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Frum Women are now fighting against Frum Magazines that "Erase women"

Miriam Marizan

 When Miriam Marizan spent four hours on a recent chilly morning being photographed smiling and laughing at flowers, she was sending a message: Orthodox Jewish women belong in the picture.

Yet, as important as participating in the photoshoot was to her, she felt it was even more important for her two young daughters.

“I don’t want them to grow up in a world where they have to disappear,” Marizan said. “I want them to be able to see photographs of Orthodox women and not wonder why [there are no girls and women] older than six or seven in photographs.”

The Baltimore resident is one of hundreds of Orthodox women taking part in the compilation of the Jewish Life Photo Bank. The brainchild of Chochmat Nashim, an organization advocating for Orthodox women’s rights, the project aims to build a vast digital library of stock photos depicting Orthodox women doing everyday things. Beyond the practical nature of the project, it speaks to something larger — ending the erasure of women from much of ultra-Orthodox public life.

Ezra Friedlander Tells Bobov 45 Rebbe that "few Rebbes understand his son's pshetel "

Ezra Friedlander is basically telling Bobover Rebbe 45 that other rebbes are a bunch of "ama ratzim" ..
He would know!
I wonder how the Bobover Rebbe, R' Ben-Zion is going to react when he hears this!

Another Berland "Tzaddik" Arrested for Murder


Benjamin Ze'evi, arrested on suspicion of the murder case of Avraham Edri and Nissim Shitrit 30 years ago, is brought for a court hearing, outside the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on October 19, 2021.

New details have emerged involving last week’s indictments of two members of the Shuvu Banim Chasidic sect in the disappearance of Nissim Shitrit.

The identity of the second suspect has been released–the son of former minister Rechavam Ze’evi. Binyamin Ze’evi was indicted Friday along with Baruch Sharvit over the alleged murder of the 17-year-old in 1986. Both were members of Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s “Shuvu Bonim” sect.

These charges are the first made in connection with the alleged kidnapping and murder. Due to the severity of the charges, prosecutors are requesting that the suspects be kept behind bars while proceedings play out. However this is the first time in Israel’s history that murder charges have been submitted without a dead body.

A statement on behalf of Ze’evi said, “I did not murder anyone and the truth will eventually be revealed.”

It added that the “suspicions against Mr. Ze’evi are based on a single testimony of one of the community members (Baruch Sharvit) on the basis of instructions he received from a rabbi at a meeting while detained.”

Sharvit also denied ever having touched Shitrit, stating that he had been present at the scene but did not have any physical contact with Shitrit. Sharvit implicated three other people in the abduction, including Zeevi, but did not accuse them of murdering the youth.

The indictment provided new details about the case, claiming that Rabbi Berland’s son-in-law, Tzvika Tzuker, organized “tznius squads,” and ordered them to threaten Mr. Shitrit. Mr. Shitrit was abducted from his school in Ashdod four months before he disappeared, taken to a secluded location on the Ashdod beach, and beaten.

Mr. Shitrit then filed a complaint, and one of his suspected killers was temporarily detained by police. According to Channel 12, that person escaped the country after the murder to create an alibi.

Four months later, Mr. Shitrit was allegedly lured to an address by someone connected with the sect, and was beaten to death by the same group of abductors. In a documentary in 2020, a former student claimed that the sect buried his body near Beit Shemesh, although his remains were never found.

Rechavam Ze’evi was a member of the right-wing Moledet party, known by the nickname “Gandhi.” He was shot and killed in 2001 by Palestinian terrorists at Jerusalem’s Hyatt Hotel..

Police decided last week not to press charges against Rabbi Berland or against his son-in-law, Tzvi Tzucker, and another suspect — an Charedi mayor whose name has not been disclosed — who were freed with restrictions.

Rabbi Berland himself remains in jail over a scheme to extort money from dying people in return for promises of recovery.

Rechavam Ze’evi

Laughs have run out for these vile Cuomo bros


The karma train comes for us all in the end, and it has mowed down the Cuomo brothers with a delicious savagery.

As the Babylon Bee put it: “Unemployment Rate Among Cuomo Brothers Rises to 100%.”

The schadenfreude is irresistible.

