Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chassidishe Bums beating up Jews in Boro Park! Reichberg Nephew involved!

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Micah Kaplan, a businessman and alleged victim of gang attack

I guess we don’t have enough goyim stabbing and beating up Jews in Brooklyn, we now have a group of Chassidishe hoodlums and thugs who formed a gang called “guplich” a Yiddish term for forks, who go around beating the hell out of frum Jews and putting them in hospitals! 

If you look at them the wrong way or cut them off by mistake on the road, you wind up in the hospital by these vicious thugs!

And who are these "bums & thugs" ?
At least one of them is from the famous Reichberg family that is in the news for bribing the NYPD!

Ezra Friedlander was contacted by DIN for comment and the Kapo hung the phone up, he is probably too busy licking Hillary's butt, and covering up for the Reichberg family!

To help Kaplan fight these thugs contact: 

A Borough Park businessman at the heart of a police bribery probe leaned on his police buddies to squash two assault raps involving his nephew, according to the victims of a pair of attacks.

Borough Park business honcho Jeremy Reichberg is being investigated by the feds for allegedly plying NYPD brass and at least one officer in the 66th Precinct with gifts in return for favors, according to multiple sources.

His nephew, Shlomo Reichberg, was part of a gang of disassociated Hasidic teens called Gouplech, which means forks in Yiddish, community sources said. The Hasidic hooligans were involved in two reported violent attacks in 2012, according to the victims.
The NYPD sent out this wanted poster for Yossi Follman after Kaplan's complaint, but Kaplan says cops failed to follow up on the allegations.

The NYPD sent out this wanted poster for Yossi Follman after Kaplan's complaint, but Kaplan says cops failed to follow up on the allegations.

In one scary encounter, Micha Kaplan, 45, says a group of Hasidic teens put him in the hospital for several days after a severe beating. The alleged beatdown started after the teens cut him off as he was driving in Borough Park.
At a red light, Kaplan rolled down his window and complained to the driver of the Chevy Impala.

hat didn’t go over well.

Kaplan says the teens tailgated him for 20 blocks. The confrontation came to a head when one of the teens got out the car and tried to open Kaplan’s passenger side door. When Kaplan got out to close the door two of the teens started to punch and kick him, police records show.
During the attack they allegedly yelled "Litvak!" the Yiddish term for Lithuanian Jews, who are not Hasidic.
Kaplan, who works in real estate, went to Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. He spent four days there with internal bleeding.

After his release, he did some research in the community, and identified several of the teens he believes attacked him. 

They included Reichberg's nephew, who was with the group at the time, but did not hit Kaplan.

But police from the 66th Precinct didn’t care, Kaplan says.
“They were squashing it 100%,” Kaplan said. “They told me I was unable to identify the guy and that my witnesses were no good. They never tried to make an arrest.”

Kaplan filed a complaint with the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

Afterwards, the officers issued a wanted poster for one of the alleged attackers, Yossi Follman. But cops made no effort to find him and warned Kaplan to stay away, the victim contends.
“They told me not to hang out in front of (Follman’s) house and suggested I call 911 when I see him on the street so they could send a patrol car to arrest him,” Kaplan said. “It was a joke.”
No arrest has ever been made.

When the NYPD was asked for an update on the case and Kaplan’s old IAB complaint a department representative referred The News to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s statement issued on Tuesday.

“On these investigations we’re not able to comment on them and that’s an agreement with the bureau,” he told reporters Tuesday, referring to an ongoing FBI probe.

On Wednesday, Follman’s mother downplayed the incident.
“How is this something new?” she asked a reporter outside her Borough Park home.
“Are you sure Mr. Kaplan isn’t exaggerating things,” she asked.

Asked about the gang, she said, “They are just a group of friends. Never into anything violent.”

That’s not how Benjamin Blau sees it.
Blau says he was attacked by members of the gang as he was delivering religious court notifications in Borough Park in October 2012.

According to Blau, several of the teens inside four cars jumped out and yelled in Yiddish “Kill him!”
“Between eight to 10 guys approached our car,” Blau recalled several weeks after the assault. One kicked the driver’s side door and flashed a knife.

