef Sharabi, Alon Jacobi and Michal Hadad installments totaling $214,000 for three freshly handwritten Torahs and the promise of an appropriate husband.
Included in the price, the Brooklyn Supreme Court suit says, was a promise they’d find Lifschitz a husband since she “would do anything” to get married considering her “personal circumstance.”

They didn’t deliver on the Torahs or the hubby, says the suit, which seeks money damages for breach of contract and fraud.

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