Like President Biden and his medical adviser Anthony Fauci, the Cuomo brothers are just two more public figures deified by the media in a quest to destroy Donald Trump who have fallen from grace with a thud.

More will follow as the ancient adage that we all would be wise to heed is fulfilled: “Character is destiny.”

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Frum Rabbanim "Tuchis Leck" "Doggie Emhoff" Camala Harris's Husband


Hannukah is the festival of miracles, not intermarriage.

Let me be clear- I am nobody’s rabbi and although I am a proud Republican, this article is based on my take of Halakha, not the executive actions coming from the Biden administration.

The past few days among all the fried food and community candle lighting ceremonies, the media has been flooded with pictures and stories of Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, lighting the candles as the Jewish representative of the administration.

He is being praised by Orthodox rabbis as a “Jew.”

Yes, he was born Jewish. Yes, there have been photo opportunities using Emhoff as the “token” Jew in the White House eating our foods, sharing our traditions and attending events.

Any person in his position would do it.

But, praising his “Jewishness” is another story.

He is an example of one of the worst kinds of Jews. With Jews like Doug Emhoff, we don’t need antisemites like the “Squad” or Black Lives Matter to call for the destruction of Israel and attacks on Jews internationally.

His two intermarriages and his lack of bringing up Jewish children make his choices and actions far worse.

While the fashion press fawns over his daughter Ella Emhoff, Ella enjoys the attention of the media for a very public statement she made on Inauguration Day, 2021.

Emhoff made statements that she was not brought up Jewish, does not consider herself Jewish and doesn’t want to discuss her personal feelings about why with the public.

Little is discussed about Cole, her brother.

Funny, I recall the campaigning in 2020 how Kamala Harris fooled potential Jewish voters and donors by using her stepchildren in a campaign strategy addressing her pro-Israel stand by her speaking about her nichname, “Momala.”

Her professional history or public statements didn’t matter, her “Jewish” stepchildren did.

Even respected Jewish media outlets included in headlines the historic Jewish second family. We now know, it was a campaign game plan and nothing more.

But even worse, religious leadership is still pushing this Jewishness and it sends a dangerous message: If you are an important person who intermarries and raises your children to be goyim, it’s okay and acceptable.

Have these rabbis and leaders heard that there is a “shidduch crisis?”

Have these leaders addressed the problems that assimilation from intermarriages like this have caused?

We must be honest, few intermarriages produce few Jewish children that totally identify themselves as Jewish. These children have less of a connection with Israel. And, Israel has its own issues regarding Halakha and intermarriage.


These same Jews had issues when observant Ivanka was “First Daughter.” Remember the controversial discussions about her Orthodox conversion? How about the anti-Semitic hate every time she and Jared Kushner were involved in a pro-Jewish and/or Zionist policy?

Her toddler children were the targets of hate for wearing yarmulkes and tzitzit while attending Jewish day schools.

Ilhan Omar the Congresswoman who married her brother 'repeatedly dishes it out, but she can’t take it'


Remarking that Rep. Olhan Omar “repeatedly dishes it out, but she can’t take it,” the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) reiterated its call on Friday for the Minnesota congresswoman to be removed from all her committee assignments.

“It’s the height of irony and hypocrisy that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who routinely spews the most vicious, incendiary, dangerous, anti-Semitic and anti-American hate and blood libels, is now demanding that Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) should be removed from Boebert’s committee assignments due to Boebert’s intemperate remarks related to Ilhan Omar’s support for terrorists,” said ZOA President Morton Klein and ZOA Director of Special Projects Lize Berney.

ZOA was responding to Omar’s call last week for House leaders to take “appropriate action" against Boebert (R-CO) who she accused of using anti-Muslim language in describing a recent encounter she had with Omar at the US Capitol.

Klein and Berney noted that “in fact, among many other things, Omar wrote to a Minnesota judge demanding reduced sentences for convicted Somali ISIS terrorists” and that “Omar also hypocritically claimed: ‘We cannot pretend that this hate speech from leading politicians doesn’t have real consequences.’ In fact, it is Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic hate speech that has had real consequences, including the increase in anti-Semitism and violent attacks in the US.”