In a panic, Blau accidentally unlocked the door. The gang members then yanked him from the car and one began hitting him in the head with a metal bar, Blau says.
“At this point I started losing consciousness,” he recalled.

Police arrested three of the assailants but the case was later dropped, records show. It is unclear why the charges were never pursued.

Blau claims he was pressured by officers in the 66th Precinct to drop the complaint against Reichberg's nephew, who was one of the busted teens.
Neither Reichberg nor his nephew could be reached for comment.


Echter yid said...

The, ((mafia guplech)),group originated ((in bobov ,45,sect,)) ,they where involved in terrible terrible murderous beatings of Jewish people, no one would try to mess with them,? or to have anything with them,,if you get them mad,? You will end up in the hospital or dead,? they have no problem to kill their own brother's,, or sisters,, they are real gangsters,and tugs, chasidisha murderous, bobover guplech,

Echter yid said...

It became so bad, that when somebody wants to take revenge on someone, he just has to call up the (( bobover guplech mafia tugs)) and pay them some green stuff And they will make the job for you, they also worked and did the,, job,,for the prod rebbi, rebbi Epstein, so rabosie don't mess around with the bobover guplech, because they will kill you if they get paid to do it, they don't have a problem if you're ,Jewish, or, Hasidic, or ,lutvish, I personally no one of the gangsters they don't give a ,shit, on no one

Echter yid said...

By the way to notify every one, just please don't make this mistake and never ever mess around with the bobover follmans, the follmans are mofiyos, both sect of bobov, hates them, they are tugs,

Jerrold said...

Dont worry, Ezra.

DIN is just jealous.

Unknown said...

Real Kidush Hashem ...

Zev said...

I need to get some of these putzes on my show

earl david said...

if this scandal topples police and the mayor, woe for the Jews since we don't know what is next. It is like the Achashveirosh story. Also, when Jews rile the government, it makes it bad for everyone. That is how it is in prison, it is collective punishment. How do I know this? Since I sat in 8 jails. There are thousands of forgotten yidden sitting in federal prison.

Justice for anti Litvak hate crime victime said...

Someone like US Attorney Preet Bharara should get involved in this to bring justice to Mr. Kaplan. Furthermore, the Hasidic perpetrators should be charged with hate crimes as well, as their anti Litvak hate speech during their vile acts displayed that aspect as being involved too.

Justice said...

Re wild Chasidic bums in Boro Park - one can see them hanging out late at night, especially Thursday nights, around Deli 52, on 13th ave., near 52 st.

Unknown said...

People must stand up and demand the boro park shomrom stop helping the bums get away with things like this when I was being assaulted they were told to cancel all units . Boro park shomrim helped them get away with what they did with the help of Reichberg. , Detective Casanova, Detective molinini. Milici .
Micha kaplan

Unknown said...

If anyone wants to help me you can email me at

Boor-o Park said...


Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg has been blogging for years how Boro Park Shomrim head Daskal covers up for molesters.

Echter yid said...

Cry baby cry, talk is cheap, let's see action,,look at me yes the guy who you all used to call me the ((meshugener, Der tzidrieter,)) but talk was not cheap by me, when I. (( the crazy meshugener)) warned the Jewish liaison in the former (D.A.)office of Charles Haynes, (( with the dam name HANNA WHITE,))that if nothing is being done about, Jewish molestation cases, and especially about my disabled sons case,? I will bring down the entire .D.A. So she looked at me and she would tell me that I am crazy, so I told her ,no problem but you wouldn't want to fight with a crazy person right? The end of the game is ,Charles Haynes was over after ifew weeks of my job What I did to him, when we kept on writing in the news papers against him how he would handle Jewish molestation cases, and we had him on the news, same thing about you guys, to get rid. Of the corruption about the ,guplech,? Only action will help to make an end to them, first thing is to show them that they are a nothing, that they are punks

Anonymous said...

When G-d was giving out seichel... some stood on line with a gouppel -- fork

Unknown said...

This is just the beginning. Boro park shomrim will have there day in court .

Unknown said...

What a pity! Rav Shlomele was the,ultimate gentleman