Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Skverer Rebbe Flies To California in Private Jet and is escorted to Airport in 45 car motorcade




Unknown said...

they are making a whole fuss to raise his profile in order to milk the local jews for millions $$$$. in their view the more cars the bigger the tzadik.... and wow knows maybe it works, may they are raking in $$$$ there.

Anonymous said...

Bobov won't be upset that its 45 cars and not 48?

Is he going surfing in Malibu? said...

Is he that desperate to get so far from the benighted village of his backward, corrupt sect?

That is quite telling.

The late Lubavitcher Rebbe basically never left Crown Heights for years except for a relatively short trip to his father-in-law's grave.

Sabra65 said...

Why is different than idol worship? Seriously, this is Avoda zara.

Voice of reason said...

Are you seriously comparing mosheach to a getchka???

Sabra65 said...

to 'voice of reason': Moshiach? this man is the furthest thing from Moshiach. Skver is the jewish version of Jamestown. All these idiots would drink the poisoned kool aid without a second thought.
I can tell you from experience having gone to see him once for a bracha.
Sit and wait and wait and wait, while anyone with a few bucks gets to cut the line. Like Ilhan Omar said, it's all about the benjamins. NOTHING to
do with yiddishkeit.