“Ironically, after Congresswoman Boebert said she was fine with getting on an elevator with Ilhan Omar because Omar was not wearing a backpack, Omar tweeted ‘Saying I am a suicide bomber is no laughing matter.’ Yet, Ilhan Omar is infamous for laughing and joking about Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Al-Shabaab terrorists in a video interview,” they said. “Omar complained that Americans say the names ‘Al-Qaeda,’ ‘Al-Shabaab,’ and ‘Hezbollah’ as if those names were a bad thing, and blamed US ‘involvement in other people’s affairs’ for terrorism.”

Moreover, “When Boebert graciously called Omar to try to apologize and make peace, Omar rudely hanged up the phone and turned down Boebert’s offer to meet.”

They also denounced Omar for levelling “false accusations against the entire Republican party: For instance, on Nov. 30, 2021, Omar tweeted: ‘Trying to come up with the most bigoted ways to traffic Islamophobic tropes is the brand of the Republican party.’”

“As ZOA has long demanded, Ilhan Omar needs to be removed from all her committee assignments,” Klein and Berney said.

“To quote Omar’s own words, Omar’s bigotry has no place in Congress. Rep. Omar is a danger to America and its ally Israel; not Rep. Boebert.”

Children killed in Samaria crash are laid to rest


The funeral of Halleli and Tov Re'i Me'oded, who were killed Friday in a collision in Samaria, is taking place Saturday night at the cemetery in Rehovot.

Halleli, 6, and Tov Re'i, 3, were killed when a Palestinian Authority Arab driver, who was on the road despite not having a driver's license, made an illegal u-turn and collided with the Me'oded family vehicle.

The fetus their mother was carrying at the time of the crash did not survive, and was buried together with its older siblings.

The children's grandfather, Shiki, mourned his grandchildren saying, "Today, for the first time, it was difficult for me to pray the morning prayer. How can I say things when my two pure, innocent grandchildren are lying here before us? My heart is torn and bleeding from thinking about such a tragedy. Evil triumphed on Shabbat (Sabbath), ending their lives and hurting Yaniv and Hodaya in such a harsh way. We pray for their recovery. These children had such curiosity. Halleli had such a mischievous smile, and Tov had such a laugh. G-d gave, and G-d took."

Yaniv and Hodaya, the children's parents, are still hospitalized in serious condition, in the Sheba and Tel Hashomer hospitals. Yaniv's condition stabilized somewhat over the weekend, but he is still unconscious and on a respirator. Hodaya had been pregnant at the time of the crash, and the medical staff were forced to declare the death of her fetus.

Rabbi Gideon Binyamin, who serves as the rabbi of Nof Ayalon, said, "There are no words. There's nothing to say... This is something that has no explanation. There is no understanding and it is beyond logic - these are hidden things which only G-d understands. These children are now going up to Heaven, they will be under the Throne of Glory, they will learn, and they will give a lot of strength to their parents, who with G-d's help will heal."

Yaniv studied in the Elon Moreh yeshiva, and lived in the town with Hodaya for a short time after their marriage. Afterwards, the couple moved to Rehovot, and a few days ago they left Rehovot and moved to Brukhin in Samaria.

"It's not easy," Yishai Rauchberger, the children's uncle, told Kan Reshet Bet. "We are drawing strength from the friends and family who are supporting and embracing us."

He added that the family is trying to look ahead to see how they can support those who survived.

"We have a large family on both sides, who are supporting [us]. We are focusing on ourselves, to strengthen ourselves and the injured and to hope for the best and pray. I believe that with time, we will look ahead and see what else we are able to do."

Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan expressed shock and sadness at the tragedy, saying, "In the middle of the Festival of Lights, such a great light was extinguished. The entire family of Samaria, and the entire People of Israel, are all mourning and hurting together with the families. Our hearts break for the two young children, and the entire nation of Israel is praying for the recovery of the parents, who are hospitalized in serious condition."

Initial investigations show that the Arab vehicle had come from the direction of the village of Shuqba, and made an illegal u-turn on the road's median, where passing is illegal. As a result, the Israeli family driving in the opposite direction, towards Modi'in Illit, crashed into the side of the Arab vehicle as it made its illegal u-turn. An examination showed that the Arab vehicle was considered to be dangerous, was not allowed to be driven, and had been taken off the roads and slated for destruction.

