Friday, December 24, 2021

Israeli Bochur Missing in North


A search is underway for a yeshiva bochur from Jerusalem, who has been missing since Monday and is believed to be in northern Israel. The man’s family has been unable to reach him for days, and they fear the worst.

On Wednesday the police requested the public’s help. The missing 22 year old, Ephraim, was last seen near Kever Rashbi in Meron, now the primary search location.

According to the young man’s mother, she last spoke with him by phone on Monday when he told her that he had met a man at a ‘Hachnosas Orchim’ who recommended a Yeshiva at the Moshav of Yavniel which was “really worth coming to.” The worried mother asked him to come home so they could discuss it.

“He told me that he had no more travel money, and it was really stormy and very difficult to return [in such bad weather],” the mother said. She added, “Still, he asked me to find out the bus schedule [to get back to] Jerusalem.”

According to the bochur’s mother, after getting wet from the pouring rain, he took off his hat and suit, but “unfortunately, when he took off his suit, he accidentally left his cell phone as well.” (Presumably in his suit pocket.)

After trying to call him dozens of times with no answer, the family decided on Tuesday morning to go to Meron.

The family fears that he may be in danger, possibly after wandering into a desolate area and getting lost. Ephraim is about 6 feet tall, thin build, light complexion, he wears glasses and has a short beard

The family is requesting to daven for Ephraim Nachum ben Leah.

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