Imani Oakley a Dumb Black Running For Congress Falls for Twitter Parody "Chief Rabbi of Gaza" LOL


A lefty New Jersey Democrat learned the hard way that not all rabbis are kosher.

The campaign of Imani Oakley, a 31-year-old progressive activist running for Congress in Newark, thought it was in negotiations to organize a fundraiser with like-minded Linda Goldstein — the “chief rabbi” of Gaza — but instead were chatting up a Big Apple lawyer running a parody Twitter account.

On the bizarre parody account, Rabbi Linda Goldstein warns Hamas fighters to practice social distancing in terror tunnels; posts photos of herself posing with a menorah made of Qassam rockets; and bills herself as the “Jewish issues advisor” to Hamas boss Ismail Haniyeh.

“Excited to announce #Hamas has given me permission to build the first and only #Jewish #Ghetto in #Gaza #Palestine!,” Goldstein announces in a June tweet. “By default, wherever a #Jew lives they’re #Colonizing. Ghettos ensure Jews don’t displace #Palestinians.”

None of Goldstein’s anti-Israel public messages appeared to pose any red flags for Maita Lockhart, Oakley’s campaign manager, who responded enthusiastically when the faux-rabbi reached out in November with an offer to organize a fundraiser in Gaza.

“I would be grateful if you could provide dates/times for this week or next to connect and discuss further,” Lockhart said in a Nov 23 introductory email.

“I think it would be terrific if Ms. Oakley would in-person or virtually (over Zoom) attend a house party/fundraiser in Gaza. I can’t think of a better way to show off her #FreePalestine bona fides,” Rabbi Goldstein responded on Thanksgiving day. “There are several influential Jewish-Americans in Gaza who can provide plenty of help back in her district, including contributions and media placement.”

Oakley markets herself as a “Squad”-style progressive in her primary challenge to Rep. Donald Payne Jr., who has held the seat for a decade. In addition to posts about the Green New Deal, systemic racism and other progressive totems, Oakley’s social media accounts are full of anti-Israel talking points describing Israel as committing “apartheid” and “genocide.”

The parody account is the creation of a pro-Israel attorney named Michael, who declined to reveal his last name because he fears retribution. Michael told The Post he created the account to mock far-left, anti-Zionists Jews.

“I am making fun of the five percent of Jews that hate Israel,” he said. “I created this personality that shows how reductive and absurd these people are.”

Lockhart again followed up with the “rabbi” after the holiday.

“We are so pleased that you would like to host a virtual fundraiser,” she said. “I would be grateful if you could provide dates/times for us to speak further this week or next so that we can solidify next steps.”

Oakley is far from the only far-left progressive who has unwittingly embraced the Hamas-loving rabbi.

Thelma Walker, a former Labour member of the British parliament, has also offered Rabbi Linda her “respect and solidarity” in private messages that were shared by Michael with The Post. Walker did not respond to request for comment from The Post.

Gaza is a coastal strip of land has been controlled by Hamas, a terrorist organization, since 2007. There are no rabbis there, or any Jews, and the territory is used as a staging base for rocket attacks against civilians in Israel.

“Jews cannot live in Gaza. So the fact that people think she is the chief rabbi in Gaza or has a temple is Gaza just shows how uneducated people are about the conflict.” Michael said.

Lockhart confirmed to The Post she had been in contact with Goldstein and was unaware she was being played.

“We weren’t going to host anything in Gaza that was obviously out of the question,” Lockhart said. “I endeavored to respond and go through the process, but at no point did we commit to doing something.”

In a statement posted to Twitter in advance of this story, Oakley said that “no political attacks will stop me from defending the humanity and dignity of the Palestinian people.”

American Airlines Kicks Off Couple Because They Wouldn't Put The Talis & Tefilling Bags on the Floor


An elderly Brooklyn couple was booted from an American Airlines flight because they refused to place a bag containing their sacred prayer shawl on the floor, according to a lawsuit.

Roberto and Elana Birman were heading home from Miami on Flight 322 in August when the “humiliating” incident unfolded, they told The Post.

Roberto, 76, and Elana, 71, brought only a briefcase, a purse and his Tallit bag — a small, 8.5 inch-by-8.5-inch, clear plastic carrier for Roberto’s prayer book and shawl — onboard. They sat in aisle seats across from each other.

A flight attendant began checking overhead bins ahead of take off, pulled the Tallit bag from the overhead bin, and asked, “Whose is this?”

When Roberto claimed it, she allegedly threw the bag on his lap and said it had to go under his seat, the couple said.

“It’s a religious item, it cannot go under the seat,” Roberto explained, removing his baseball cap to reveal his kippah covering his head and explaining that as an Orthodox Jew, he is forbidden to place the precious shawl on the floor.

“It doesn’t matter,” the attendant allegedly sniffed.

“She was screaming at me and pointing her finger,” he said.

The couple, who are married 52 years and have four kids, came to the U.S. in 1985 from Argentina, where they encountered frequent anti-Semitism.

“I couldn’t believe this was happening to me in America,” said Roberto, noting, “We use these items every single day to pray.”

Elana Birman said the flight attendant’s request was akin to asking a Christian to “throw a cross on the floor” where it could be stepped on.

“Nobody said a word. Nobody defended us. It was embarrassing,” she said.

There is a strong taboo in Jewish law against putting an item such as a Tallit bag on the floor, two rabbis said.

“It’s considered disgraceful,” said Rabbi Mitchell Rocklin. “It would be like taking a Bible or a Koran and dumping it on the floor.” 

The pilot came over but didn’t speak to them, the Birmans said. Eventually, a ground crew member was called and urged them to follow him off the plane, they said.

As soon as they were ushered out, the crew member allegedly told his coworkers, “Close the gate!”

“What are we, criminals?” Elana recalled thinking. She said her husband “was devastated.”

“It was out of proportion” to what had occurred, Roberto said, adding of the flight attendant who started it all, “She made me so nervous. I was shaking.”

They were left without Roberto’s diabetes medications, which were in the checked luggage, got no help from the airline for securing food or a place to stay that night, and were forced to take a taxi to a friend’s home as a hurricane swept in.

They’re suing American Airlines for unspecified damages.

“My clients were ejected from the flight based on the prejudices and complete lack of sensitivity of American Airlines employees for reasons wholly unrelated to security,” said their lawyer, Brad Gerstman, adding, “The flight attendant and pilot’s conduct was as offensive as it was illogical.”

An American spokesman said the airline is reviewing the lawsuit.

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Rebbes with their Fiddles on Chanukah

 No comment!

I gotto get out of here, I really got to get out of here!

The Strongest Witness for the Police against "Shavu Banim" Murders..Passed Away a Couple of Days ago


The police case against Berland's murderers are collapsing, as their strongest witness isn't alive anymore to testify. He died last week from unkown causes. 

Police had to drop possible murder charges against  Berland himself last week. 

Chassidim Now Declaring that their Rebbis Have G-dly Powers


It's all over, folks!
Chassidim believe and bring sources that Hashem gives "Tzaddikim" powers to "build & Create Worlds and to change nature and gives them the ability to master over the sun and moon, and all creation"

Theses ideas are tenets of Christianity ...
It's all over!

Before the World Media Start Calling the Yerushalyim Terrorist a "victim" See Full Video of a Terrorist Stabbing A Chareidie


Rabbanim Talk To DIN about Chanukah


Thursday, December 2, 2021

George Soros has blood on his hands for the rise in killings nationwide


The crime wave sweeping across the country is the direct result of a years-long campaign by George Soros to bankroll the election of far-left district attorneys committed to undermining law and order.

Over the past six years or so, Soros has poured tens of millions of dollars into the campaigns of DA candidates from coast to coast, achieving a remarkable degree of success by simply overwhelming all the other candidates. Whereas normal DA candidates typically run on five-figure budgets, Soros-backed DA candidates routinely enjoy seven-figure war chests.

Soros is able to do this because federal campaign-finance limitations do not apply to local races. Many states have adopted their own laws capping the amounts that individuals and/or political action committees can contribute to candidates, but those laws are often riddled with loopholes. In some cases, the limits only apply to statewide races. In other cases, Soros can circumvent individual contribution limits by funneling money through the PACs he has set up for this purpose, which generally go by the ironic name of “Safety and Justice.”

When Jews Themselves Discourage Jews to go up to the Temple Mount, Why Are we surprised that 129 Countries Voted for UN Resolution Denying Jewish Ties to Har Habayis, Calling it Exclusively Muslim

 Once again, the UN has exposed itself as a viciously biased group, whose primary mission is to target Israel and the Jews, while propping up Islamic terrorists.

The UN General Assembly passed an egregious resolution Wednesday by an overwhelming majority, completely denying any Jewish connection to the Har Habayis.

The “Jerusalem resolution” is part of a movement by the Palestinians and anti-Israel members of the UN to revise history and brand the Har Habayis exclusively Muslim. The wording references the site only by its Muslim name, al-Haram al-Sharif. It passed 129-11.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, said, “The UN’s assault on Israel with a torrent of one-sided resolutions is surreal. It’s absurd that in the year 2021, out of some 20 UN General Assembly resolutions that criticize countries, 70 percent are focused on one single country— Israel.”

Neuer added that “the UN shows contempt for both Judaism and Christianity by adopting a resolution that makes no mention of the name Temple Mount, which is Judaism’s holiest site, and which is sacred to all who venerate the Bible, in which the ancient Temple was of central importance.”

The US opposed the resolution, in part because of the exclusion of Israel’s right to the site, saying, “It is morally, historically and politically wrong for members of this body to support language that denies” other religions’ connections to the site.

The UK abstained, with a British representative saying, “The resolution adopted today refers to the holy sites in Jerusalem in purely Islamic terms without recognizing the Jewish terminology of Temple Mount. 

“The UK has made clear for many years that we disagree with this approach…The UK has therefore moved our vote today from a ‘yes’ to an ‘abstention.’ If the unbalanced reference had been removed, the UK would have been ready and willing to vote ‘yes’.”

“This should not be misunderstood as a reflection of a change in UK policy toward Jerusalem. Instead, it is an important signal of our commitment to recognizing the history of Jerusalem to the three monotheistic religions,” he said.

In 2018, a similar resolution passed 148-11. This time support decreased, with the number of countries that abstained increasing from 14 to 31, despite the fact that the phrase al-Haram al-Sharif was mentioned only once, whereas last time it was mentioned twice.

Three years ago, all the European countries voted in favor. However this time, Hungary and the Czech Republic opposed, while Albania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia abstained.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Some of the crazy "comments" about the "mixed concert""


the gadol hador in general opposes concerts so why are they still happening? If people need an “outlet” they can read a story about an adam godol, plus there is no heter to have concerts or music in general once the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed, 1 know of a family that doesnt allow their children to play or listen to any music for this reason.

Rabbi Michael Says It's Ok to Say Kaddish for a Dog

Those of you who follow or followed Mike Savage on the "Savage Nation" know that he had a dog called "Teddy." Well the dog died and Mike dedicated many pages to the late Teddy.

Mike was wondering if he could say Kaddish for his beloved dog, and the good rabbi responded.



A young trio of blacks attacked Jewish children and teens in a disturbing Brooklyn spree, cops said early Tuesday.

 The three suspects, believed to be teen girls, first approached a 12-year-old boy walking home with his 3-year-old brother on Skillman Street near DeKalb Avenue in Clinton Hill around 6 p.m. Friday, police said. One of the suspects slapped the toddler across the face before taking off, authorities said. His brother was not struck. 

Then around 5:35 p.m. Sunday, the trio approached two female siblings, 18 and 7, walking to a store on DeKalb Avenue near Bedford Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, cops said. The suspects allegedly grabbed the teen victim by the jacket and pulled her to the ground. Her sister was not hurt, cops said. 

About five minutes later, they approached a 9-year-old boy who was walking on Skillman Street near Lafayette Avenue and slapped him on the top of his head multiple times, cops said. The trio then took off. They said nothing during any of the attacks, police said. All of the victims were wearing traditional Jewish attire when they were targeted, police said. 

The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating.

Bnei Brak Cruelly Closes "Club" for Lady Holocaust Survivors ..

 The Bnei Brak Municipality decided to kick the old lady Holocaust Survivors to the curb, and closed without any notice or reason the "club" which provided activities and a hot lunch! The feisty bunch of survivors decided to protest , one of the members of the municipality, Yaakov Vider, joined the protest 

האכזריות של עירית בני ברק לניצולות שואה

Not All Yeshiva Boys go to Mixed Concerts...Some Steal Cars on Friday Nights


One of our DIN followers made the following  comment about concerts" 

"These are not chumros. Not A Frummy thing.
There are clear halachic problems with what happened
The Bach 560:3 holds that all music is forbidden whether it’s sung by people, played on instruments, is at a feast or isn't at a feast as the Sh”t HaRambam (see above) holds. Furthermore, the Bach explains that this is also what the Rambam meant in his Yad Chazakah. This stringent opinion is brought as halacha by some achronim including: Magen Avraham 560:8, Shlah (Tanit pg 60d), Bear Sheva (Sotah 49a), Mishna Brurah 560:13, and Sh”t Az Nidabru 8:58(1). Sh”t Igrot Moshe 1:166 writes that a righteous individual should be strict for the Bach, and Sh”t Az Nidbaru 8:58(1) holds that the minhag to rely on the Rama is a weak minhag

There is a heter from Reb Moishe to listen to RECORDED music.
A heter to make a concert in the first place is pretty weak in the first place."

This chuchem "fin deh ma'Nistana" would rather see Bochrum and Girls steal cars on Friday nights than having them go G-d forbid to a concert , where they would see a girl!

I'm mentioning this because this "commentator" is not alone in his warped sick reasoning, and who support their "fardreiteh" ideas with a Bach a Rambam and a Magen Avraham. I remember well when the IDF wiped out the entire Egyptian and Jordanian airforce during the 6 day war, and a big "Gadol" said this "was not a miracle, but the work of the "samach mem" and supported this bizarre idea with proof from the writings of the Rishonim. 

One big gadol answered in Yiddish: "dee sheishis yemi hamilchama is yah gevehn a nes, un ver ess zugt az iz nisht gevehn a nes, un brengt nuch ztoo a rambam, farshtei ich nisht vee a kup can zein fardreit"

Loose translation: "

The 6 day war was certainly a miracle, and I cannot understand how someone can write and say that this wasn't a miracle and brings proof from a Rambam, I cannot understand how twisted a person's head can be"

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, if we don't stop with these restrictions now!

Families should be encouraged to go to concerts with family seating..absolutely! Maybe just maybe a boy will get attracted to a boy and get engaged, G-d forbid.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Rabbi Efraim Waxman Wants to know "What Netflix is Doing in a Jewish Home"

Rabbi, how are they going to watch "Shtisel?" 

My question to Harav Waxman..... who are you screaming at? Is there one guy in the entire audience who subscribes to Netflix going to close his account because you are barking like that?

Isn't there a nicer way to get to people? 

I wonder how many people changed because some guy in a Shtreimel was yelling at them.

And since when is Rabbi Waxman wearing a Shreimal, no one in his family ever wore a Shtreimal, not his father or his grandfather, all American born?

Tzvi Tzucker Son-In -Law Of Berland Charged with the Kidnapping and Murder of Shitrit

 A gag order has been lifted by the Jerusalem Magistrate’s court, and the identities of two suspects in two decades-old murder cases have been released. The suspects are Tzvi Tzucker, son-in-law of Eliezer Berland, and Baruch Sharvit, a follower of Berland’s extremist Shuvu Bonim cult.

Tzucker, who is denying the allegations, led the cult’s “tzniyus patrol”, but abandoned the group several years ago amid the allegations of abuse against his father-in-law.

According to Kan news, several weeks ago Berland instructed Sharvit in the interrogation room to provide information to the police. Sharvit confessed to being present at the kidnapping of Shitrit and said that he had been beaten to death by others but denied any knowledge of Edri’s murder and any physical involvement in Shitrit’s death.

Shitrit was allegedly beaten by the cult’s “tznius patrol” four months before he disappeared in January 1986.

In a documentary broadcast in 2020, a former student claimed that the cult murdered the boy and buried his body near Beit Shemesh, although his remains were never found.

Last week, police told the court that the current mayor of a Charedi city was involved in the murder of Edri. The mayor’s attorney responded to the allegations, saying the mayor “has nothing to do with the grave affair and has no idea how his name was insinuated into it.”

According to reports, police are also preparing to charge the son of a former senior cabinet minister as well. The suspect was allegedly one of those who beat Shitrit to death.

Berland was convicted of fraud in June and is currently in prison, as part of an 18 month plea deal.

Extremists Now After the Singer Mordechai Shapiro


First they came after their bikes, then they came to prohibit boys playing ball and even swimming, then they came after their phones and then the internet. Now they are against a family sitting together at a kosher concert, and read below how in a world gone absolutely mad they were able to convince  R' Chaim Kanievski to write a letter to "admonish" those organizing these concerts. 

These insane parasites don't care if the boys get bored to tears, they want them sitting home doing nothing. 

There actually wasn't any "mixed dancing" at all ... 

there were some boys dancing in their seats next to some seminary girls also dancing in their seats.. 

Wow... Hey maybe that would solve the Shidduch crises? 

 Mordechai Shapiro knowing whats good for him caved like a cheap cardboard box, whimpering like a sick puppy that he "wasn't aware of the "mixed dancing". 

I think that the IDF should draft the "Extremists" for a couple of months.

Read and cry!

A musical concert which took place at Jerusalem’s Binyanei Haumah conference center Monday night has raised an uproar in the chareidi community after scenes emerged of chareidi men and women dancing adjacent to one another.

In the past, the gedolim have warned that such musical events can lead to a serious spiritual deterioration if they are not conducted in a kosher manner and with proper decorum. Last week, during the course of the Tzam’ah concerts which take place annually to celebrate the 19th of Kislev, the gedolim protested the fact that male singers sing at a concert for women only and the women dance during the course of the concerts.

However the concert on Monday which starred American chareidi singer Mordechai Shapira was a far more serious breach of rules, as the concert featured mixed seating and at various points men and women were dancing adjacent to one another. The concert was touted for the chareidi community and advertising in various chareidi journals and communities but the atmosphere was inappropriate.Various rabbis decried the frivolous atmosphere and one educator remarked that “as a result of the mixed seating things deteriorated to singing and dancing together. Even in the US where they are more open there are no such things. Even those singers who used to appear before mixed audiences don’t so so any more.”

Another educator criticized the “disgraceful scene” in which “yeshiva students were seen dancing next to sem girls as a chareidi singer performs is a terrible breach of rules and weakening of the chareidi fight for purity in our camp. At this rate the youth will soon question why we need to hold weddings and events with separation.”

Last week Rabbi Chaim Kanievski wrote a letter stating that “recently people who violate  rules have begun to entice yeshiva students to all kinds of song evenings under the guise of raising spirits through music and song. When these are conducted without spiritual supervision the atmosphere is far from spiritual strengthening and is more entertainment and lapsing which can cause spiritual damage and wasting time from Torah study.

Rabbi Kanievski compared these evenings to a Moshav Leitzim, a place where mockers of Torah congregate.”

How Chaim Walder's Alleged Sexual Exploits Came to Light


(JTA) — In March 2021, reporting by Haaretz journalists Aaron Rabinowitz and Shira Elk revealed allegations of sexual abuse against Yehudah Meshi-Zahav [], the founder of Zaka, the Jerusalem-based search-and-rescue unit and an Israel Prize recipient.


The revelations about Meshi-Zahav, who would later attempt suicide, led to shock in the haredi Orthodox world and, this week, the top prize given to Israeli journalists  It also generated a flood of tips that led to a new investigation — and an unprecedented response [].


“After we published the Meshi Zahav story, the names of many senior haredi figures came to us, people about whom there were allegations of abuse of kids, of male students, of girls — everyone with their own story,” Rabinowitz said in a phone interview. “Roshei yeshivot [yeshiva heads], members of the media, educators, businessmen, all kinds of people.


“The name that came up most significantly, from many places and many directions, was [Chaim] Walder.”


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